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Introducing Nectar 3, the most sophisticated set of tools designed for mixing vocals. Address every part of your vocal chain and get professional-sounding vocals in seconds. First introduced in 2010, Nectar has found a space in studios all over the globe, offering world-class processing designed to get to a professional result in seconds. With version 3, Nectar helps your vocal tracks sing by addressing each part of the vocal production chain, offering invaluable machine-learning features, innovative new signal processing, and communication across your session.



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94 Reviews For This Product

  1. 94

    by Mason Elijah

    Really Really iZotope!!!! iZotopee !!!!
    If I could get dorrogugh streo , I will really really happy…….
    Have a nice day !!!

  2. 94

    by Jalen Santino

    Best bundle for starting up. You get essential plugins for a low price and you can always upgrade to a better bundle.
    It’s bang for the buck.

  3. 94

    by Nicholas Ezra

    Thank you iZotope for making this fabulous bundle accessible even to a non professional home studio.

  4. 94

    by Saul Scott

    I love these plug-ins
    Keeps my sound moving

  5. 94

    by Hayes Finnegan

    I guess I just wish I didn’t have to choose between Pro Tools or iZotope when I purchased this package.

  6. 94

    by Stephen Kameron

    Best Deal of the Year! A must own for any one interested in music. Love It!

  7. 94

    by Damien Chance

    Amazing !
    When I tell you this iZotope has EVERYTHING U NEED TO MAKE A GREAT SONG!! I’m very satisfied with this purchase thanks iZotope !!

  8. 94

    by Gunner Simon

    This is an unbelievable package for the price.

  9. 94

    by Max Diego

    Very powerful package for a super price! Love it..! ??????

  10. 94

    by Justin Kai

    Tous les plug-in dont on peut avoir besoin pour la MAO…et ils sont tous d’excellente qualité!!!

  11. 94

    by Abram Adan

    Killer Deal!

  12. 94

    by Gabriel Anthony

    very professional pack with amazing quality i totally recommend this if you are unsure what bundle to get

  13. 94

    by Levi Christopher

    I’ve recently purchased the iZotope .. I’ll keep this simple and say, if you can’t do it with this, you can’t do it at all… By far my the best plugin bundle around. My favorite plugin.. C4 multiband compressor… What a treat!

  14. 94

    by Asher Cameron

    Excellent Product

  15. 94

    by Rayan Keaton

    I bought this plugin mainly for the live vocal tuning in order to save time during mixing. It’s more than met my expectations and i’m Very happy with the other plugins too. iZotope – Nectar 3 (WIN) sound more professional and solid.

  16. 94

    by Christian Hunter


  17. 94

    by King Camden

    Great plugins. Everything you need to make decent mixes.

  18. 94

    by Evan Maverick

    Fantastic addition to Logic pro, extremely useful, I can hardly wait for next upgrades.

  19. 94

    by Nicholas Ezra

    Accurate less times consuming. i

  20. 94

    by Ishaan Wells

    Excellent and caught it on a great deal

  21. 94

    by Rylan Reid

    Brilliant – I’m loving this experience!

  22. 94

    by Hayes Finnegan

    This has everything I need for mixing and the price is amazing!

  23. 94

    by Thaddeus Lennon

    Was lucky enough to catch it while on discount.

  24. 94

    by Colt Tanner

    i think i made the right decision.

  25. 94

    by Angel Brayden

    This iZotope has everything you need. Hands down the best price for 16 plugins. This is a fantastic deal.

  26. 94

    by Mauricio Ahmad

    Love it great product Brilliant! Brilliant !

  27. 94

    by Beau Jude

    great software and will continue to shop with saleonplugins. love the deals they give.

  28. 94

    by Maverick Bryson

    Very high quality Plugins, great value for money, very happy.

  29. 94

    by Legend Erick

    Really good product

  30. 94

    by Mark Brooks

    Seriously so

  31. 94

    by Alejandro Marcus

    Awesome This has every plugin

  32. 94

    by Preston August

    very professional pack

  33. 94

    by Steven Graham

    i love this product and ill keep love it for ever

  34. 94

    by Harrison Brandon

    Really nice set of plugins. very clean, very pro, very useful.

  35. 94

    by Caleb Josiah

    These plug ins sound amazing and alow me to create a music at a very high and professional quality.

  36. 94

    by Ryder Bennett

    Very good selection of top quality plugins to meet all your mastering needs

  37. 94

    by Omar Bradley

    Finally have bought the must have iZotope for mixing & produce good music.

  38. 94

    by Esteban Braylen

    I’m very happy
    Thanks iZotope

  39. 94

    by Sanchez

    very professional product with amazing quality

  40. 94

    by Abraham Grant

    First Class

  41. 94

    by Drake Gerardo

    i need more deals like that

  42. 94

    by Lincoln Mateo

    Best Deal of the Year

  43. 94

    by Kaiden Giovanni

    Everything I need starting out

  44. 94

    by Nathan Aaron

    the best there is!

  45. 94

    by Miles Wesley

    Brilliant product..Got this on sale… For a great price…

  46. 94

    by Vincent Weston

    What else can I say.
    Simply an industry standard.
    5 stars!

  47. 94

    by Jaime Nixon

    The best place to start

  48. 94

    by Brian Kenneth

    A must own for any one interested in music. Love It!

  49. 94

    by Foster Davian

    The best product ever

  50. 94

    by Derrick

    This has everything I need for mixing and the price is amazing!

  51. 94

    by Tomas Kareem

    Love it!
    Great product!

  52. 94

    by Arlo Hector

    very good stuff in one product !!!!!! good price for all of theese

  53. 94

    by Dante Kyler

    Very good selection of top quality product to meet all your mastering needs

  54. 94

    by Brenden Anton

    I am very satisfied! Very good product.

  55. 94

    by Warren Joaquin

    Always wanted this product finally got it time to hardworking

  56. 94

    by Lucian Alfredo

    All the plug-ins work fine and are a great addition to my collection. Professional sound high quality plug-ins.

  57. 94

    by Terrell Heath

    Love the product sales. I was looking to add to the collection for mastering !! functionality for the price. Happy Happy

  58. 94

    by admArthur Leonin

    Awesome set of product

  59. 94

    by Theo Eduardo

    Super. I am happy.
    good price for all of theese

  60. 94

    by Derrick Zachariah

    Very good product I like it

  61. 94

    by Lennon Kannon

    very professional Gives me all i need for my productions with an amzing quality

  62. 94

    by Pierce Alonzo

    Bought the product at the end of year sale. Fantastic value

  63. 94

    by Amos Clyde

    These products are insane. Like a have million dollar … 😉

  64. 94

    by Caden Milo

    Exactly what I need it to be! Quick and easy!

  65. 94

    by Jamari Marvin

    A great set of product for a nice price .
    Great stuff

  66. 94

    by Alden Gary

    This pack fits exactly my needs. I would have enjoyed
    Best regards.

  67. 94

    by King

    i am very thankful to iZotope that this product is all time favourite and also all plugins are my go to plugins.

  68. 94

    by Blaze Jeffery

    It’s a great product to have.

  69. 94

    by Bridger

    Awesome products always from saleonplugins

  70. 94

    by Maxton Tadeo

    Gives me all i need for my productions with an amzing quality

  71. 94

    by Ridge

    very good stuff Will definitely enhance my processes.

  72. 94

    by Branson

    Awesome bundle, price is fantastic.
    Thanks to all those product I can do everything!

  73. 94

    by Sutton Dash

    It is good !Amazing stuff Great set of problem solving

  74. 94

    by Alejandro

    Their customer service and quality products are second to none. Cant recommend them highly enough.

    I had some difficult troubles with the new MacBook update and all my mixes were scrambled due to the plugins no longer being kept up to date. I had similar issues with all my Waves plugins and they just left me high and dry and I had to abandon all the plugins I bought through them. Izotope was a very different Storie. Again..
    recommend them highly enough!

  75. 94

    by Keith M Baker

    Great set of problem solving product.

  76. 94

    by Paul

    Bundle product
    Simply an industry standard.
    5 stars!

  77. 94

    by Ismael

    Very user friendly. Perfect sound quality Excellent and caught it on a great deal

  78. 94

    by Jim Pappas

    I didn’t expect immediate results. These iZotope are great I especially love it …..

  79. 94

    by SudoWasabi

    love it i have a much better sound now All the things needed for quality mixing and mastering

  80. 94

    by Janis Broaddus

    It’s a good product that comes with useful product for mixing. I love it so far. I recommend it

  81. 94

    by Will Packard

    I’m very satisfied with this product Unbelievable value Life changer

  82. 94

    by Michael Hankins

    This product is amazing!price is fantastic. Great investment.✨👏

  83. 94

    by Peter Lucas

    I like the iZotope Plugin’s they work’s very well

  84. 94

    by MANDY

    Very good selection of top quality product to meet all your mastering needs

  85. 94

    by Rolland Kinney

    Very pleased with this product and I will be back for more !

  86. 94

    by Benny Berkley

    What can I say?Best product on the world…Thank you iZotope …

  87. 94


    Great product for a professional workflow very good, very helpfull !!

  88. 94

    by Levelle Allen

    Excellent value well rounded package pricing Recommend!

  89. 94

    by Jean-marie RIPART

    very good, very helpfull !! Great product for a professional workflow

  90. 94

    by Billie Fearrington

    Each product really offers something unique and really impacts a quality in a good way

  91. 94

    by Ulrich Scheufel

    Awesome Love it Installation done very quickly without problem! Excellent and professional product

  92. 94

    by Cary Rumsey

    A Superb all-in-one collection for all your iZotope needs.

  93. 94


    Must have!!Incredible Product!Thanks to all those product I can do everything!

  94. 94

    by Mikkel Baadstorp

    I am very satisfied! Very good product. Great product Amazing!!

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