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Tech Specs

  • Software Type:Synth
  • Platform:, PC Only
  • Upgrade/Full:Full
  • Download/Boxed:Download
  • Bit Depth:32-bit, 64-bit
  • Format:VST2, VST3, AU, NKS
  • Hardware Requirements – PC:Intel Core i3 or higher, 4GB RAM or more recommended
  • OS Requirements – PC:Windows 7 SP1 or later
  • Manufacturer Part Number:10-12078
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Product Description

Plug-ins Included For Windows

  • U-he Ace

  • U-he Bazille

  • U-he ColourCopy

  • U-he Diva

  • U-he Hive

  • U-he Presswerk

  • U-he Repro-1 & 5

  • U-he Satin

  • U-he Twangstrom

  • U-he Zebra

u-He Diva: Unrivaled Analog Synth Modeling

Create evocative synthesizer sounds with undeniable analog character, all with the u-he Diva plug-in. Choose from five different oscillator modules to conjure everything from big fat analog synth sounds to precise digital waveforms. The five different filter models are where Diva really shines, with advanced analog modeling algorithms resulting in amazingly rich and vibrant filtering effects, with no filter-stepping or aliasing. With scores of great presets and a ton of tweakability, the u-he Diva virtual synthesizer promises unlimited sound-design potential for composers and electronic


Advanced modeling for undeniably analog tone

Under the hood, u-he’s Diva synth plug-in employs advanced modeling based on industrial circuit simulators to re-create the character of beloved analog synths and filters. At its highest sound quality settings, the Diva plug-in is CPU-intensive, and you’ll hear the difference. Take the filters, for instance: synth fans at Sweetwater know that it’s rare to hear a digital filter that can rival an all-analog filter. But u-he’s zero-delay feedback filters rival the sound of some of the most revered analog filter designs. Just automate a long, slow filter sweep in your DAW, and you’ll hear the richness and depth that you would normally only expect from an analog filter, free of any stair-stepping artifacts or aliasing.

Mix and match oscillator and filter modules

With five different oscillator modules and five different filter modules (plus an additional HPF/Feedback section with four module choices), there are a lot of possible sonic combinations to explore with Diva. You can re-create classic synth designs or dial in your own ideal synth.

Trimmers section lets you dial in the perfect amount of analog instability

When you really want the maximum amount of analog character in your sound, turn to the Trimmers section in u-he’s Diva synth plug-in. This section not only lets you detune voices, but it also allows you to add some “slop” to filter cutoff, envelope times, pulse widths, and glide times. Many analog-modeled synthesizers give you control over a certain amount of analog drift, but with nowhere near the variety of Diva’s Trimmers section.

u-he Diva Synthesizer Plug-in Features:

  • Virtual analog synthesizer plug-in
  • 5 selectable oscillator modules: Triple VCO, Dual VCO, DCO, Dual VCO Eco, and Digital
  • 5 selectable filter modules: VCF Ladder, VCF Cascade, VCF Multimode, VCF Bite, and VCF Uhbie
  • 2 effects slots for Chorus, Phaser, Reverb, Delay, and Rotary effects
  • Extensive modulation matrix allows for extremely detailed, animated sounds
  • Modular flexibility is perfect for creating a wide range of synth sounds
  • Ideal for electronic musicians and composers

Repro-1, u-he’s blast-from-the-past analog monosynth plug-in, uses component-level modeling to deliver the mythical sonic essence of a rare, sought-after classic 1970s analog synth prototype. The tech used to create Repro-1 may be cutting-edge, but this soft synth’s sonic credentials are unabashedly vintage. Whether you’re crafting searing leads, behemoth basses, pulsing percussion, or spacey soundscapes, this 2-oscillator beast delivers fierce, raw, authentic sounds, dripping with juicy analog character. Patch from scratch or grab one of 500 killer presets. Take it from Sweetwater’s hardcore synthesists: u-he Repro-1 is a highly playable workhorse synth you’ll find yourself reaching for track after track.

Packed with vintage goodness

u-he packed Repro-1 with all the goodness of the original synth that inspired it. It’s sleek and intuitive, but under the hood there’s a deep feature set that can deliver a broad palette of vintage analog synth sounds. You start off with two oscillators with sync: a saw/pulse and a saw/triangle/pulse; both with pulse-width modulation. The mixer includes a white-noise generator, plus a feedback path for bass that’ll blow holes in walls. And you’ll love the filter section: a classic 4-pole lowpass with self-oscillation, plus cutoff, resonance, envelope amount, and key tracking controls. And of course, there’s a full ADSR filter envelope.

Modulation a go-go

Repro-1 serves up plentiful modulation options, with a saw/triangle/pulse LFO, plus a separate Mod section with Mod Filter envelope, Mod Oscillator B, And Mod LFO. There’s an advanced arpeggiator and step sequencer that sync to clock or the main LFO. A very complete Glide section and Amp Envelope with curve trim complete the top panel proper. Below, you’ll find the FX section that sports five stompbox-style modules: wavefolder/distortion, delay/chorus, EQ/resonator, reverb, and a sonic conditioner/dynamics processor. Talk about value — this thing comes loaded! If virtual analog synthesis plays a part in your music, you owe it to yourself to check out the u-he Repro-1.

u-he Repro-1 & Repro-5 Plug-in

u-he Repro-1 Virtual Monosynth Plug-in Features:

  • Deep feature set delivers a broad palette of vintage analog synth sounds
  • Component-level model of a classic monophonic synthesizer
  • 2 oscillators: saw/pulse and saw/triangle/pulse, with pulse-width modulation and sync
  • White-noise generator
  • Audio-generators mixer with feedback path for massive bass boost
  • 4-pole lowpass filter with self-oscillation, plus cutoff, resonance, envelope amount, and key tracking controls
  • ADSR amp envelope with curve trim
  • Saw/triangle/pulse LFO, waveforms may be combined
  • Bonus modulation sources: AR/ASR envelope, plus Gate and Trigger
  • Arpeggiator: up or up/down, latch mode provided
  • 2-pattern Sequencer with step recording, editable velocity and pitch, per-step note/tie/pause status, copy/paste and rotate functions, preset save/load
  • 5 onboard FX: wavefolder/distortion, delay/chorus, EQ/resonator, reverb, sonic conditioner/dynamics processor
  • Patch from scratch or grab one of 500 killer presets

u-he Hive 2 Synthesizer Plug-in

With its sleek, single-screen interface, the u-he Hive synthesizer plug-in makes sound design easy. Hive’s streamlined workflow welcomes you to tweak until your sound is perfect. Hive is light on your CPU, too, and won’t bog you down while you’re engaged in the creative process. In spite of being a lightweight synth, Hive is loaded with the heavyweight features, controls, and flexibility you need to forge amazing soundscapes. Whether you’re into EDM, ambient, fusion, progressive rock, R&B – or any other music genre – take it from Sweetwater: u-he Hive delivers.

u-he Hive Synthesizer Plug-in Features at a Glance:

  • Single-page user interface
  • 2,700 presets
  • 2 main oscillators, 2 sub-oscillators
  • 3 synth engine characters (Normal, Dirty, Clean)
  • Up to 16x unison per oscillator
  • 2 multimode filters (LP, HP, BP, BR, or Peak)
  • Flexible oscillator and filter routing
  • Solo buttons for individual oscillators and filters
  • Arpeggiator and step sequencer
  • 12-slot modulation matrix, 2 targets per slot
  • Drag & drop modulation assignment
  • Create, save, and load individual panel presets
  • 7 quality effects, rearrange in any order
  • Global configuration overlays, including MIDI learn

Ramp up your sound design with u-he Hive!

u-he Zebra2 Modular Synthesizer Plug-in

u-he Zebra2 is a modular synthesizer plug-in that generates sound using many different types of synthesis and routes it all through a powerful modulation section. With Zebra2, you can create any additive, freehand, or spline-based waveform you can dream up, apply a massive selection of spectral effects, and morph between the waves before sending them through classic synth filters. You can then use that entire sound as an FM modulator or send it through a comb filter. The sky’s the limit: after all, you’ve got the building blocks of physical modeling synthesis. With its great sound quality, flexibility, ergonomics, low CPU usage, and all-stereo signal path, u-he Zebra2 belongs in your virtual rack.


A real workhorse synth

Almost all parameters in Zebra2 are available as modulation targets. That’s why at Sweetwater, we consider it a great choice for composers and keyboardists who need a real workhorse synth. Considering its seemingly endless sound-design possibilities, however, Zebra2’s adaptive interface never overwhelms you with gratuitous complexity. Modules only appear when you’re using them. When you add an oscillator to Zebra2’s central patching grid, it will appear on the left; use an LFO for modulation, and it will appear on the right. u-he Zebra2 is also a solid investment, as it’s hugely popular, with a vibrant user community and thousands of free presets online.

u-he Zebra2 Features at a Glance:

  • Unique patching system is easy to work with; complexity never gets in your way
  • Crystal-clear sonics – which can turn dark and dirty if you want
  • No static samples – pure synthesis delivers natural, expressive sounds
  • Featured in blockbusters The Dark KnightInceptionTransformersTron:Legacy, and more
  • Editor window is resizable; alternative skins available
  • Clever design and adaptive UI keep everything you need on a single page
  • Vibrant community of helpful users in the KVR forum
  • Thousands of free presets available online

u-he Zebra2 belongs in your virtual rack!


u-he Satin Tape Machine Plug-in


o develop Satin, u-he took a trip back to the Golden Age of magnetic tape recording. After many months engaged in meticulous research and measurement, they developed a software plug-in that nails the sonic magic of tape machines. Satin delivers the whole analog tape experience – and you control it all. It starts with tape formulation, where you have a selection of emulsions. You also get your choice of noise-reduction encoding/decoding. Tape compression, wow and flutter, and other artifacts? Definitely. Satin even offers a global feedback path for organic tape delay and tape flanging effects. At Sweetwater, we love tape. Instantiate u-he Satin, and you will, too.


u-he Satin Tape Machine Plug-in Features at a Glance:

  • Mix-and-match emulation spans all major historical developments in tape technology
  • Control multiple instances from one panel – glue multiple tracks together
  • High-quality: internal sample rate up to 384kHz, continuous tape speed control
  • All the goodness of tape, including saturation, transient-smoothing, HF compression, etc.
  • Full control over head-bump, wow and flutter, asperity noise, hiss, etc.
  • Record / repro EQ standards (separately selectable), classic NR compander standards
  • Extra FX modes: through-zero tape flanging, host-synchronizable 4-tap stereo delay

Instantiate u-he Satin and juice your tracks with the mojo of tape!


u-he Uhbik FX Plug-in Bundle


Uhbik stokes your FX arsenal with nine audiophile-grade effects that work brilliantly on all kinds of material, whether you’re working in stereo or surround. Uhbik-A, a reverb/ambience effect, envelopes your signal in a warm, natural sonic landscape. Uhbik-D delay/echo, equipped with five virtual tape heads, provides LFO/flutter modulation, high- and low-cut filters, soft clipping, multichannel pan, and per-tap feedback. Uhbik-F is a flanger. Simulating two tape machines per channel, it serves up everything from classic tape flanging to vintage stomp-box-style chorus, with side orders of LFO mod and resonance.

But wait, there’s moreUhbik-G is a granular pitch-shifter/phase vocoder that segments your audio and plays back the resulting “grains” at a variable rate, even backwards. Uhbik-P is a phaser with up to 42 “all-pass” filters in series, for what may be the richest, deepest phasing we’ve heard here at Sweetwater. Uhbik-Q is (you guessed it) an equalizer that offers luminous transparency and impressive flexibility from a sleek control set – all with low CPU load.

And that’s not all…Next up: Runciter, a filter sporting parallel lowpass, highpass, and bandpass outputs, plus input overdrive, brick-wall fuzz, and resonance. Uhbik-S takes frequency shift and sideband filtering to the max with extended frequency response and ultra-low latency. This must be heard to be believed! Uhbik-T tops off the u-he Uhbik bundle with a general-purpose tremolo that can mutate between patterns you define in a grid, deploy rhythmic lowpass filtering, and generate vibrato or spatial Haas-delay FX.

u-he Uhbik FX Plug-in Bundle Features:

  • Plug-ins included in this bundle:
    • Uhbik-A: natural ambience with early reflections with various plate algorithms
    • Uhbik-D: beat-sync’d delay/echo with unlimited modulation possibilities
    • Uhbik-F: deploy this flanger for swirlicious effects and scorching lead lines
    • Uhbik-G: granular pitch-shifter/phase vocoder for sensational contemporary FX
    • Uhbik-P: incredible deep, rich phasing delivers outrageous metal effects
    • Uhbik-Q: equalizer gives you maximum flexibility from its simple control set
    • Runciter: from classic wah to brickwall fuzz, this is your go-to plug-in
    • Uhbik-S: takes frequency shift and sideband filtering to the max
    • Uhbik-T: create tremolo patterns and morph between them for crazy rhythmic FX

Don’t settle for ho-hum effects – get u-he Uhbik!


u-he Colour Copy Bucket Brigade Delay Plug-in

u-he’s Colour Delay is a classic BBD-style effect, extended with modern features. Experience the full gamut of analog delay effects with a 1ms to 1s or host-synched time base, scaled via rate control from 25% to 400%. Infuse your delays with exciting saturated textures using this plug-in’s feedback colouration controls. Create a dynamic ducking effect with its built-in envelope follower. Modulate rate, tap position, or amplitude with its onboard LFO. You also get MIDI note tracking and an infinite loop button for generating wild experimental sounds, while independent input and feedback routing permit unlimited stereo or mono combinations. Colour Delay includes a useful preset browser with tag/text search and a resizable interface.

Exciting saturated textures

u-he’s Colour Delay delivers a full range of classic bucket brigade-style delays. With a twist of a knob, you can continuously blend between five different colours. Each colour exhibits a different frequency bandwidth, in addition to noise and dynamic characteristics, frequency loss during repeats, and more. Control the intensity of these characteristics with the Saturation knob, then use the Brightness knob to dial in your bandwidth. You also get a Floor switch with Vintage/Low options.

Dynamic ducking effect

At Sweetwater, we appreciate Colour Delay’s unique dynamic ducking effect. An Amp/FB switch allows you to duck the entire delay output or just the feedback signal, which preserves your stereo space while eliminating high-regeneration cacophony. You also get a ducking mode switch for tweaking the effect’s response, along with a Threshold knob for setting the minimum input signal level.

Generate compelling modulated sounds

Use Colour Delay’s stereo LFO to modulate its delay rate, tap position, or amplitude. Choose between sine or triangle wave modulation. Generate interesting chorus, vibrato, and tremolo effects, using the Frequency knob to control the LFO’s speed, or crank the Depth knob for deep pitch-shifting. You can use an envelope follow signal to modulate the LFO frequency and depth to add real-time dynamics to your effects. Beyond that, a Stereo Phase knob gives you command over the phase difference between the left and right LFO signal.

u-he Colour Copy Features:

  • BBD-style analog delay plug-in
  • 1ms-1s or host-synched time base, scaled via rate control from 25%-400%
  • Feedback colouration controls infuse your delays with exciting saturated textures
  • Dynamic ducking effect with an option that preserves the initial delay
  • Onboard LFO modulates its delay rate, tap position, or amplitude
  • MIDI note tracking allows for mono synth-like operation
  • Infinite loop button loops the contents of the delay buffer for as long as you like
  • Independent input and feedback routing permit unlimited stereo or mono combinations
  • Useful preset browser with tag/text search
  • Resizable interface from 70%-200%

u-he Presswerk Compressor Plug-in

Imagine what you could do with a dynamics processing plug-in that combines the warmth of vintage hardware compressors with the power and convenience only possible in the digital domain. Sweetwater has just such a plug-in: u-he Presswerk. With its sleek, intuitive interface and robust feature set, Presswerk gives you the hands-on control to shape your sound any way you hear it. Presswerk offers sidechaining, adjustable compression curves and envelopes, soft clipping, M/S mode, Dual Phase Rotator, variable saturation, parallel compression, and more. Instantiate u-he Presswerk, and brace yourself for loud, punchy, great-sounding tracks that leap right out of the speakers.

u-he Presswerk Dynamics Plug-in Features:

  • Sidechaining – for ducking, keying, and pumping techniques
  • Adjustable compression curve and envelope:
    • Soft knee, variable compression ratio, attack and release controls, and more
  • Soft clipping – tame peaks, avoid distortion, and make your tracks sound louder
  • 6 custom views for optimized workflow:
    • Drum Compressor
    • Vocal Compressor
    • M/S Program Compressor
    • Easy Compressor
    • Bus Compressor
    • Limiter
  • M/S mode – flexible stereo signal processing
  • Dual Phase Rotator smears phase, increasing headroom and punching up low end
  • Saturation adds color and character, from subtle warmth to full-on overdrive
  • Mix controls for parallel compression, blending compressed and uncompressed signals
  • Variable detection topologies:
    • FF (feed-forward) precise, modern, surgical tracking
    • FB (feedback) loose, musical-sounding, and forgiving like classic hardware
    • INT (interactive): continuously analyzes signal, optimally blending FF and FB
  • Adjust and store global preferences
  • MIDI-learn controls

Control your dynamics with u-he Presswerk!

u-he Bazille Digital Modular Synth Plug-in

The u-he Bazille modular synth plug-in presents a cornucopia of sound design potential. Start with four oscillators, with simultaneous frequency modulation, phase distortion, and fractal response. Choose from four multimode analog-style filters, each with up to six parallel outputs for complex sound sculpting. Use virtual cables to connect modules, then use the 8 x 16-step morphing sequencer to add motion or randomness to your sounds. Even the most diehard analog synth purists at Sweetwater are impressed by the creative possibilities that u-he’s Bazille synth plug-in offers.

u-he Bazille Synthesizer Plug-in Features at a Glance:

  • Modular synthesizer plug-in with extensive modulation capabilities
  • 4 powerful oscillators offer simultaneous frequency modulation, phase distortion, and fractal response
  • Sculpt your sound with 4 multimode filters, with up to 6 parallel outputs for creating massive layered sounds
  • Create animated or rhythmic modulation effects with the 8 x 16-step morphing sequencer
  • Use multiplex modules for signal mixing, ring modulation, and amplitude modulation
  • Over 1,700 presets showcase just a fraction of the creative potential

Add modular madness to your DAW with the u-he Bazille synth plug-in!

u-he ACE Modular Synth Plug-in

Just like analog modular synthesizers, the u-he ACE modular synth plug-in gives you a staggering amount of possible patch configurations for a lifetime of sonic exploration. Starting off, ACE’s default routing lets you create huge basses, brain-tickling leads, and evocative pads, with no patching required. And with 25 signal sources and over 30 signal targets, you can make any parameter modulate almost any other parameter. You can combine modulation signals for interesting effects, or even crossfade between them. Synth fans at Sweetwater are impressed by the creative potential of the u-he ACE synth plug-in, and we’re sure you’ll be discovering new sounds and capabilities for years to come.



u-he ACE Synthesizer Plug-in Features at a Glance:

  • Semi-modular synth plug-in, with default routing for easier setup
  • Create complex, evolving sounds with 25 signal modulation sources and over 30 modulation targets
  • Build huge sounds with up to 8 times unison with +/-2-octave detune range
  • Rich, analog-sounding filters can self-oscillate to be used as additional audio generators
  • LFOs can reach audio rates to be used as VCOs
  • Create a wide range of sounds with sync, FM, and cross modulation

Add a modular synth to your DAW, with the u-he ACE synth plug-in!

u-he Twangstrom Spring Reverberator

If you’re yearning for the clean, bright sound of spring reverb, no other type of reverb will do. Twangström, from u-he, brings this unmistakable sound to your DAW. This plug-in includes three different reverb tanks, and thanks to its Twang function, you can conjure up amp-kicking, thunderclap-like sounds without physically hitting anything. Twangström includes a sizable array of sound-shaping controls, including Drive and Tone controls, a multimode filter, and a multi-input envelope stage. This spring-loaded box of tricks also boasts an LFO module with eight waveforms, plus a comprehensive modulation matrix and independent input and feedback routing. Twangström includes a handy resizable interface, as well as custom MIDI CC control.

Tons of onboard sound shaping unlocks a myriad of outrageous sounds

You get lots of sound-shaping capacity with Twangström. It all starts with a cache of physical modeling controls: Decay, Tension, Density, Coupling, and Bright. Drive and Tone controls lend ear-grabbing heat and color. A multimode filter with pre- or post-tank routing and a multi-input envelope stage with Envelope Follower, Attack/Decay, Attack/Release, and Cyclic modes offer even more sonic sculpting. You also get a low-frequency oscillator module with eight waveforms, a variable time base, and DAW synchronization, in addition to an all-inclusive modulation matrix for real-time control of all the plug-in’s parameters.

Twang function unleashes amp-kicking, spring-shaking effects

Twangström’s physical modeling offers true-to-life simulation of a real-world spring unit’s mechanical reverberation — it’s as real as it gets. In their quest for authenticity, u-he even equipped this reverb plug-in with a Twang function that mimics the thunderclap-like effect you get from kicking or slapping the side of a reverb tank-equipped guitar amplifier. We love this feature here at Sweetwater. Want to have some real fun? Try modulating the spring-shaking sound — it’s addictive!

u-he Twangström Spring Reverberator Features:

  • Brings the unmistakable sound of spring reverb to your DAW
  • 3 different reverb tanks inspired by popular guitar and instrument amps
  • Twang function conjures up amp-kicking, thunderclap-like sounds without physically hitting anything
  • Physical modeling controls: Decay, Tension, Density, Coupling, and Bright
  • Drive and Tone controls lend ear-grabbing heat and color
  • Multimode filter with pre- or post-tank routing
  • Multi-input envelope stage with Envelope Follower, Attack/Decay, Attack/Release, and Cyclic modes
  • LFO module with 8 waveforms, a variable time base, and DAW synchronization
  • All-inclusive modulation matrix for real-time control of your parameters
  • 76 factory presets; NKS-compatible
  • Handy resizable interface from 70% to 200%
  • Custom MIDI CC control with 14-bit resolution option

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