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e for audio professionals and musicians.

Softube develops both hardware and software for the audio industry. A number of high-end computer recording plug-ins are available under the Softube brand and the company has done development for reputable companies such as Marshall (Marshall JMD:1 Amplifier), Fender (Fender Runaway Pedal), Abbey Road Studios, Native Instruments, Ableton (Ableton Amp) and TC Electronic, as well as partnering up with Universal Audio (Amp Room for Universal Audio), Propellerheads (Rack Extensions for Propellerhead Reason), Cakewalk (Cakewalk SONAR ProChannel Modules), Presonus and Avid. Our own plug-ins are the products of partnerships with great hardware manufacturers, such as Solid State LogicAbbey Road StudiosTrident Audio DevelopmentsValley PeopleTube-TechSummit AudioTonelux Designs and Mutronics.

The company was founded by Oscar Öberg in 2003 and consists today of seven twelve sixteen nineteen persons with headquarters in Linköping, Sweden. It’s located about two hours southwest of Stockholm.

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128 Reviews For This Product

  1. 127

    by Emmett Justin

    You should give up music making.

  2. 127

    by Seth Jeffrey

    Yes a thousand times yes

  3. 127

    by Garrett Donovan

    Top quality, top price

  4. 127

    by Dante Kyler

    the 4th or 5th time I’ve purchased

  5. 127

    by Arlo Hector

    Great Plug-ins, great sounds, great deal.

  6. 127

    by Adam Elias


  7. 127

    by Jack Julian

    Great Value For the Price!

  8. 127

    by Conner Julius

    I love them. Highly recommended

  9. 127

    by Julian Levi

    A Great Plug-in

  10. 127

    by Luke Gabriel


  11. 127

    by Benson Moses

    i am very thankful to saleonplugins

  12. 127

    by Jeremiah Hudson

    Very pleased

  13. 127

    by Roman Jason

    Very intuitiveeasy to work Very good

  14. 127

    by Lane Cristian

    This is an unbelievable Great bundle for a great price.

  15. 127

    by Eli Jonathan

    Love this Group of plugins.

  16. 127

    by Ryker Carlos

    From the start I’ve loved pretty much all the plugins and features in the Softube ! So versatile and straight to the point. No fuss, no annoying glitches, just a great product working as intended!

  17. 127

    by Ezra Colton

    I love it but I gotta lot of learning to do. There is so many plugs!!

  18. 127

    by Riley Archer

    I love it, such great plugins and everything you need. Imo much better than most of my stock plugins.

  19. 127

    by Weston Miles

    Makes Professional work for me

  20. 127

    by Jeremiah Hudson

    The sale was perfect and the product are phenomenal! It’s nice to have my mixes sound professional grade!

  21. 127

    by Cooper Xavier

    Installation done very quickly without problem! Excellent and professional product

  22. 127

    by Ezra Colton

    I didn’t expect immediate results

  23. 127

    by Eduardo Spencer

    Lots of fantastic tools for All Music Production needs.

  24. 127

    by Jordan Dominic

    It’s good!
    All the product work fine

  25. 127

    by Evan Maverick

    Open up the creative flow immensely!!

  26. 127

    by Zachary Everett

    Love it!
    A little bit of everything!!

  27. 127

    by Greyson Jose

    It’s a great to have.

  28. 127

    by Sebastian David

    Super recommend it!

  29. 127

    by Josiah Christian

    Lot ot of product, very helpfull !!
    This is on of tho…

  30. 127

    by Austin Ian

    Great value for money, you
    get a good variety of usable product

  31. 127

    by Julius Marco

    Softube was definitely worth the purchase… It’s everything you need to get you going.

  32. 127

    by Cayden Holden

    lots of good product that help to perfect my mixes.

  33. 127

    by Noel Shawn

    I love it but I gotta lot of learning to do. There is so many plugs!!

  34. 127

    by Toby Blaze

    It’s super, thanks for asking!

  35. 127

    by Mathew Kellan

    Very high quality product, great value for money, very happy.

  36. 127

    by Scott Brycen

    super tap, Amazing , awezome….

  37. 127

    by Emmitt Ryland

    I like the Waves Plugin’s they work’s very well

  38. 127

    by Nico Emanuel

    Got everything that I expected. Great product

  39. 127

    by Daniel Matthew

    Killer Deal!
    Great Product

  40. 127

    by Dakota Prince

    Excellent collection of plugins!
    Everything I need starting out

  41. 127

    by Princeton Winston

    Worth each Euro you spend for it.

  42. 127

    by Winston Kendrick

    Super product.
    Excellent and caught it on a great deal

  43. 127

    by Dexter

    Amazing value
    Excellent and caught it on a great deal

  44. 127

    by Dexter Hank

    very good stuff in one bundle!!!!!! good price for all of theese

  45. 127

    by Zaiden Augustus

    Awesome Love it
    Great plugins for my production

  46. 127

    by Hezekiah Finnley

    I didn’t expect immediate results
    It’s excellent quality and the cpu usage is not that high as i expected which is a amazing. Will definitely keep buying

  47. 127

    by Ariel Enrique

    Brilliant product It’s a great
    Great products love your store!

  48. 127

    by Gunnar Kyson

    Simply the best product out there!

  49. 127

    by Justin Waylon

    Excellent price for all these product! They work great!

  50. 127

    by Colson Briggs

    Perfect sound quality, the different interfaces are really user friendly.Thank You…

  51. 127

    by Kole Wayne

    very professional Gives me all i need for my productions with an amzing quality

  52. 127

    by Mordechai Dominik

    These product are great – I especially love it 🙂

  53. by Robin

    Very nice to buy from… Thanks

  54. 127

    by Victor Milo

    very professional in every way. love using them

  55. 127

    by Darren Jimmy

    Excellent Product
    Also excellent technical support team
    there are many tutorials to help my workflow.

  56. 127

    by Eliott Matteo

    The huge plug-in bundle is a great concept – on the face of it, anyway. You get pretty much everything that one company has ever released (or, at the very least, some kind of ‘best of’) and the asking price is usually a great deal lower than the sum of its parts.

  57. 127

    by Guillermo

    Awesome Love it
    Very good introduction bundle for Softube. Easy to use plugins and settings.

  58. 127

    by Dorian Asa

    Thanks y’all! Really great product.

  59. 127

    by jonathan rodriguez

    They work flawlessly.

  60. 127

    by Henry Goldman

    I’ve been VERY satisfied with the plugins high quality product

  61. 127

    by Donald Keith

    I love this product

  62. 127

    by Darrell Brown

    Excellent product!Worth each Euro you spend for it.

  63. 127

    by paul pether

    It is good !Amazing stuff Unbelievable value

  64. 127

    by Elite Brands

    I am very satisfied! Very good product.Lot ot of product, very helpfull !!

  65. 127

    by Lyn Baynosa

    Great range of product Works perfectly pricing. I like the product and how user friendly it is.Recommend!

  66. 127

    by Neil Eurelle

    very professional Love it!

  67. 127

    by None Noneman

    Amazing and its working, like a dreams !!

  68. 127

    by Roy Casper

    Never a bad experience with Softube Complete Bundle The support can be a bit confusing at start but if you struggle, the chat is a good option!

  69. 127

    by David Lembke

    love it i have a much better sound now I will really enjoy them.

  70. 127

    by Kostas Stylianou

    Perfect sound quality, the different interfaces are really user friendly Totally Awesome

  71. 127

    by Busybee

    The product is very good.Amazing value for money It is avery good feeling using Softube Complete Bundle

  72. 127

    by Théo Racine

    It is avery good feeling using product Superb software.. I’m looking forwRd to buying more as time goes by…

  73. 127

    by Gordon Turner

    Awesome. Improved my mixes a lot, thanks for great product!

  74. 127

    by Maclain Nielsen

    I love these product Keeps my sound moving

  75. 127

    by Marilyn Morin

    Amazing product very professional

  76. 127

    by Tomas Lindahl

    Best price/quality compromise Excellent customer service with the kind politeness!

  77. 127

    by Angela Garner

    it is very convenient to work with beginner singers Lot ot of tools, very helpfull !!

  78. 127

    by Mike Thompson

    I love this Softube Complete Bundle with all the different product comes with this product.

  79. 127

    by Mariana Ramos

    Amazing as always Its the real deal, I can’t wait to try out all of these fine crafted product, a really love the way they sound, you won’t regret if you already bought it. MAKE SOME NOISE!!

  80. 127

    by Mrs julianne

    Highly recommend to Anybody that needs some quality product I’m love Softube Complete Bundle

  81. 127

    by Sorinel Spita

    Great product for a great price.I love product and ill keep love it for ever

  82. 127

    by David Roberts

    Great product Looking forward for more. Everything is great.

  83. 127

    by Bev Adamson

    Excellent customer service with the kind politeness! Great price for awesome product!

  84. 127

    by Bah Thierno

    This is an unbelievable package for the price.I’m very happy Thanks

  85. 127

    by warren leland

    Very high quality product, great value for money, very happy.

  86. 127

    by Leia Davison

    “Softube Complete Bundl“Its product is Amazing and its working my editing,mastering, like a dreams !!Excellent and caught it on a great deal

  87. 127

    by Phil Sonntag

    Perfect sound quality, the different interfaces are really user friendly.

  88. 127

    by Ray Welsby

    Very powerful package for a super price! Love it..!Excellent choice

  89. 127

    by Joshua Greenfield

    The only thing I wish is that it had more saturation product.amazing quality i totally recommend this

  90. 127

    by Linda Laird

    Highest value bundle available THIS is an absolutely fabulous product. Thanks a million .

  91. 127

    by Glenda Dunmore

    Perfect for production and mixing. Love this product🙂

  92. 127


    Top quality, top price i think i made the right decision.

  93. 127

    by Charlie Shakesby

    Great product! You won’t be disappointed!Is really really help me in me audio production,I love them all

  94. 127

    by Accounting Ireland

    This product has everything you need. Hands down the best price for product . This is a fantastic deal.

  95. 127

    by Richelle Mejia

    A set of useful software. I am still discovering their possibilities, but as usual from ative Instruments, they are intuitive and sound just great.

  96. 127

    by Howard Harris

    Excellent support!!!Would give more stars if I could. Great deal for an even greater product

  97. 127

    by Maclain nielsen

    An amazing set of product for a cheap price. I’m satisfied with the product

  98. 127


    product work great in my workflow, and the amount for the price is the best. they sound great,

  99. 127

    by Lennox Berkeley

    Awesome product , price is fantastic.A Great product at a Great price!!!

  100. 127

    by Jack Thornton

    Perfect for production and mixing. Love this product🙂

  101. 127

    by Johnny Luster

    I love the features of the Softube Complete Bundle! Does exactly what i want it too!I’ve worked with these product for many years Amazing usability!

  102. 127

    by Valerie Cheek Blystone

    Great product Highly recommend super tap, awezome….What usually keeps me from buying quality product is my budget.

  103. 127

    by Pam Johnson

    great product, another good job as usual from saleonplugins

  104. 127

    by Jessica Crane

    Perfect product at a killer price!Fantastic product- most everything a home enthusiast will need and super quality.

  105. 127

    by Aaron Hawkins

    This product is amazing! Just love the way the equalizers sound!!

  106. 127

    by Toomas Ojamets

    Exactly what I need it to be! Quick and easy!Changed my workflow completely.

  107. 127

    by Drizzt Ashid Drow

    I personally think it is really good , I like to use it more than ! I sound like a pro with product

  108. 127

    by Donnaa

    I love all and every one of them.These are absolutely essential things if u do the music

  109. 127

    by Glenn

    Love it all , the doubler is a secret weapon, so good! De Esser really useful and well thought out. Everything in this pack is must have

  110. 127

    by Meers Moyai

    Successful experience, once again with Softube !

  111. 127

    by Heidi Heikkila

    Perfect for sound design!! Simple installation! Good job Softube !!!

  112. 127

    by Matt Haimes

    Great price for awesome product!Very high quality product, great value for money, very happy.

  113. 127

    by Andrew Wyatt

    Fantastic product most everything a home enthusiast will need and super quality.

  114. 127

    by Sue Johnson

    I was very pleased to be able to use some of these amazing product

  115. 127

    by Marcus Ramsden

    Great effect, easy to use, Cooool sound.Thank you!!!

  116. 127

    by Luca Balboni

    Yea I was fortunate to get the product at that price, n I like everything about it.

  117. 127

    by Mrs Fergusson

    The product is very good definitely enhance your processes. Super I am happy.

  118. 127

    by Jérôme Hautcoeur

    I like how simple it look and how easy it is to use without sacrificing feature and quality

  119. 127

    by Lourdes Madden

    Very Useful Very good value and well worth checking out

  120. 127

    by Camilla Fjord

    Amazing product I’ve never been more excited to see this product Recommended 100%

  121. 127

    by Sam Schwarz

    Great product, great sounds, great deal.Absolutely love it can’t wait to get more !!!

  122. 127

    by Carolina Cowles

    Finally I got my product and the quality of my music improved so much! I suggest to buy this product. Vote 10

  123. 127

    by Patricia Nash

    Always wanted this product finally got it time to produce some fire

  124. 127

    by Amy Brailey

    This product is amazing! Just love the way the compressors and equalizers sound!!

  125. 127

    by Rick Thurman

    Fantastic Great product. Everything you need to make decent mixes.

  126. 127

    by Zuzana Pečová

    I thought it was just going to be a waste of money but it has turned into using literally….

  127. 127

    by Alain Fung

    Excellent set of product This has everything I need for mixing and the price is amazing!

  128. 127

    by Eamon Swift

    very good stuff in one product!!!!!! good price. I didn’t expect immediate results

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