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you must have Omnisphere 2.6 from us to run Keyscape

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104 Reviews For This Product

  1. 104

    by Ryder Bennett

    a great bundle with a great amount of possibilities.

  2. 104

    by Ryder Bennett


  3. 104

    by Silas Tristan


  4. 104

    by Braxton Damian

    Great Plug-ins, great sounds, great deal.

  5. 104

    by Nicholas Ezra

    A ‘must-have’ purchase!!

  6. 104

    by Andrew LincolnLincoln

    Great and very usefull toolkit

  7. 104

    by Draven Xzavier

    Good product

  8. 104

    by Corbin Francisco

    beautiful tracks

  9. 104

    by Harvey Zayne

    Sound more like the real thing

  10. 104

    by Darren Jasiah

    Great and basic set of tools. Must have!

  11. 104

    by Jorge Zander

    Good product

  12. 104

    by Isaac Grayson

    After I purchasing the Keyscape I was very pleased to be able to use some of these amazing plugins

  13. 104

    by Uriel Dustin


  14. 104

    by Wesley Nathaniel

    Love it Excellent product

  15. 104

    by Charles Caleb

    Thank you saleonplugins for making this fabulous bundle accessible even to a non professional home studio.

  16. 104

    by Andres Lukas

    Excellent productfor the cost.

  17. 104

    by Justin Kai

    you must have this one

  18. 104

    by Braxton Damian

    Awesome stuff

  19. 104

    by Jaxson Greyson

    Great stuff!

  20. 104

    by Matthew Aiden


  21. 104

    by Cooper Xavier

    Well done saleonplugins

  22. 104

    by Zion Maximus

    awesome great amount of possibilities.

  23. 104

    by Ibrahim Adonis

    It’s good!

  24. 104

    by Landon Adrian

    Happy to own the product . Sound great. Thanks, saleonplugins.

  25. 104

    by Kevin

    Very good software

  26. 104

    by Kamden Lawson

    Got a great Deal!

  27. 104

    by Oliver Jacob

    A Great product at a Great price!!!

  28. 104

    by Lucas Michael

    Very impressed with product

  29. 104

    by Jeremiah Hudson

    I’ll compare my old sessions with the same proyects with the product.. no words, is another level ??

  30. 104

    by Kolton Remy

    Great product. Definitely a necessity for anyone.

  31. 104

    by Kaleb Jasper

    Great product . Definitely a necessity for anyone.

  32. 104

    by Coen Leighton

    Very powerful package for a super price! Love it..! ??????

  33. 104

    by Sullivan Raiden

    Well done Keyscape
    You take me to the point
    I love it

  34. 104

    by Boston Lucca

    Complete and incredible package! product you should have for your production

  35. 104

    by Amari Emerson

    This product is amazing! Just love the way the compressors and equalizers sound!!

  36. 104

    by Kameron Tobias

    Great effect, easy to use, Cooool sound.
    Thank you!!!

  37. 104

    by Sonny Terrance

    This is a great deal for the price!! Go get it!!
    Very cool!

  38. 104

    by Mike Nickolas

    Best Deal of the Year
    Super recommend it!

  39. 104

    by Gideon Jaiden

    Very high quality product, great value for money, very happy.

  40. 104

    by Eliezer Ramiro

    I like the product they work’s very well

  41. 104

    by Bryan Kyle

    am very happy with the purchase.

  42. 104

    by Rowan Camden

    Perfect sound quality, the different interfaces are really user friendly.

  43. 104

    by Sullivan Raiden

    Excellent collection of product!

  44. 104

    by Neil Titan

    I especially love it Great tools for a professional

  45. 104

    by Trevor Dominick

    Excellent Product
    lso excellent technical support team

  46. 104

    by Finnley Zeke

    Awesome product, price is fantastic.And has it for a great price.

  47. 104

    by Donald Chandler

    Super. I am happy.To use its working Good

  48. 104

    by Marvin Mauricio

    That product have the plugins u cant live with out!!!!

  49. 104

    by Anthony Jaxon

    great. very professional in every way. love using them in my mixes.

  50. 104

    by Ricky Lochlan

    Is a very good software, it helps me to achieve great quality

  51. 104

    by Raylan

    Amazing and its working I love it and won’t be the last pack I buy!

  52. 104

    by Cedric Howard

    Great price for awesome product!Smashed my expectations

  53. 104

    by Franco

    awesome part of Keyscape is the vintage digital electric pianos, they were captured beautifully, and they offer a good amount of very classic 80s / 90s keyboard sounds. The chorus on these patches is very very good.

  54. 104

    by Joel

    KEYSCAPE is an extraordinary virtual instrument featuring the largest selection of collector keyboards in the world.

  55. 104

    by Wes Johnson

    I like it!
    Just Great!

  56. 104

    by HAVNTR

    Excellent & amzing quality👍🏻👍🏻

  57. 104

    by Paul Pether

    Awesome product🔥🔥
    Works amazing and great price!

  58. 104

    by Cyrus Gage

    They work flawlessly.Is a very good software, it helps me to achieve great quality

  59. 104

    by Alvaro Fernandez

    My project became much pro.My productions with an amzing quality Thank you saleonplugins team!

  60. 104

    by Alexander Alvarado

    Superb!! Incredible value.Loving it.. I recommend it thank you

  61. 104

    by John Mikhael

    Every product Worth each Euro you spend for it.

  62. 104

    by Robert McShea

    Amazing Excellent and caught it on a great deal!Exceptional value.

  63. 104

    by Mr Samara

    High quality low CPU usage love it!

  64. 104

    by Jeremias Alexander

    Excellent Top of the line products It is good !Perfect for production. Love this product:)

  65. 104

    by Jesse Lacharite

    Fabulous, much like 99% of your product they will all get used at one time or another. Gives me more flexibility.

  66. 104

    by Kenneth L Bridges

    Also excellent technical support team This is an unbelievable package for the price.

  67. 104

    by Margarita

    gotta say that I did the right choice! Thanx saleonplugins ! Peace & Love!

  68. 104

    by Shadow Official

    Very good selection of top quality plugins to meet all your mastering needs

  69. 104

    by Barbara Minkler

    The only thing I wish is that it had more saturation product.

  70. 104

    by Aad Bos

    Perfect quality, the different interfaces are really user friendly The industry standard for a reason

  71. 104

    by Jeff Gray

    Excellent customer service with the kind politeness!Best price/quality compromise

  72. 104

    by Chris Chevrier

    Really nice set of product, very pro, very useful.

  73. 104

    by Thomas von Taeuffenbach

    i love product and ill keep love it for ever Perfect product at a killer price!

  74. 104

    by Mcdsmurf

    love it i have a much better sound now This product is amazing! Just love the way the compressors and equalizers sound!!

  75. 104

    by M Heaney

    Hi saleonplugins is an absolutely fabulous app. Thanks a million .

  76. 104

    by Ashley Lynn Simon

    Know what you want get what you want i think i made the right decision.

  77. 104

    by Kwan Phatcharaporn Soda

    This has everything I need for mixing and the price is amazing!

  78. 104

    by Alexander Hermawan

    Perfect for production and mixing. Love this product:)

  79. 104

    by Brenna Edmonds

    What can I say Best product in the world…A must own for any one interested in music. Love It! Thank you saleonplugins…

  80. 104

    by Robert Reiter

    Great product for a professional workflow Successful experience, once again with saleonplugins!

  81. 104

    by Peter D Davison

    incredible product.I bought this product because it made perfect

  82. 104

    by Fred Mcneely

    Keyscape really are exceptional product. Consistently used in my work and I would never be without them. But with total confidence..!!

  83. 104

    by John Chabot

    i am very thankful to Keyscape that this product is all time favourite and also all product are my go to product.

  84. 104

    by Geoffrey Wilson

    Very pleased with this Keyscape and I will be back for more !

  85. 104

    by Biplav Pangeni

    I love these product Superb software.. I’m looking forwRd to buying more as time goes by…

  86. 104

    by Robert Crowe

    I love it. I need more deals Excellent value for money

  87. 104

    by Narrecia Williams

    This product is amazing! Just love the way the compressors and equalizers sound!!

  88. 104

    by Anthony Lemos

    Amazing Excellent and caught it on a great deal!I didn’t expect immediate results A well rounded collection.

  89. 104

    by steven Sherwood

    i am very thankful to Keyscape that this product is all time favourite and also all product are my go to product.

  90. 104

    by Bruce Brothers

    I love it. It has completely opened up the possibilities for a great mix

  91. 104

    by Kyle Robar

    Fantastic product most everything a home enthusiast will need and super quality.

  92. 104

    by Paul Schaeffer

    Is a very good software, it helps me to achieve great sound quality

  93. 104


    Great product. Everything you need to make decent mixes.Know what you want – get what you want

  94. 104

    by Mary H Mays

    Incredible deal for what I’m convinced are timeless product, useful to any type of producer.

  95. 104

    by Sarah Murray

    Best Deal of the Year! A must own for any one interested in music.This is an unbelievable package for the price. Love It!

  96. 104

    by Anay Chaubal

    Very useful product for production. Recommended!

  97. 104

    by Larry Gonzalez

    Each product really offers something unique and really impacts a quality in a good way

  98. 104

    by Bucky Moonstar

    No studio should be without this product. They work flawlessly.

  99. 104

    by Kimberlee Elliott

    Very good value and well worth checking out Great range of product.I will really enjoy them.

  100. 104

    by Robert vd Heuvel

    I recently bought the this plugins. I find them a must have for any studio.

  101. 104

    by Richard Stephenson

    Very good product and making a huge difference to our end products

  102. 104

    by Michael Grimmer

    Successful experience, once again with!

  103. 104

    by Charles Smolka

    I am very satisfied! Very good product.I’m very happy Thanks

  104. 104

    by Mark Sullivan

    No studio should be without this product . They work flawlessly.

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