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The most complete package of professional plug-ins for sound processing, for various purposes,
Awarded Technical GRAMMY Award for his contribution to the development of music.
All products of Waves 9. * and Waves 10 as of December 26th, 2018. Separate plugins may have different versions.
Release Notes: http://www.waves.com/downloads/release-notes
Plugin format: AU, VST, VST3, AAX, RTAS
Supported platforms and hosts:

Add. The information: Online from a site Waves, through Waves Central, registration on a site is required.
Offline, image file attached. Before installation, copy the files from the image to any folder on the HDD !!!
After successful installation in any selected configuration – apply the patch.
To work in Logic – read here.

All plug-ins can be installed, as well as each of them separately, or an arbitrary set.
Recommended installation option: Abbey Road Collection, Mercury, SSL 4000 Collection
Who does not know what a SoundGrid is – it is better not to install it

Thanks HIOb for helping to create the release, Mr-Light for participating in testing
About screenshots
Updated – version of Waves 10

Updated! Mojave support

Year of release: 2019
Version: March, 2019
Developer: Waves
Platform: Intel only
Interface language: English
Tablet: The program is treated (does not require data entry / enter any data)
System requirements: Intel Core i3 / i5 / i7 / Xeon
4 GB free disk space

Waves 10 – 03/17/19
10.11.6 – 10.14


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27 Reviews For This Product

  1. 27

    by Matteo Dean (verified owner)

    The Waves bundle includes a bit of everything. It’s got both modern and vintage sounding compressor and EQ plugins. Personally, I love the classic sounds I get from the V and Renaissance series. But when I want a more modern sound, wave bundle has me covered with other more modern sounding plugins to choose from. Great sounding amp modeling and guitar effects, not to mention staple channel effects like reverb, delay and more. I had never even heard of the Eddie Kramer Drum Channel. I use that all the time now! Honestly, I bought the Gold bundle because I had my eye on a couple of plugins included in the bundle. But since I bought , I’ve been having a blast exploring all the different uses I can get out of so many different plugins! None of the plugins in wave seem superfluous or redundant. A great value!

  2. 27

    by Cayson Conrad (verified owner)

    Great value for money, you get a good variety of usable plugins. The wave bundle is a great if you want to enhance your stock daw plugins, excellent bag for buck.

  3. 27

    by Jameson Kevin (verified owner)

    I’ve had no problems with my Waves products, and this one is no exception – Gold downloaded in what seemed to be record time, and the install was about as quick. I haven’t used all of the plugins yet, but that’s just a matter of time. Great job, Waves!!

  4. 27

    by Rodrigo Arjun (verified owner)

    It’s hard to find a better deal than this to get your feet wet in waves plug-ins. These are defiantly a step up from the ones in Logic Pro. If you are just getting yourself introduced to recording or any type of DAW work, this is a great way to get your foot wet!

  5. 27

    by Cade Jonas (verified owner)

    An excellent bundle to start with. Excellent sounding plugins that won’t drain all of your CPU’s power either. Used by the pros and there are several amazing tutorials on youtube to check out.

  6. 27

    by Gideon Jaiden (verified owner)

    The Waves bundle is quite a bit to take in at once and something i’m sure I will be figuring it as I go out for some unforeseeable time to come. However, the quality of the sound and functionality of the plugins is undeniable. Truly a great purchase.

  7. 27

    by Travis Jett (verified owner)

    Plugins work great in my workflow, and the amount for the price is the best in the game. they sound great, and are low CPU. MaxxBass in particular has already become a permanent fixture in my film music/sound design workflow.

  8. 27

    by Titus Travis (verified owner)

    I knew the Waves bundle already and i worked with it at a friends studio. The amount of high quality plugins is just amazing. Here you get some serious stuff for your buck. I use only some of the plugins but the ones i use, i use a lot. I love the love CPU usage of the plugins which gives me some room to try out things i wouldn’t do if the CPUs would be near it’s limits.

  9. 27

    by Bryan Kyle (verified owner)

    Stock plugins can get you there but the Waves bundle with get you the polish that countless mix have, quicker and more efficiently. Do yourself a favor and pick this bundle up. Over 40 plugs…you can’t go wrong!

  10. 27

    by Emiliano Kaden (verified owner)

    No studio should be without this bundle. They work flawlessly.

  11. 27

    by Moses Alijah (verified owner)

    amazing bundle!vitamin, renaissance and H comp : just for those plugins you re doing the right choice !

  12. 27

    by Landon Adrian (verified owner)

    Waves Complete All Bundle 2019 (MAC)!
    It’s hard to find a better deal than this to get your feet wet in waves plug-ins. These are defiantly a step up from the ones in Logic Pro. If you are just getting yourself introduced to recording or any type of DAW work, this is a great way to get your foot wet!

  13. 27

    by Leonardo Kayden (verified owner)

    Upgraded from RTAS to AAX. They sound even better than before. Great value

  14. 27

    by Leonardo Kayden (verified owner)

    Waves is hands down THE BEST plugins out there. They have a lot of useful presets, but if you can’t find something you like, they are hugely adjustable… I don’t know how I survived without these in my arsenal… Now to save for the Platinum bundle upgrade.

  15. 27

    by Sawyer Gavin (verified owner)

    Really nice set of plugins. very clean, very pro, very useful.

  16. 27

    by Byron Harry (verified owner)

    Happy to own the Gold set. Sound great. Thanks, Waves.

  17. 27

    by Jack Julian (verified owner)

    To Resume The Waves Native Pack, Is the essentials tools to mix in the right way. Dyn, Eq, and analyser, there’s no simply way to begin in audio pro

  18. 27

    by Isaac Mason (verified owner)

    Unlike some software installers, I found Waves to be effortless. They completely delivered on every level from troubleshooting to the actual products themselves. It feels great to have waves under the hood of my mixes!

  19. 27

    by Lucas leroy (verified owner)

    it’s a lovely package that includes beautiful gears I always need. What a deal! Here the Renaissance gears are! Waves, You guys are genius to let Renaissance series be packed in Gold Native. I love V-comp, V-EQ3 and V-EQ4. these items are all included ! I’m pretty sure that you can mix & master any music resources with Waves Native and I’ve tried already for a commercial music.

    The price?
    It’s worth and cost-efficient

  20. 27

    by Nico Emanuel (verified owner)

    Incredible Across The Board
    I have been a studio owner for 10 years now and I have seen a lot of products and companies come and go. Waves Audio is the exception. Waves Audio , their Gold Bundle, their customer support, their ability to work with you and make you feel like an individual and not just another dollar to be made…all of these make for a winning combination of product, service, and customer care. The Waves Gold bundle, I cannot say enough great things about this purchase or the bundle itself. 5 stars for the Waves bundle, 5 stars for Waves Audio and their team. Thanks to you all.

  21. 27

    by Philip Phillip (verified owner)

    Some plugins are a little old now, but still helpful and kind to my CPU haha

  22. 27

    by Augustus Marcos (verified owner)

    I found that the bulk of the plugins in the Waves are very useful and certainly live up to the name of Waves. However, there were a few plugins that are quite outdated by today’s standard, whereas other companies have created better newer plugins.

  23. 27

    by Santiago Chase (verified owner)

    A few of your other compressor or the Pultec alike could have been in there, also i miss the ultramaximizer 6 (my drum teacher told me about it)

  24. 27

    by Santiago Chase (verified owner)

    Bought this during Black Friday/Cyber Monday and am very happy with the purchase.

  25. 27

    by Luis Braxton (verified owner)

    Everything I bought in my studio helped me to get faster and better results. Waves Gold is simply one of the best tools in the audio world to get where you want to go. Especially Waves C4.

  26. 27

    by Kaiden Giovanni (verified owner)


  27. 27

    by Colton Angel (verified owner)

    Best Pitch Correction for the Price.

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2.Waves Complete All Bundle 2019 (MAC)


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