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Tech Specs

  • Software Type:Synth Virtual Instrument
  • Platform:Mac, Only
  • Upgrade/Full:Full
  • Download/Boxed:Download
  • Bit Depth:64-bit
  • Format:AAX, VST, AU, NKS, Standalone
  • Hardware Requirements – Mac:2.5GHz Processor or higher, 4GB RAM minimum
  • OS Requirements – Mac:macOS 10.13 or later (works on M1 as well)
  • Manufacturer Part Number:240301_Down

Arturia Pigments: A 21st-century Soft Synth

A massively powerful wavetable and virtual analog software synth two decades in the making, Arturia Pigments is a soft synth like no other. Featuring cutting-edge wavetable synthesis, granular synthesis, harmonic synthesis, and Arturia’s meticulous analog modeling, the Pigments soft synth launches a new era for the company. Arturia has spent the past 20 years analyzing and reinventing the most legendary synthesizers ever produced, so the time was ripe for a soft synth with a powerful architecture and lightning-fast workflow that makes crafting modern sounds with complex modulations quick, easy, and fun. While Arturia Pigments may stand on the shoulders of some of the greatest synths of the past, it delivers wholly modern avant-garde sounds, features, and playability. With its incredible sonic prowess and remarkable ease of use, Arturia Pigments is a groundbreaking go-to synth for producers, sound designers, and synth lovers alike.


Wavetable, analog, granular, and harmonic engines: a quadruple threat

Wavetable synths are used to create many of the cutting-edge sounds you hear in today’s blockbuster movies, television series, and hit records. Granular synthesis is capable of creating otherworldly synth sounds by deconstructing sampled material. Harmonic additive synthesis manipulates partials for next-level sound design. And analog synthesis remains a staple of contemporary music-making.

Combining modern wavetable synthesis, granular synthesis, harmonic synthesis, and analog modeling in one powerful, easy-to-use soft synth, Pigments is a synthesis platform that gives you the best of all worlds. From bombastic basses to evolving pads to molten leads, this soft synth has you covered.

Arturia Pigments lets you run up to two sound engines — a triple-oscillator virtual-analog engine, a detailed granular synthesis engine, a harmonic synth engine, or a complex wavetable engine with morphing and import — in parallel for impossibly fat sounds with off-the-charts depth, dimensionality, and harmonic richness.

Near-infinite sound-sculpting control

And to shape the sounds you generate from those sound engines, Pigments has twin filters with dozens of continuously variable filter types and continuous series/parallel routing to give you near-infinite sound-sculpting control. Choose from classic filters among Arturia’s V Collection instruments, or take a walk on the wild side and dig in deep with modern filters like Surgeon and Comb. However you shape them, the sounds coming from Arturia Pigments will take center stage in your productions.

Incredibly powerful and intuitive

Despite its awesome sonic prowess, Arturia Pigments is a ridiculously easy soft synth to use. At Sweetwater, we’re intimately familiar with the challenge of seizing that flash of inspiration and molding it into sound. It’s the most fundamental — and exciting — part of making music. Pigments streamlines that process with near-limitless patch creation and modulation options at your beck and call in an intuitive user interface that provides visual feedback every step of the way. Throw in cool features such as drag-and-drop Insert and Send routing, and sonic experimentation becomes effortless with Arturia Pigments.

A truckload of tricks up its sleeve

According to Arturia, “While Pigments can sound like other synths, no other synth can sound like Pigments.” We couldn’t agree more here at Sweetwater. Pigments’ ability to scale quantized pitch modulations lets you easily build complex melodic sequences. It offers continuous unison controls that can be modulated with classic and chord modes. Its wavetable oscillator boasts extensive wave-shaping options with unique aliasing controls. And in addition to the expected modulation sources, it has unconventional ones like the Turing and Binary random generators.

Your go-to versatile synth

Arturia Pigments also features a battery of modulators — advanced envelopes, morphing LFOs, randomizers, combinators, and more — that bring sound to life. Also featured is configurable gate/retrig handling for the modulators — great for unusual rhythmic sequences and self-generating patches. Arturia Pigments’ polyrhythmic sequencer has a strong emphasis on randomness but also has scale control to retain musicality. And the soft synth’s stunning studio-grade effects — including wavefolder, overdrive, parametric EQ, and delay — make crafting rich, evolving patches instantaneous and fun with Arturia Pigments.

What’s new in Pigments 3:

  • Harmonic engine:Detailed additive synthesis with up to 512 partials, dual formant filters that can be morphed from A to B, odd and even harmonic customization, and various colorful ways to modulate partials
  • 3rd Utility Engine: Add a sub oscillator and up to 2 noise sample layers for extra depth and sonic color
  • 64 New Wavetables:Bringing the total to 164
  • Ramp Waveform: For virtual analog engine
  • Jup-8 V4 Low-pass Filter: The revered filter from our meticulous emulation of a polysynth icon
  • Enhanced filter routing:Route either filter to either FX Bus for detailed sound
  • Pitch Delay: A clean, modern algorithm for creating exciting pitch-shifting ambiance
  • Multi-Band Compressor:A much-requested tool for creating a tight mix-ready sound
  • BL-20 Flanger: A faithful reimagining of an elusive analog studio effect
  • Chorus JUN-6: One-touch analog sparkle and stereo fatness, taken from our faithful Juno-6 emulation
  • Ramp waveform for virtual analog engine
  • Expertly-crafted presets by world-class sound designers
  • Enhanced in-app tutorials

Arturia Pigments 3 Polychromatic Software Synthesizer Features:

  • Combines 2 sound engines in parallel in one powerful, easy-to-use soft synth
  • Complex wavetable engine with morphing and import
  • Virtual analog engine with 3 oscillators per voice and multiple waveforms
  • Granular synth engine for mind-mending soundscapes
  • Harmonic synth engine enables complex additive synthesis
  • Twin filters with dozens of continuously variable filter types and continuous series/parallel routing
  • Modulate anything with anything, including MIDI, envelopes, LFOs, random sources, and complex function generators
  • Integrated polyrhythmic step sequencer and arpeggiator make it easy to create complex, evolving sequences and arps
  • Powerful built-in studio-grade effects
  • Visual interface with graphical representation of the most important modules
  • Graphical editing, source-based or destination-based
  • Living, moving waveform to see your sound come alive
  • 4 assignable macros to control multiple parameters at once
  • Extensive factory preset library with hundreds of sounds from top artists and sound designers, including Jeremy Savage, Starcadian, Cubic Spline, Mord Fustang, and Jörg Hüttner — plus highlighting of recommended tweakable parameters
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    by Samantha

    Brilliant Quality Products, Amazing Functionality. It just works great build quality it helps me to achieve great sound quality

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    by Kathy Danberry

    Fantastic product super quality.Also excellent technical support team

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    by Edwin Recinos

    Exactly what I need it to be! Quick and easy!Changed my workflow completely.

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    I like how simple it look and how easy it is to use without sacrificing feature and quality All you need to enjoy you product. 100% recomended

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    by LLeonardoo Ramirez Luna

    Installation done very quickly without problem! Excellent and professional product

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    They work flawlessly. it helps me to achieve great quality

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    I love it but I gotta lot of learning to do. There is so many product!!

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    What usually keeps me from buying quality product is my budget.

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    by Laura A Beckley

    Great price for awesome product!Also Excellent customer service with the kind politeness!

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    by Christa Speer

    For the price it’s got a ton of great stuff, and the majority of Arturia I use the most.

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    by Rossi Ross

    Fantastic product – most everything a home enthusiast will need and super quality.

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    by Philip Goodwin

    Works beautifully and 100% user friendly Very simple to use and effective. So fun

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    by Tania Jenkins

    Good price to performance I absolutely loved the product!I find myself using more product than almost any other! This is an awesome product!

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    by Kenneth Norman Hall

    Fantastic product- most everything a home enthusiast will need and super quality.

  15. 28

    by Marco Musu

    So great my teachers always talked about Arturia Pigments product in school at full sail. Absolutely love it can’t wait to get more !!!

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    Very happy! Installation was quick and easy, everything works perfectly, and got a great deal on price.

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    Fantastic product- most everything a home enthusiast will need and super quality.

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    by Laurie Moore

    Yea I was fortunate to get the Arturia at that price, I like everything about it.

  19. 28

    by Sisse-Marie

    Superb software.. I’m looking forwRd to buying more as time goes by…

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    Value for money and excellent service. Very pleased and will buy it again

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