Celemony Melodyne Studio 5 (MAC)


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  • Software Type:Pitch / Time Shifting software 
  • Platform:Mac
  • Upgrade/Full:Full Download
  • Version : Celemony Melodyne Studio 5
  • Bit Depth:64-bit
  • Format:Standalone, VST, AU, RTAS
  • Hardware Requirements – Mac:Intel processor (Quad Core or better recommended), 4GB RAM (8GB or more recommended)
  • Hardware Requirements – PC:Intel or AMD Dual Core (Quad Core or better recommended), 4GB RAM (8GB or more recommended)
  • OS Requirements – Mac: OS X 10.6.8, OS X 10.9.5 or later (supports & work on Catalina)
  • Manufacturer Part Number:10-11210


Complete Polyphonic Pitch and Time Editing

Melodyne has been at the top of the pitch- and time-correction game for a long time. Celemony first impressed the audio industry by discarding the stiff controls of other pitch correction programs and giving us time and pitch correction in a familiar piano roll format. Next, they refined their already powerful pitch correction engine to accommodate polyphonic audio. Melodyne 5 studio brings even more cutting-edge enhancements, such as Melodic and Percussive Pitched algorithms, musically weighted pitch analysis, the Fade Tool and Sibilant Tool, the Leveling Macro, and recallable search. Add to that ARA compatibility, and you get one of the most comprehensive pitch- and time-correction applications on the planet.

Exciting new features for better results in less time

Melodyne 5 studio has a lot of changes under the hood. Its Melodic algorithm edits pitched and noise-like components separately, supplying you with ultra-musical pitch deviation analysis. Chord Track and Chord Grid enable you to adapt notes — or full chords — with blazing speed to suit a song. Create note-based fades — even in polyphonic recordings — with the Fade Tool. You can also use the Sibilant Tool for per-note adjustment of the volume between pitched and unpitched vocal sounds, and the Leveling Macro to minimize volume disparities between notes. There’s an additional Percussive Pitched algorithm, along with other algorithm improvements, plus recallable search functions for keyboard shortcuts. This is the best version of Melodyne yet!

The ideal tool for improving one — or multiple — tracks

Through its unique pitch-shifting and time-stretching capabilities, Melodyne 5 studio is a favorite tool around Sweetwater for improving your tracks. You can work with a single track, or thanks to Multitrack Note Editing, you can work with multiple tracks simultaneously. It’s a breeze to use. Simply take hold of a note, move it to the perfect pitch or position, optimize its length, or alter the intensity of its vibrato. Such corrections are absolutely unnoticeable; the musical message is preserved because Melodyne adapts the note transitions and phrasing intelligently. So, there are neither jumps nor the notorious Cher effect unless you want it!

Harmonies and double tracking are a few mouse clicks away

With a few mouse clicks, you can thicken your singing through doublings or allow a second voice to run with it at the octave. Melodyne 5 studio can also provide slight random variations of pitch and timing so that it sounds natural. Harmonies are also incredibly easy to create, and since you can affect the formant of each voice separately without affecting the pitch, you can even use a single take of a single voice and create convincing virtual backup singers from it.

From subtle corrections to outrageous effects

With Melodyne 5 studio’s outstanding time stretching and pitch shifting, you can vary and correct your audio material unobtrusively with the very best sound quality — but you can also use these possibilities for extraordinary transformations and effects. You can, for example, stretch a note to such an extent that a short sound is transformed into a fascinating, minute-long sound continuum. Even with such extreme stretching, the starting transients are preserved, and the sound remains soft and round.

A number of ways to integrate Melodyne

There are several ways to integrate Melodyne 5 studio into your workflow. It works standalone or as a plug-in in your DAW. Using Melodyne as a plug-in works flawlessly; however, you must first transfer each musical passage into Melodyne before any pitch- or time-correction can occur. This takes time. For complete DAW integration, you’ll want to use Melodyne’s ARA interface. With it, you can open and edit tracks directly in Melodyne. Check with your DAW’s manufacturer to find out if it’s ARA-compatible or call your Sales Engineer. More DAWs are jumping on the ARA bandwagon every day!

Celemony Melodyne 5 studio Features:

  • Pitch- and time-correction software with complete polyphonic tuning via DNA (Direct Note Access)
  • Fade Tool creates note-based fades — even in polyphonic recordings
  • Melodic algorithm edits pitched and noise-like components separately
  • Musically weighted pitch analysis supplies psychoacoustically optimal intonation correction
  • Sibilant Tool yields per-note adjustment of the volume between pitched and unpitched vocal sounds
  • Leveling Macro minimizes the volume disparities between notes
  • Chord Track brings notes into line harmonically and extract chords from audio
  • Percussive Pitched algorithm for instruments such as tabla, berimbau, and 808 kick drums
  • Recallable search functions for keyboard shortcuts
  • Multitrack Note Editing allows you to work with multiple tracks simultaneously
  • Easy to operate and attuned to the working practices of musicians and recording engineers
  • Context-sensitive tools, logically arranged menus, and intuitive arrange and edit windows
  • Easy to use, logical layout makes navigation ultra-simple
  • Works standalone or as a plug-in in your DAW
  • ARA interface provides complete integration with selected DAWs
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160 Reviews For This Product

  1. 160

    by Cade Jonas

    Finally I got my Celemony and the quality of my music improved so much! I suggest to buy this bundle. Vote 10

  2. 160

    by Matthew Aiden


  3. 160

    by Asher Cameron

    There’s no essential left out of this bundle.. and some nice extras to boot. Highly recommend, should be in every home & professional studio.

  4. 160

    by Joseph Jackson

    Great Bundle, you must have this one

  5. 160

    by Aiden Henry

    Celemony Melodyne Studio 4 (MAC)
    very good

  6. 160

    by Alberto Callum

    Awesome! Definitely worth

  7. 160

    by Nicholas Ezra


  8. 160

    by Malik Clark Reed

    The Celemony plugin is an amazing foundation for any producer’s plugin collection. I am thoroughly satisfied and continually impressed by the power and control I have with this software bundle. I have no regrets about this purchase.

  9. 160

    by Dominic Austin

    Best value in plugins period

  10. 160

    by Axel Tyler

    Really Really GOOD~~~~~!!!!!

  11. 160

    by Jayden John

    Very simple to use and effective. So fun

  12. 160

    by Jimmy Lionel

    I’m still learning parameters, but it seems to be something I can see myself using for many mixing projects.

  13. 160

    by Ryan Jaxon

    Celemony Melodyne Studio 4 (MAC)
    Really good working and easy to handle

  14. 160

    by Mark Brooks

    amazing plug ins very happy!

  15. 160

    by Isaac Grayson

    As I expect from Waves, a great bundle with a great amount of possibilities.

  16. 160

    by Jackson Samuel

    The best place to start

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    by Lucas Michael

    Great Product!

  18. 160

    by London Bodie

    Love the plug-ins! I need

  19. 160

    by Darian Gordon

    Nice selection, very useable.

  20. 160

    by Sebastian David

    i Love it! great Celemony

  21. 160

    by Ricardo Bodhi

    it is very convenient to work with beginner singers

  22. 160

    by Kaiden Giovanni

    it is a great bundle to have and for the price its a no brainer ill be replacing my melodyne with this!!!!

  23. 160

    by Jace Cooper

    Great for my studio!

  24. 160

    by Levi Christopher

    This bundle is amazing!

  25. 160

    by Theodore Jeremiah

    Awesome bundle, price is fantastic.

  26. 160

    by Asher Cameron

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    by Maddox Juan

    this plug ins are great

  29. 160


    I’m still learning how to use but I’m very happy until now.

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  31. 160

    by Atlas Major

    Overall this package is great to work with and I would definitely recommend it.

  32. 160

    by Cash Karson

    Very useful The best buy in my life!)

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    by Julian Levi

    great tools, another good job as usual from saleonplugins

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    by Grayson Jack

    Just what I needed for a great price. Celemony Melodyne is the best!

  35. 160

    by Andrew Lincoln

    Also excellent technical support team

  36. 160

    by Micah Vincent

    Exceptional value

  37. 160

    by Владимир Лихарев (verified owner)

    It’s working on my computer ( MacBook Air 2017 Mojave)

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    by Jensen Daxton

    Excellent customer service with the kind politeness!

  39. 160

    by Gavin Leonardo

    Finally bought the Celemony

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    by Kingston Ivan

    I’m loving the Celemony Melodyne Studio 4 (MAC)
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    by Edward Abraham

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    A great package at a great price.

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    by Everett Axel

    Love it.
    Great selection in the product.

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    by Charles Caleb

    It’s great ^_^

  48. 160

    by Luke Gabriel

    I have been hesitant to purchase products in the past based on pricing. Not that I can actually afford that plugins with some of the specials, I will continue to look more.

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    by Theo Ace

    Great price for awesome product!

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    by Reagan Avi

    Best product ever

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    by Armando Jaime

    Very pleased! Great price, great tools for work

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    by Zayne Jay

    Perfect sound quality, the different interfaces are really user friendly.

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