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MSBModern Scoring Brass is an elite 30-piece multi-instrument divisi library painstakingly developed by recording individual brass masters on a trusted scoring stage. This gives you the ability to build your own sections using the sizes and instruments that best suit your production. Furthermore, we recorded mutes and stops in depth – not as an afterthought. And finally, the library also runs on our state-of-the-art Orchestral Engine.

The breadth of instrumentation was chosen to offer an enormous range of colors and emotions for your productions.

Modern Scoring Brass Instruments:

  • Horn 1 in F
  • Horn 2 in F
  • Horn 3 in F
  • Horn 4 in F
  • Horns 5/6 in F
  • Horns 7/8 in F
  • Euphonium 1
  • Euphonium 2
  • Trumpet 1 in Bb
  • Trumpet 2 in C
  • Trumpet 3 in C
  • Trumpet 4 in Bb
  • Picc. Trp 1 (rotary)
  • Picc. Trp 2 (piston)
  • Flugelhorn
  • Tenor Trombone 1
  • Tenor Trombone 2
  • Tenor Trombone 3
  • Tenor Trombone 4
  • Bass Trombone 1
  • Bass Trombone 2
  • Alto Trombone 1
  • Cimbasso 1 in Bb
  • Cimbasso 2 in Bb
  • Cimbasso 3 in Bb
  • Cimbasso 4 in Bb
  • CC Tuba 1
  • CC Tuba 2

Some of MSB’s features:

  • Variable Attack Control
  • tenuto-quarters, staccato, and staccatissimo –plus killer double tongues that finally sound professional
  • Next Generation Dynamics and Legato
  • Uncompromising Mutes and Stops
  • Synced Crescendos and Trills
  • Pedal Tones Provide Extended Lower Ranges
  • Responsive Auto Divisi and Polyphonic Legato
  • Ability to layer articulations within a patch
Modern Scoring Strings Performance User Interface

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Since the release of our first library, we have been asked repeatedly when audiobro will release a brass library. We have always said that we would do it only as soon as we believed that we could push the quality and versatility of brass sampling forward a generation. We know that “next-generation” are words that get thrown around very liberally by sample library developers, but we think in this case you’ll agree.

This brass library is by far the best I’ve ever heard. It’s a GAME CHANGER!

Rolf Krueger, Composer


This brass library is by far the best I’ve ever heard. It’s a GAME CHANGER! Big congratulations. So much fun to work with, stunning!!!

MSB is a FANTASTIC brass library… and MSB will be the backbone for my brass template going forward.

Nathan Furst, Composer


MSB is a FANTASTIC brass library, with more real-time playable flexibility WHILE still having a good “cleanly recorded” sound than any brass library I’ve used, and MSB will be the backbone for my brass template going forward.”


I actually thought the first play-through was a John Williams reference recording, MSB is that good.

Russell Anderson, Composer


“I actually thought the first play-through was a John Williams reference recording, MSB is that good.”


Why Modern Scoring Brass?

Here Are 10 Reasons!

1. Pristine Sound

From the dulcet tones of a lone trumpet in the back of a great concert hall to 4 Cimbassos (divisi of course) blasting your face off – and everything in between. A library that finally captures the broad expressive range and diversity of the brass family. Pristine recording and meticulous editing ensure every note of your music will shine.

2. Diverse and Comprehensive

A brass library as diverse and nuanced as your music.

MSB was performed by true brass masters and was recorded one player at a time. This gives you the ability to build your own sections using the sizes and instruments that best suit your production.

• Horn 1 in F • Trumpet 1 in Bb • Tenor Trombone 1 • Cimbasso 1 in Bb
• Horn 2 in F • Trumpet 2 in C • Tenor Trombone 2 • Cimbasso 2 in Bb
• Horn 3 in F • Trumpet 3 in C • Tenor Trombone 3 • Cimbasso 3 in Bb
• Horn 4 in F • Trumpet 4 in Bb • Tenor Trombone 4 • Cimbasso 4 in Bb
• Horns 5 + 6 in F • Pic. Trp 1 (rotary) • Bass Trombone 1 • CC Tuba 1
• Horns 7 + 8 in F • Pic. Trp 2 (piston) • Bass Trombone 2 • CC Tuba 2
• Euphonium 1 • Flugelhorn • Alto Trombone 1
• Euphonium 2

Atk Ctrl

3. Variable Attack Control

Great brass players have an enormous range of attacks possible when playing in any range AND at any dynamic… your brass library should too. Modern Scoring Brass introduces the concept of Variable Attack Control and makes it available on every instrument in the library (mutes and stops included). Most importantly, these aren’t Frankenstein sample edits or synthetic envelopes.

These are real variable attack samples – recorded on each note and at each dynamicOnce you try it, you’ll never want to go back.

4. Short Articulations

Shorts. Lots of them. Done right. Four lengths of shorts including tenuto-quarters, staccato, and staccatissimo –plus killer double tongues that finally sound professional (without all the wobbliness you hear in other libraries). Up to 9 x Round Robins… meticulously recorded and edited for nimble playback. Switch between them seamlessly or let our playback-speed recognition technology switch for you. An Assignable Repeat Key makes fast double tongue playing of notes AND chords a simple matter.

5. Next Generation Dynamics and Legato

Next generation multi-dynamic, continuously adaptive Real Legato is responsive, fluid, and available for every single instrument in the library. There are no second-class citizens.

Legato Speed

Each patch comes pre-programmed with legato transitions that are great sounding and quick to respond to your playing. But, you can also adjust the speed of the note transitions to your liking or easily automate them during your legato performances. Our continuously speed-adaptive legato engine keeps working behind the scenes regardless.

6. Uncompromising Mutes and Stops

No shortcuts. Real recorded muted sustains and stops with variable attack control. Real recorded muted and stopped legato. Muted shorts articulations with the same configurations and double tongue combinations as their non-muted counterparts.

7. Synced Crescendos and Trills

When you play our Crescendos and Sforzando-Crescendos they will sync to the next downbeat, or upbeat (or pretty much wherever you’d like). Or play them unmeasured. Similarly, our trills will play measured or unmeasured at variable speeds using simple half/whole-tone trills or with our smart diatonic trills.

8. Pedal Tones Provide Extended Lower Ranges

Trombones, Horns, and Euphoniums all have extended ranges by the use of recorded pedal tones.

This would include Sustains, Legatos, and shorts!

Real recordings of the lower register typically not found in other libraries.

9. The Stage

Put your players where you want them. Standard orchestral seating, antiphonal brass choirs, close-miced tight dry sound, whatever your production calls for. 52 of our eclectic custom created spaces run the gamut from small dry rooms to huge churches and effect. Plus 13 new additional spaces have been designed specifically for Brass.

10. Responsive Auto Divisi and Polyphonic Legato

Responsive enough to keep up with your fastest double and triple tongue playing, our Auto Divisi engine will naturally divide your chords among the players in your section for maximum realism. Or turn off Auto Divisi to hear thunderous giant brass sections. Polyphonic legato that’s set-and-forget.

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