XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2.0.7 (MAC)


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XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2.0.7

picYear of release: 2014
Version: 2.0.7
Developer: XLN Audio
Developer site: http://www.xlnaudio.com/                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            pic
Platform: Intel only
Interface language: English
Tablet: The program is treated (does not require data entry / enter any data)
System requirements: OS version: 10.7 & Later
Processor type (s) & speed: Intel 1 Ghz
RAM minimum: 2
Video RAM: 512

Description: Addictive Drums is a complete drum studio. It includes complete sets of various drum kits and for various music genres: Retro / Modern Jazz-Sticks / Modern Jazz-Brushes / Funk, Metal / Punk Rock / Ballad Grooves / Sloppy Grooves. As well as many additional drums and cymbals. Samples contain all the nuances of shots: from the weakest to the strongest, as well as many options for strikes (for example, hihat – 12 options, snare – 6). All sampled drum / cymbal sounds are recorded into a multi-channel microphone setup, just like a real drum kit would have been recorded.

1. More legendary drums. New sound engine.
Our team has traveled around the world and found some truly amazing drums in world-famous studios such as our brand new Fairfax kit. This kit was recorded at the legendary Fairfax Recording studio in Los Angeles (formerly known as Sound City).
Fairfax and all of our existing ADpaks (from Addictive Drums) have been updated to make full use of all the new features of the Addictive Drums 2 engine.
2. New sound shaping and kit building features.
Ask and you shall receive, customers! We’ve listened to your feedback and made dozens of improvements, both small and large! Highlights include:
More kitpiece slots, new studio-grade effects (including delay and saturation/distortion), brand new Tone Designer and Transient Shaper modules, easy kitpiece linking, and new electronic sounds that can take your drums to exciting new territories.
3. New rhythm creation and transformation tools.
Say goodbye to boring beats. Our new Beats page helps you locate or build interesting beats quickly and to transform existing beats to make them uniquely yours. The intuitive system is designed to be simple for beginners but very deep for power users.
You can even drag-and-drop drum hits and complete loops straight to your music software’s timeline for maximum ease of use.

pic pic pic
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117 Reviews For This Product

  1. 116

    by Fletcher Makai

    A complete essential complex plugin pack.

  2. 116

    by Chris Forrest

    A great deal for those just starting out. There’s a little bit of everything for everyone

  3. 116

    by Hudson Robert

    This is an unbelievable package for the price.!

  4. 116

    by Oakley Armando

    Really good comprehensive mix of tools. A few unnecessaries but all you need to get great mixes.

  5. 116

    by Russell Princeton

    To Resume The Gold Native Pack, Is the essentials tools to mix in the right way. Dyn, Eq, and analyser, there’s no simply way to begin in audio pro

  6. 116

    by Chance Phoenix

    amazing bundle, vitamin, renaissance and H comp : just for those plugins you re doing the right choice !

  7. 116

    by Andre Walter

    Buy it and if you don’t like it,
    You should give up music making.

  8. 116

    by Enzo Corbin


  9. 116

    by Lincoln Mateo (verified owner)

    great stuff, I so happy

  10. 116

    by Adriel Riley (verified owner)

    good product lovely

  11. 116

    by Ethan Daniel (verified owner)

    Great Products and was able to catch a sale and get amazing prices for it.

  12. 116

    by Mason (verified owner)


  13. 116

    by Braxton Damian (verified owner)

    Great Value For the Price!

  14. 116

    by Bodhi Gideon (verified owner)

    great tools, another good job as usual

  15. 116

    by Aydin Mayson (verified owner)

    ,I love it

  16. 116

    by Owen Dylan (verified owner)

    A great deal for those just starting out. There’s a little bit of everything for everyone

  17. 116

    by Sergio Kash (verified owner)

    I want to get product

  18. 116

    by Cohen Arlo (verified owner)

    it seems very useful, all important tools you must have to improve your XLN Audio Addictive Drums

  19. 116

    by Elijah Oliver (verified owner)

    It’s great! Watch a tutorial and try it yourself! You are going to love it!

  20. 116

    by Liam Noah (verified owner)

    Excellent set of plugins.

  21. 116

    by Cade Jonas (verified owner)

    Love this plugins.
    Perfect sound quality,

  22. 116

    by Frederick Rowen (verified owner)

    A Beautiful Starter Set of Plugins

  23. 116

    by Theodore Jeremiah (verified owner)

    The best plug ins

  24. 116

    by Jasper Jesse (verified owner)

    If you are looking for good quality that’s where to start with!

  25. 116

    by Adrian Asher (verified owner)

    I’m love XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2.0.7 (MAC)

  26. 116

    by Victor Bryce (verified owner)

    Very useful product for production and mixing. Recommended!

  27. 116

    by Theodore Jeremiah (verified owner)

    Yea I was fortunate to get the XLN Audio Addictive Drums at that price, n I like everything about it.

  28. 116

    by Jaxon Nathan (verified owner)

    Excellent support
    Powerful tools, unbeatable price

  29. 116

    by Gunner Simon (verified owner)

    I bought recently… Just exploring and creating!

  30. 116

    by Ryan Jaxon (verified owner)

    i need more deals like that

  31. 116

    by Jaxson Greyson (verified owner)

    I’m happy owner of product

  32. 116

    by Anthony (verified owner)

    Great product! You won’t be disappointed!

  33. 116

    by Owen Luke (verified owner)

    Installation done very quickly without problem! Excellent and professional product

  34. 116

    by Gage Atlas (verified owner)

    Awesome deal

  35. 116

    by Ryder Bennett (verified owner)

    Very useful and easy to use!

  36. 116

    by Elliot Waylon (verified owner)

    A Great product at a Great price!!!

  37. 116

    by Brody Malachi (verified owner)

    Great price for awesome product!
    Comprehensive and high quality product.

  38. 116

    by Kieran Luciano (verified owner)

    Like it a lot. Thank you for making best plugins.

  39. 116

    by Jensen Daxton (verified owner)

    I am very satisfied! Very good product.

  40. 116

    by Rowen Lawrence (verified owner)

    It’s great! Have enjoyed exploring it

  41. 116

    by Alec Royal (verified owner)

    Great package some really good software and at a fantastic price.

  42. 116

    by Asa Eden (verified owner)

    Great purchase and great product

  43. 116

    by Eduardo (verified owner)

    It’s a great product to have.
    I love XLN Audio Addictive Drums!

  44. 116

    by Brendan Cullen (verified owner)

    It is avery good feeling using product

  45. 116

    by Howard (verified owner)

    Thanks to all those plugins I can do everything!
    Best Deal of the Year

  46. 116

    by Walter Damien (verified owner)

    Is a very good software, it helps me to achieve great sound quality

  47. 116

    by Martin Rafael (verified owner)

    Best product I’ve ever used. Very affordable too

  48. 116

    by Fernando Keegan (verified owner)

    Very high quality product, great value for money, very happy.Perfect for production and mixing. Love this plugins 🙂

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    by Bodhi Gideon (verified owner)

    Really Really Good!!!! I will really really happy…….Have a nice day !!!

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    Great product. Definitely a necessity for anyone.

  51. 116

    by Gregory Andy (verified owner)

    Great product. Amazing value for money. I use almost everything in it on a regular basis.Good stuff. Yeehaw

  52. 116

    by Hector Dante (verified owner)

    Exactly what I need it to be! Quick and easy!

  53. 116

    by Leonardo Bryson (verified owner)

    Perfection!!!It’s a good product that comes with useful plugins for mixing. I love it so far. I recommend it

  54. 116

    by Crosby (verified owner)

    Very good XLN Audio I love using because they are unbeatable, you can’t compete with other, they are kick ass

  55. 116

    by Leo Isaiah (verified owner)

    Super. I am happy very good stuff in one product!!!!!! good price for all of theese

  56. by Shalanda

    loved it A++++++++++++

  57. 116

    by Roy Conrad (verified owner)

    This is a great deal for the price!! Go get it!!
    Great deal….a bit of an issue getting it all recognized by Samplitude. All settled in and working great. All quality usable product as usual

  58. 116

    by Howard (verified owner)

    Very realistic sounding drum kits, and you can make your own presets just how you like. Worth the buy!

  59. 116

    by Emanuel (verified owner)

    I love it! Is amazing!! Thank you

  60. 116

    by Bobbi Johnson (verified owner)

    It works beautifully.Really easy to use and a great result for the price, used many times

  61. 116

    by Joe Chavez (verified owner)

    Pretty cool product… price was right …. modern interface :). Does its job well.

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    It’s amazing
    Oneof the best product

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    Amazing Great product for a professional workflow

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    Perfect sound quality, the different interfaces are really user friendly.I really can’t go without it !Perfection!!

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    by Joseph Dubois (verified owner)

    Very user friendly. I feel like I just took my production to the next level. No Lie! I honestly can’t say how glad I am to have this product!

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    Excellent choice for my first purchase, the transition has been quite smooth and working product!

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    by Peter shaw (verified owner)

    Brilliant Product! Must have!outstanding highly recommended Powerful tools, unbeatable price

  78. 116

    by Gabrielle Guinea (verified owner)

    Nothing beats the awesome quality that XLN Audio Addictive Drums! Been a fan and client pf these products since 2021!!!!

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