Eventide – BlackHole 2.0.8 VST, AAX (Windows)


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72 Reviews For This Product

  1. 72

    by Calvin Abel

    Worth every penny!

  2. 72

    by Anthony Isaac

    Fabulous, much like 99% of your plugins they will all get used at one time or another. Gives me more flexibility.

  3. 72

    by Paul Beckett

    Awesome bundle
    Great price for awesome bundle!

  4. 72

    by Paul Beckett

    Comprehensive and high quality bundle.

  5. 72

    by Caden Milo

    Thank you Eventide for making this fabulous bundle accessible even to a non professional home studio.

  6. 72

    by Israel Matias

    Great plug-ins. Definitely a necessity for anyone.

  7. 72

    by Brady Colin

    Open up the creative flow immensely!!

  8. 72

    by Sterling Damon


  9. 72

    by Elijah Oliver

    Really good comprehensive mix of tools. A few unnecessaries but all you need to get great mixes.

  10. 72

    by Caleb Josiah

    Great tools! I use them mainly in live sound with Multirack, worths every single peny! Forget outboard, those days are gone… This is all youll need

  11. 72

    by Lucas Michael

    if you want to quickly get that professional sound these plugins are just what you need (assuming you know what you are doing)! Very happy! Thanks

  12. 72

    by Oliver Jacob

    Incríveis plug ins , adorei !

  13. 72

    by Jalen Santino

    Eventide – BlackHole 2.0.8 VST, AAX
    An excellent bundle to start with. Excellent sounding plugins that won’t drain all of your CPU’s power either. Used by the pros and there are several amazing tutorials on youtube to check out

  14. 72

    by Nicholas Ezra

    If plugins were drinks, analog emulations etc would be fancy cocktails with umbrellas and exotic fruit…they’re exciting and you look cool (sort of)…and the Eventide would be water…absolutely essential.

  15. 72

    by Andy Solomon

    Awesome. Improved my mixes a lot, thanks for great plugins!

  16. 72

    by aKevin Bentleymin

    I am very satisfied! Very good plugins.

  17. 72

    by Sebastian David

    Works like a charm, love the real time adjustments, amazing stuff.

  18. 72

    by Colby Bryant

    Hi Eventide – BlackHole 2.0.8 VST, AAX
    l is an absolutely fabulous app. Thanks a million .

  19. 72

    by Joshua Andrew

    This Bundle is giving you a great start to some awesome Eventide recording!

  20. 72

    by River Zane

    Loving my Eventide bundle, I’ve only just started using it but Doubler has already become an essential mix plug-in for me.

  21. 72

    by Dylan Luke

    Love the plug-ins! I need more though lol

  22. 72

    by Henry Joseph

    Really great tools!

  23. 72

    by Mason Elijah

    Fantastic bundle. The renaissance de-esser is super useful and transparent, paired with Eventide Tune it’s found its way into all my Eventide tracks.

  24. 72

    by Brentley Toby

    Highest value bundle available

  25. 72

    by Sutton Alfonso

    An amazing set of plugins for a cheap price.

  26. 72

    by Ethan Daniel

    highly recommended

  27. 72

    by Cristian Titus

    I want it all!

  28. 72

    by Kingston Ivan

    I love all product

  29. 72

    by Carson Evan

    I got the bundle and I am very happy with all the plugins

  30. 72

    by Adonis Ismael

    I love this Eventide bundle with all the different plug-in that comes with this product.

  31. 72

    by John Owen


  32. 72

    by Connor Landon

    Thanks to all those plugins I can do everything!

  33. 72

    by Landon Adrian

    Eventide makes it way easier to get Eventide in the right spot!