VPS Avenger With Factory Content (MAC)


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Tech Specs

  • Software Type:Synth
  • Version : V1-4-10
  • Platform:Mac, Only
  • Upgrade/Full:Full
  • Download/Boxed:Download
  • Bit Depth:64-bit
  • Format:VST2, VST3, AU, 
  • Hardware Requirements – Mac:M1/M2 & Intel Multi-core 2.8GHz Processor or higher, 8GB RAM minimum
  • OS Requirements – Mac:OS X 10.11 or later

Vengeance-Sound VPS Avenger is intense. To call it a soft synth is a tremendous understatement. A smoldering cauldron of vintage analog, granular, FM, and feedback synthesis ready to blow, Vengeance Producer Suite (VPS) Avenger is perhaps the most versatile — and certainly one of the best-sounding — synth plug-ins we’ve seen at Sweetwater. And we’ve seen plenty. With up to 1,000 oscillators playable at one time, tons of smart, modern features, and a massive growing library from some of the top sound designers on the planet, there’s pretty much nothing VPS Avenger can’t do.

Immense sound-shaping power

Out of the box, you get over 930 killer presets you can use as is or as starting points; but when you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and go deep, VPS Avenger is ready to rock with comprehensive sound-design capabilities. Avenger’s eight Osc (oscillator), Mod and Pitch Envelope, Arp, and Step SQ modules plus four Amp, Filter, Shaper, and LFO modules give you immense sound-shaping power. Also onboard is a dedicated drum sequencer, guitar player/chord detection module, and wavetable editor, plus six FX buses, a powerful Modmatrix system for drag-and-drop routing— and much, much, more. All things considered, Vengeance-Sound VPS Avenger is a total beast.

Vengeance-Sound VPS Avenger Features:

  • 64-bit and VST3 standard (64-bit required)
  • Over 930 factory presets
  • 620 multisamples
  • 218 special samples (attacks, noises)
  • 154 resampler waves
  • 168 drum kits, 168 drum sequences
  • 596 wavetables
  • 219 granular samples
  • 1,000s of OSC shapes (waveforms) available
  • 30 FX types (including analog chorus, Reverb, Phaser, etc. from ArtsAcoustic)
  • 47 Filter types
  • Up to 1000 playing oscillators with one note possible
  • Resampling/wavetable generator built in
  • Freeform OSCs (draw your own waveforms)
  • Alias-free OSCs, Wavetables, FM and AM modulation
  • Powerful and easy drag and drop modulation matrix
  • Resizable vectorized GUI (4k-ready)
  • Undo feature
  • Comfortable preset search system/tag cloud
  • 8 arpeggiators, drum sequencer, 8 step sequencers, 18 envelope generators
  • 16 individually routable sub outs into your DAW’s mixer
  • Macro controllers assigned in each preset, for quick sound changes
  • External MIDI controllers and pedals support
  • Free routable fx busses and send effects
  • Customizable LFOs, 4 shaper modules (distortion units on OSC level)
  • Many unison features: chorder and our own invented “V-Saw” supersaw
  • Key and Velocity zones
  • Import your own (multi)samples, drums, wavetables or OSC waveforms
  • MIDI learn function (connect your external MIDI gear with Avenger)
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VPS Avenger With Factory Content (MAC)