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This Is Installing Service For Your Products Once You Order This Service We Will Install Your Products Remotely

(One  Installing  Service is only for one Product)

(Installing Service Non Refundable)


  1. Your MAC OR WIN language Must be US English
  2. Your Internet Speed Must Be More Than 30mbs
  3. Install teamviewer OR anydesk
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104 Reviews For This Product

  1. 104

    by Diego Luca

    Proboblly the best bundke to have for getting into audio work. Very nice veraity of tools to learn with.

  2. 104

    by Carson Evan


  3. 104

    by Jose Ezekiel

    Well done

  4. 104

    by Lincoln Mateo

    Great Tools

  5. 104

    by Joshua Andrew

    useful plugins

  6. 104

    by Daxton Peyton

    Like a dreams 🙂

  7. 104

    by Jaxon Nathan


  8. 104

    by Jaime Nixon

    Also excellent technical support team

  9. 104

    by Angel Brayden

    I’m really enjoying this product

  10. 104

    by Anita Brown

    A great deal for those

  11. 104

    by Walter Damien

    This is a great way to get a good basic bunch of plugins for a great price.

  12. 104

    by Peter Charlie


  13. 104

    by Judah Emiliano

    I have had expereince using this plugins

  14. 104

    by Thawng Mang

    Can you help install and download for me I’m already buy software plugins??

  15. 104

    by Braxton Damian

    i just can’t imagine mixing without Installing plugins

  16. 104

    by Grayson Jack

    Just what I needed for a great price. saleonplugins is the best!

  17. 104

    by Eli Jonathan

    So great package, with best price, incredible!!!

  18. 104

    by Justin Kai

    High quality low CPU usage

  19. 104

    by Israel Matias

    Awesome product

  20. 104

    by Jamison Sterling

    Great product! Great deal!

  21. 104

    by Gavin Leonardo

    Just bought product . Awesome price for so many great plugins.

  22. 104

    by Rhett Graham


  23. 104

    by Braylon Benson

    The best product

  24. 104

    by viktoriraklis (verified owner)

    Really great service. Fast and to the point. The guys really know what they are doing!

  25. 104

    by Isaiah Thomas

    Excellent product!
    A great deal for those

  26. 104

    by Calvin Abel

    Everything you need in one bundle

  27. 104

    by Josiah Christian

    i need more deals like that

  28. 104

    by Damian Silas

    Also excellent technical support team
    love it

  29. 104

    by Luis Braxton

    Excellent Product
    These products are insane. Like a have million dollar studio… 😉

  30. 104

    by Ariel Enrique

    Best Deal of the Year
    Super recommend it!

  31. 104

    by Andres Lukas

    awesome serves love it saleonplugins is best

  32. 104

    by Yehuda Lyric

    Installation done very quickly without problem! Excellent and professional plug ins!!!!!!

  33. 104

    by Dexter Kolton

    pretty cool
    lucky enough to catch it while on discount. I’m happy.

  34. 104

    by Amos Kase

    Very Useful products thanks for helping me Installing

  35. 104

    by Garrett Donovan

    Super. I am happy.
    You do work very well Love it!

  36. 104

    by Angelo Orion

    Awesome pricing!
    Excellent customer service with the kind politeness!
    Love It!

  37. 104

    by Gerald Merrick

    Awesome bundle, price is fantastic. Thanks for giving me great support i love you so much!

  38. 104

    by Lyle Alaric

    I had trouble installing my waves products but I had a very quick response from the support team who fixed my issues very quick and efficient.

  39. 104

    by Dalton Nehemiah

    Full of utility. Great value.I love your Support and i love it your work!

  40. 104

    by Jasiah Jimmy

    A great value for your money Well worth it

  41. 104

    by Brixton Draven

    Great deal for the money!!
    This is a great deal for the price!! Go get it!!

  42. 104

    by Francisco Dallas

    Excellent collection of product at a great price.

  43. 104

    by Caiden Kayson

    Great set of problem solving tools.
    Awesome Love it
    Your Service great & best in the world!.

  44. 104

    by Remy

    The product tou get are amazing

  45. 104

    by Abdiel Langston

    Love the way it make my sound!Best Installing Service ever.

  46. 104

    by Danny

    Great value for money. Also superb customer service! Made a mistake with downloading the plug-ins, immediately helped me out and got it working. Thanks a lot!

  47. 104

    by Leandro

    Is a very good software, it helps me to achieve great sound quality
    saleonplugins is best ever in the world!

  48. 104

    by Remington Clayton

    Best Services
    very good stuff in one bundle!!!!!! good price for all of theese

  49. 104

    by Yusuf

    saleonplugins team is very friendly They give us best Installing Service my internet is slow but they help me and never excuse!

  50. 104

    by Trent Ramon

    Excellent price for all these
    Your Service is best Thanks They work great!

  51. 104

    by Elliot Antonio

    Nice product I began my journey using yours tools, conscience and respect for the manufacturers made me man up and buy these amazing tools, and now for some reason I create way better mixes.
    Thank you saleonplugins. you’ve been there for me.

  52. 104

    by Nova Onyx

    It’s a great product to have.A well rounded collection.

  53. 104

    by Reuben Jaxx

    Works great!Very useful. Absolutely love it.Your Service is best…….

  54. 104

    by Gatlin Elisha

    very professional Great product! Great deal!


  55. 104

    by Joe Crosby

    Super I am happy with your Installing Service Your team doing Good work MY Net is slow but your team worked and no complain Thanks a lot!

  56. 104

    by Madden

    Lot ot of tools, very helpfull !! Full of utility. Great value.

  57. 104

    by Westley

    Very good product and your Installing Service is very good! Your team working very well.

  58. 104

    by RubyTan

    Great service and taking care of customer well! well done guys.

  59. 104

    by Kaleb Lukas

    The guys from saleonplugins.com are very helpful and trustworthy. They always find ways to get things sorted out and the response time is pretty quick.

  60. 104

    by John

    Great service and taking care of customer well! well done guys.

  61. 104

    by Leigh Harlow

    Great service and taking care of customer well! well done guys.

  62. 104

    by Robert Tkac

    This is the best plugin and daw site available i give them five stars on the great product and service they gave me…if u reading this im telling u straight up best in the business

  63. 104

    by Michael

    I have been using this company for about a year now. The staff is always willing to listen to your needs and take time to walk you threw any trouble issues that you may have.

  64. 104

    by Vlad Rad

    Excellent product and price. Thank you.

  65. 104

    by Michael Thompson

    Great experience, I had some doubts and needed some assistance and they answered very very soon. And of course everything I got from them works great. I recommend.

  66. 104

    by Silvio Justo

    Best service I ever had! Quick, and always working in your favour. More companies should be like this!

  67. 104

    by Byron Villarreal

    very professional in every way. love using them in my mixes.

  68. 104

    by Jurgen Dickhoff

    these people are the absolute best in the game!

  69. 104

    by Yasen petrov

    Very very good product I’ve never been more excited to see this product. Recommended!

  70. 104

    by Wil Lang

    Spoke to an extremely helpful and courteous person called Neeki via the chat who helped me install my purchase successfully. Buying and downloading was effortless. Altogether a very positive experience.

  71. 104

    by Mario Kerr

    After forgetting to enter my discount code the customer service team was very helpful and refunded me what I missed out on.

  72. 104

    by Mathias

    Its good . Nikki is really helpful . The best customer service I have ever seen

  73. 104

    by James Miller

    Great team… helpful… Highly recommended…Legit plugins, they’re worth it and they installation process is so easy with the video they provide.

  74. 104

    by Uche Igbokwe

    A+ customer service, A+ product, A+ price
    this is my second purchase from them and Im extremely happy with the products. I’ve been using my ableton daw from them for like 2+ years now and only had one problem and it was because I forgot to shut off automatic update. I soon as I reached out to them they helped me. Only thing I would say is to make sure you read all the information for what you want because it might not be compatible with your version of Mac but they tell you all that info so PLS READ!!!

  75. 104

    by Marjorie Bogert

    Great value and fast download. Installation is a little fiddly but there is a guide video to assist

  76. 104

    by VictoriaS

    Very good site, very professional and very attentive, I am super satisfied, I recommend it

  77. 104

    by Alexandra Valdéz

    Outstanding awesome and reliable site to purchase from would definitely recommend to any one looking for awesome service

  78. 104

    by Matthew

    Super recommend it!
    I buyed it and i want the coupon code to buy it again.I’m really enjoying this product

  79. 104

    by Jack sawyer

    I’m a beginner in music production and i’m glad to have this helpfull tool

  80. 104

    by QuantuM Official

    I was having trouble with the activator on a product and asked for help. Right away I was given clear instructions to follow how to fix my problem. This is definitely a trustworthy site.

  81. 104

    by Amanda Gilham

    Hello im happy to have Great value for money, you get a good variety of usable plugins.

  82. 104


    brilliant customer service ! quick, polite and friendly ! I’ve been a customer twice now and received the same experience each time 🙂

  83. 104

    by chris leiva

    Guys this shop is amazing!!!!!!!!!

    I do recommend SALE ON PLUGINS to everyone!!!!!!!!!
    First of all by accident I paid for one product twice. I wrote to client support window and after 1 minute they replied and solved the problem! After 1 minute! Do you believe?
    Secondly everything I bough is working!!!
    It is working!!!!!!!!!!
    I really am!!!!!!
    Thank you Mark, the guy who helped me to solve my questions!!!! You are a great guy! Thanks to this shop for being honest to people!
    I will reccomend Sale On Plugins and I will be your forever customer!!!!!
    THANK YOUUUU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. 104

    by Dawn Brewster

    I installed my first purchase with no problems( isotope ozone )
    second purchase I had a small issue Izotope vocal synth 2 )
    I asked for help and Neeki sorted me out straight away.
    saleonplugins is mega.

  85. 104

    by david shirley

    Very helpful, assisted me in activation straight away. Would 100% recommend.

  86. 104

    by Moshe Scheiner

    Great service!! Highly recommend these guys! Fast communication and they helped install when i had an issue.

  87. 104

    by Raymond Kosatka

    Very happy! Installation was quick and easy, everything works perfectly, and got a great deal on price.

  88. 104

    by Dawn Schabbing


  89. 104

    by Flommey

    Excellent customer service with the kind politeness!Comprehensive and high quality product.!

  90. 104

    by Joseph Henry

    All good , a little tricky sometimes , works great in the end . Thanks

  91. 104

    by Christian Xerri

    Everything works perfect. Best support ever.

  92. 104

    by Sandra Q Madere

    Excellent support I had trouble installing my waves products but I had a very quick response from the support team who fixed my issues very quick

  93. 104

    by Mathieu Leca

    The support was just perfect.
    I had some trouble on my Mac, it was not easy, but my interlocutor acted perfectly.

  94. 104

    by Lukas G

    Super good support, answered in an instant and provided all needed information. Product works perfectly.

  95. 104

    by Natthawut Hoz

    Super good support, answered in an instant and provided all needed information. Product works perfectly.

  96. 104

    by Edoardo HC Nicoloso

    I faced many issues during the installation and the activation of the products, but the operator helped me and followed me durino the process so i could installed and activated the products. For people who are not very good on PC is a bit complicated to installa but they are very professional

  97. 104

    by Gerrit Jan

    Amazing service and staff. I have never seen so fast response at any company. Buy your audio stuff right now. The best audio company out there!

  98. 104

    by John D

    The agent was extremely helpful. He remoted in and installed everything very quickly. Strongly recommend!

  99. 104

    by VBG UP

    This guy spent legit 3 hours on teamviewer resolving an issue with a plugin. 3 HOURS. No whining, no raging. Professional all the time.

  100. 104

    by Maxine

    I love Neeki! Fast and 100% works!!! Customer service is great too

  101. 104

    by B.Y Oten

    Fast and 100% works!!! Customer service is great too This guys are reliable and the service is amazing. Will buy again

  102. 104

    by Marvin

    Great support with everything from good deals to remote help installation very happy…

  103. 104

    by Saxomuse Pm

    Very good service, fast and efficient with particularly valuable help …

  104. 104

    by Bucky Moonstar

    5 star these guys are. super nice and on top of there game for sure!

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