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  • Expand your acoustic collection with vintage 6- and 12-string guitars
  • Access over 160 patterns played by skilled studio musicians
  • Customize performances with chord voicings, double-tracking, and on-board effects

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65 Reviews For This Product

  1. 65

    by Arian Dayton

    Amazing 😉 Love my Traktor Kontrol, Maschine, all the instruments

  2. 65

    by Kendrick Roberto

    Very good
    Simply the best plugins out there!

  3. 65

    by Jensen

    Excellent product well rounded package competitive pricing Recommend!

  4. 65

    by Tripp

    Each product really offers something unique and really impacts a sound in a good way

  5. 65

    by Jaylen Hayes

    It’s a great product package!!!Excellent bargain for excellent quality : Native Instruments Libraries.

  6. 65

    by Bradley Emilio

    great native. very professional in every way. love using them in my mixes.

  7. 65

    by Jakob Ridge

    It’s a great product Excellent bargain for excellent quality product.!!!

  8. 65

    by Xzavier Aydin

    I love having such a variety of quality product You won’t be disappointed!

  9. 65

    by Martin Finley

    Brilliant Great products love your Native Instruments!

  10. 65

    by Hallie

    Best ever

  11. 65

    by Aryan

    I feel like I just took my production to the next level.No Lie! I honestly can’t say how glad I am! Very user friendly.

  12. 65

    by Cameron

    Very easy to use and instant smooth results.

  13. 65

    by Alijah Francis

    Excellent collection of product!Makes everyting sweeter!

  14. 65

    by K Mihail

    Excellent price for all these product! They work great!

  15. 65

    by Timbo Gillyfish

    Brilliant Product! Must have!Excellent productGreat value for money, you!

  16. 65

    by Hiroyuki Fujinami

    Excellent product Great value for money,I am very satisfied! Very good product.

  17. 65

    by Hiroyuki Fujinami

    I’m so glad with the service, I had an issue with a program and they helped me out thanks !!

  18. 65

    by Ray Millah

    Awesome , quick and easy This is an awesome product. highly recommend this product.

  19. 65

    by Howard Klein

    Amazing Native Instruments!its worth it i got Native Instruments for cheap and they even did for me and its just worth it

  20. 65

    by Lucy Van Kleeck

    Incredible value I am delighted to have this product I would do without for the moment thank you

  21. 65

    by Alexis Cruz

    I really can’t go with out it ! This includes just about everything you need in order to take your production to the top! AND I got it on sale!!

  22. 65

    by Coralie

    One of the best buys i have ever made.I love the product there very helpful in getting a good sound

  23. 65

    by Jaden Darchon

    Awesome product I love it. I need more deals so i can get more product:)

  24. 65

    by Julio Perez

    Successful experience,Awesome! Definitely worth It. once again with saleonplugins

  25. 65

    by Kirby Smith

    A set of useful software. I am still discovering their possibilities, but as usual from Native , they are intuitive and sound just great.

  26. 65

    by Michael Carreon

    This is everything you need to get going when mixing Great tools for a professional workflow

  27. 65

    by Doreen Hedlund

    Perfect sound quality, the different interfaces are really user friendly

  28. 65

    by Mike Barrett

    Is really really help me in me audio production,I love them all

  29. 65

    by Stefanie Hansen

    It is avery good feeling using Native Finally I got my product and the quality of my music improved so much! I suggest to buy this product. Vote 10

  30. 65

    by Alan Chesney

    Excellent as always thank you for Native Instruments… very happy

  31. 65

    by Linda James

    Brilliant Product! Must have!

  32. 65

    by Jessica Irene Biddlestone-Wiley

    Perfect for mixing engineer and for sound design!! Simple installation!goos job saleonplugins!!!

  33. 65

    by Nicholas Slater

    Loving the Native Instruments plug-ins. Just like the conservatory.

  34. 65

    by Yannick Halter

    Excellent technical support team caught it on a great deal

  35. 65

    by Mandy Harrison

    Excellent Product Easy to use and great results

  36. 65

    by Nickolas Wood

    Fantastic addition to Logic pro, extremely useful, I can hardly wait for next upgrades.

  37. 65

    by Martin Lenzini

    Fantastic product – most everything a home enthusiast will need and super quality.

  38. 65

    by Yury Bystrov

    Excellent product, I have to experiment more with it They work great!

  39. 65

    by Dan VanDyke

    It’s a good product that comes with useful product for mixing. I love it so far. I recommend it

  40. 65

    by Paul Adams

    Awesome price for so many great product.

  41. 65

    by Ray Welsby

    Great product with a variety of useful product.Great product for a great price.

  42. 65

    by Dale larsen

    Its the real deal, I can’t wait to try out all of these, a really love the way they sound, you won’t regret if you already bought it. MAKE SOME NOISE!!

  43. 65

    by Jess Summers

    I was able to get very professional sounding results very quickly.

  44. 65

    by Marcus Washington

    It’s good as Native Instruments baby. All the product you would need to hit the ground running and they all sound great.

  45. 65

    by Andrew w ortiz

    Like a have million dollar studio…Is a very good software, it helps me to achieve great sound quality 😉

  46. 65

    by Chester Daniel

    Like it a lot. Thank you for making best product.A must own for any one interested in music. Love It!

  47. 65

    by Keith Gilliam

    i am very thankful to Native Instruments that this product is all time favourite and also all product are my go to product.

  48. 65


    A must own for any one interested. Love It!These product are great – I especially love IT 🙂

  49. 65

    by AnnMarie Phelps

    i am very thankful to Majestic Box that this product is all time favourite and also all product are my go to product.

  50. 65

    by Jack Roosa

    I’m pleased with the package, great deal.. Thanks to all those product I can do everything!

  51. 65

    by Robin George

    Great product for a professional workflow It works beautifully. I haven’t encountered any problems yet.

  52. 65

    by Sue Gaska

    Great move with this subscription thing really! Pure pleasure mixing with them! It’s a MUST!

  53. 65

    by Edmund Spring

    Very good introduction . Easy to use product and settings.

  54. 65

    by Raymond J O’Meara

    Lots of fantastic tools for All Music Production needs.Excellent customer service with the kind politeness!

  55. 65

    by David Kantor

    Great deal Good price to performance My project became much pro. Thank you saleonplugins team!

  56. 65

    by Gary Mc Grane

    Perfect sound quality, the different interfaces are really user friendly.

  57. 65

    by Tim Logan

    Excellent product Great value for money, you get a good variety of usable

  58. 65

    by Kara Gibbs

    For the price it’s got a ton of great stuff, and the majority of productI use the most.

  59. 65

    by Yash Babani

    Superb software.. I’m looking forwRd to buying more as time goes by…

  60. 65

    by Corbin Campbell

    I’m pleased with the package, great deal..This is an unbelievable product for the price.

  61. 65

    by Arjun Jain

    They work flawlessly.Is a very good software, it helps me to achieve great sound quality

  62. 65

    by Diana Luber

    Great product and if you are not inclined to i.e. monthly subscription for the competitive offer, this is a valuable and price-friendly solution. They just… work 🙂

  63. 65

    by Adnan Zaidi

    Excellent product, I have to experiment more with it They work great!

  64. 65

    by Christopher

    Great product, another good job as usual from saleonplugins

  65. 65

    by Duncan

    I thought it was just going to be a waste of money but it has turned into using literally all of those product lol

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