4.Spectrasonics – Omnisphere 2.6 (MAC-Win)


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Omnisphere 2.6 – Endless Possibilities



• 2.4 GHz or higher processor
• 8GB of RAM or more recommended
• 64GB of free hard drive space

Mac Users:

• OS X 10.11 El Capitan or higher
• AU, VST 2.4 or higher, AAX capable host software
• 64-bit host

Windows Users:

• Microsoft Windows 7 or higher
• VST 2.4 or higher, AAX capable host software
• 64-bit host



Omnisphere® is the flagship synthesizer of Spectrasonics – an instrument of extraordinary power and versatility. Top Artists all over the world rely on Omnisphere as an essential source of sonic inspiration. This award-winning software brings many different types of synthesis together into one amazing-sounding instrument that will spark a lifetime of exploration.

Hardware Synth Integration

Omnisphere is the only software synth in the world to offer a Hardware Synth Integration feature. This remarkable innovation transforms over 65 well-known hardware synthesizers into extensive hands-on controllers that unlock Omnisphere’s newly expanded synthesis capabilities. Simply put, this ground-breaking feature makes using Omnisphere feel just like using a hardware synth! By bridging the physical experience gap between software and hardware, users gain intuitive control of Omnisphere by using the familiar layout of their supported hardware synth. Virtual instrument users can now experience the joy of the hardware synth workflow and hardware synth users can fully expand their capabilities into the vast sonic world of Omnisphere!

List of Supported Hardware

Roland JD-XA
Roland JD-Xi
Roland JP-08
Roland JP-8000
Roland JU-06
Roland JUNO-106
Roland JX-03
Roland SE-02
Roland SH-01A
Roland SH-201
Roland D-50
Roland GAIA
Roland Super Jupiter
Roland System-1
Roland System-8
Roland VP-03
Korg microKorg
Korg Minilogue
Korg Minilogue XD
Korg Monologue
Korg MS-20ic
Korg MS-2000
Korg Prologue
Korg Radias
Moog Little Phatty
Moog Minitaur
Moog Sirin
Moog Slim Phatty
Moog Sub 37
Moog Subsequent 37
Moog Sub Phatty
Moog Voyager
Dave Smith Mopho
Dave Smith OB-6
Dave Smith Pro 2
Dave Smith Prophet 6
Dave Smith Prophet 8
Dave Smith Prophet 12
Dave Smith Prophet X
Dave Smith REV2
Nord Lead 1
Nord Lead 2
Nord Lead 3
Nord Lead 4
Nord Lead A1
Nord Stage 3
Nord Wave
Andromeda A6
Novation Bass Station II
Novation Circuit Mono Station
Novation MiniNova
Novation Peak
Virus A
Virus B
Virus C
Virus Indigo 1
Virus Indigo 2
Virus TI
Yamaha Reface CS
Studiologic Sledge

Greatly Enhanced Arpeggiator

• New Pattern and Play Modes
• New Presets Library
• New Step Modifiers
• New Chord Voicings
• New Pitch Slides
• New Step Dividers
• Capture MIDI Files!


New Hardware Sound Library

Omnisphere 2.6 includes a stunning new “Hardware Library” with over 1,600 new patches created by Eric Persing and the renowned Spectrasonics Sound Development team. Each hardware profile has a corresponding set of sounds in the Hardware Library which were specially designed using that hardware synth as an Omnisphere controller. These inspiring new sounds feature a wide range of categories and many have a distinctly ‘classic’ flavor! Notably, the 2.6 update takes Eric’s classic sound design work from the original 1987 Roland D-50 into completely new sonic territory with Omnisphere’s vast synthesis capabilities. Best of all, the new sounds are available for ALL users, regardless of using the hardware or not!

FX Features

Vastly Expanded Synthesis Engine

• Four Layers per patch!
• New State Variable Filters
• Over 500 DSP Wavetables
• Powerful New Granular Synthesis
• 8 LFOs, 12 ENVs, 34 Filter Types per part
• Doubled Mod Matrix
• Full FX Modulation


Audio Import

You can use your own audio file as a soundsource in Omnisphere, simply by dragging it onto the interface! Go wild with using the new Granular Synthesis, Harmonia, Innerspace and many other creative tools inside Omnisphere!

Audio Import

High Resolution Interface

Omnisphere 2.6 supports a newly redesigned, high resolution interface with support for HiDPI displays. The modernized GUI is now easier to use and resizable to fit comfortably into your workspace.

Interface Tour
Omnisphere 2 Interface Tour

Includes over 14,000 sounds!

Since the beginning, Omnisphere has been the sonic weapon of choice for creative players and producers in search of next level sounds on hit records, bestselling games and Oscar-winning films. Omnisphere’s amazing sound library is constantly growing and being pushed in fresh directions by the award-winning Spectrasonics Sound Development Team.


Additional Highlights

• Standalone Application now included!
• New Live Mode interface for touch screens
• Enhanced Orb with Attractor mode
• Satellite Instrument support for Trilian and Keyscape
-and more!

Special Features
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79 Reviews For This Product

  1. 79

    by Mateo Ryan (verified owner)

    What can I say?Best pluggins on the world…Thank you Spectrasonics …

  2. 79

    by Maverick Bryson (verified owner)

    A great range of plugins each easy to use.

  3. 79

    by Angel Brayden (verified owner)

    love Spectrasonics and ill keep love it for ever

  4. 79

    by Ezra Colton (verified owner)

    I love these plugins Spectrasonics – Omnisphere 2.6 (MAC-Win)

  5. 79

    by Alden Gary (verified owner)

    Has everything you need!

  6. 79

    by Michael Alexander (verified owner)

    I’ve found all plug-ins i need to work in high level when editing, mixing and mastering my audio stuff. That was the best package for the money I have.

  7. 79

    by Levi Christopher (verified owner)

    Really having a good experience with the Spectrasonics ..using it for mixing as well as mastering

  8. 79

    by Allen Ari (verified owner)

    it’s a lovely package that includes beautiful gears I always need. What a deal! Here the Renaissance gears are! Spectrasonics , You guys are genius to let Renaissance series be packed in Spectrasonics Native. I love V-comp, V-EQ3 and V-EQ4. these items are all included ! I’m pretty sure that you can mix & master any music resources with Spectrasonics Native and I’ve tried already for a commercial music.

  9. 79

    by Nolan Nicholas (verified owner)

    This product is really complete. There are really all the tools to finalize a professional project. The only problem is the absence of a good reverb in this pack.

  10. 79

    by Nolan Nicholas (verified owner)

    At the discounted price it’s been at recently, this is a good default package for any small setup, with decent reverb and a good limiter. Pretty essential for compatibility with the industry.

  11. 79

    by Kevin Bentley (verified owner)

    Spectrasonics Central kept showing errors during the installation process and so for some unknown reason I am only able to use 3/4 of the bundle? Thoughts are that Spectrasonics Central is problematic!!

  12. 79

    by Luca Ryker (verified owner)

    Perfect sound quality, the different interfaces are really user friendly.

  13. 79

    by Christopher Joshua (verified owner)

    Really useful

  14. 79

    by Hezekiah Finnley (verified owner)

    A set of useful software. I am still discovering their possibilities, but as usual from Spectrasonics , they are intuitive and sound just great.

  15. 79

    by Brayden Jordan (verified owner)

    Nice ensemble

  16. 79

    by Everett Axel (verified owner)

    The industry standard for a reason

  17. 79

    by Paul Beckett (verified owner)

    Great plugins for great price

  18. 79

    by Jeremiah Hudson Robert (verified owner)

    Great product

  19. 79

    by Robert Easton (verified owner)

    great tools, another good job as usual from Spectrasonics

  20. 79

    by Theodore Jeremiah (verified owner)

    A complete essential complex plugin pack.

  21. 79

    by Jack Julian (verified owner)

    Very Good

  22. 79

    by Kace Zackary (verified owner)

    Great plugins. Everything you need to make decent mixes.

  23. 79

    by Caspian Maxim (verified owner)

    The industry standard for a reason

  24. 79

    by Levi Christopher (verified owner)

    Hi Waves Spectrasonics is an absolutely fabulous app. Thanks a million .

  25. 79

    by Levi Christopher (verified owner)

    I love all and every one of them.

  26. 79

    by Levi Christopher (verified owner)

    I love all and every one of them.!!!

  27. 79

    by Gabriel Anthony (verified owner)

    Good collection of useful plugins for Spectrasonics

  28. 79

    by Gabriel Anthony (verified owner)

    These are absolutely essential things if u do the music

  29. 79

    by Gabriel Anthony (verified owner)

    Spectrasonics – Omnisphere 2.6 (MAC-Win) is good

  30. 79

    by John Owen (verified owner)

    Great plugs and if you are not inclined to i.e. monthly subscription for the competitive offer, this is a valuable and price-friendly solution. They just… work 🙂

  31. 79

    by John Owen (verified owner)

    I was on the fence about buying Spectrasonics Tune by itself but when packaged with the bundle, it absolutely made sense. Comes with all the essentials for recording and mixing Spectrasonics . Awesome stuff!

  32. 79

    by David Carter (verified owner)

    purchased this bundle on sale and for the price couldn’t be happier. After forgetting to enter my discount code the customer service team was very helpful and refunded me what I missed out on.

  33. 79

    by Wyatt Jayden (verified owner)

    This plug-in package is excellent, and really great value. Would recommend to anybody who works heavily with Spectrasonics.

  34. 79

    by Samuel Sebastian (verified owner)

    i was after Spectrasonics tune ended up buying this Spectrasonics package and was happy with very useful product

  35. 79

    by Henry Joseph (verified owner)

    Bought this for $69. Spectrasonics was on sale for the same price, so obviously I went for the better deal.

  36. 79

    by Daniel Matthew (verified owner)

    Brilliant – I’m loving this experience!

  37. 79

    by Alexander Ethan (verified owner)

    Great quality plugins with at a discounted price.

  38. 79

    by Lucas Michael (verified owner)

    Wait for the sale, then pick this up for the same price as Spectrasonics

  39. 79

    by Oliver Jacob (verified owner)

    Excellent .Spectrasonics – Omnisphere 2.6 (MAC-Win)

  40. 79

    by Mason Elijah (verified owner)

    Spectrasonics répond à tous les besoins d’un ingénieur du son pour améliorer une voix qu’elle soit parlée ou chantée. C’est un ensemble de plugins très utile et complémentaire à un équipement de mastering hard 19’´. Super !

  41. 79

    by Nathan Aaron (verified owner)

    Spectrasonics really are exceptional plugins. Consistently used in my work and I would never be without them. But with total confidence..!!

  42. 79

    by Nash Beckham (verified owner)

    Great plugins. Everything you need to make decent mixes.

  43. 79

    by Logan Benjamin (verified owner)

    I’m still new to music home recording and a pro friend recommended this silver bundle and the Spectrasonics rider and i think i made the right decision.

  44. 79

    by Elliot Waylon (verified owner)

    I swear they made all my mixes and mastering exquisitely amazing.

  45. 79

    by Angelo Orion (verified owner)

    I thought it was just going to be a waste of money but it has turned into using literally all of those plugins!!!!!!!!!!

  46. 79

    by Xander Timothy (verified owner)

    ove the deals they give.

  47. 79

    by Marcus Dawson (verified owner)

    I didn’t expect immediate results

  48. 79

    by Leo Theodore (verified owner)

    These products are insane. Like a have million dollar studio… 😉

  49. 79

    by Evan Maverick (verified owner)

    wide range of quality!

  50. 79

    by Maverick Bryson (verified owner)

    A Superb all-in-one collection for all your Spectrasonics needs.

  51. 79

    by Justin Kai (verified owner)

    It’s great. I should have bought gold instead for the few extras. I will buy a few more anyway

  52. 79

    by Xander Timothy (verified owner)

    awesome bundle

  53. 79

    by Nathaniel Harrison (verified owner)

    this plug ins are great

  54. 79

    by Landon Adrian (verified owner)

    So I just purchased the

  55. 79

    by Kane Edgar (verified owner)

    Amazing plugin & product

  56. 79

    by Jaiden Fernando (verified owner)

    perfect product get it right now

  57. 79

    by Leo Theodore (verified owner)

    Perfect sound quality, the different interfaces are really user friendly.

  58. 79

    by Adrian Asher (verified owner)

    I love this gold bundle with all the different plug-in that comes with this product.

  59. 79

    by Ryker Carlos (verified owner)

    Great value for money, you

  60. 79

    by Joaquin Wade (verified owner)

    Perfect product

  61. 79

    by Bennett George (verified owner)

    Super product

  62. 79

    by Timothy Victor (verified owner)

    Amazing Spectrasonics very happy with it.

  63. 79

    by Oscar Jeremy (verified owner)

    A great package at a great price.

  64. 79

    by Austin Ian (verified owner)

    The plug ins? Is there anyone who don’t like Spectrasonics plug ins? Don’t think so

  65. 79

    by Emmett Justin (verified owner)


  66. 79

    by Kyler Garrett (verified owner)

    I’ll compare my old sessions with the same proyects with the Spectrasonics plugins.. no words, is another level

  67. 79

    by Grant (verified owner)

    very good product!!~

  68. 79

    by Luca Ryker (verified owner)

    One of the best buys i have ever made.

  69. 79

    by Angel Brayden (verified owner)

    Very good plugins making a huge difference to our end products

  70. 79

    by Eli Jonathan (verified owner)

    Thank you Spectrasonics for making this fabulous product accessible even to a non professional

  71. 79

    by Cesar Ellis (verified owner)

    Best collection of plugins for the Money

  72. 79

    by Alvaro Cristiano (verified owner)

    Great package! Very low CPU usage. All the tools needed for a great mix and good master.

  73. 79

    by Armani Kieran (verified owner)

    Great tools for a professional workflow

  74. 79

    by Hugo Abram (verified owner)


  75. 79

    by Marshall Johnathan (verified owner)

    Comprehensive and high quality product.

  76. 79

    by Martin Rafael (verified owner)

    Fabulous, much like 99% of your product they will all get used at one time or another. Gives me more flexibility.

  77. 79

    by Charlie Kyrie (verified owner)

    Downloads Great, Runs Even Better!

  78. 79

    by Landon Adrian (verified owner)

    Excellent I’m very happy

  79. 79

    by Austin Ian (verified owner)

    Open up the creative flow immensely!!

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