KSHMR Reverb (MAC)


Product Description

Create space with built-in sidechain ducking

Two forms of ducking — “Fade-In” and “Full” — create space for your instrument in a way that sounds natural.

Just tell KSHMR Reverb how much reduction you want and the threshold at which to activate

Avoid harsh crashes with Soft Transient

Use Soft Transient to eliminate harsh attacks from the reverb signal, improving tonality.

Remove clashing notes with Tonal Reset

Overcome chord bleeding using Tonal Reset, which restarts the reverb every time a new transient is detected.

Create swells that glue your melody together with Reverse

Reverse Mode ramps up the volume of the reverb tail until a new transient is detected.

Add harmonic layers with Octave

Add and dial in additional harmonic Octaves to thicken the timbre and create complexity.

Tighten those tails with Gate

The Gate control silences your reverb completely when it falls below the level of the Gate Threshold, taming pesky tails that muddy your mix.


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