UJAM – Full Bundle The Collector’s Edition 2021 (MAC)


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Operating Systems OS X 10.11 / macOS 10.12 or later
You may run it on earlier versions but we don’t support them. Some plug-ins 64 bit only.
Minimum Requirements 4 GB of RAM
47.77 GB of Disk Space

1280x768px Display, Internet Connection.
If you want to move your .blob file to an external drive, we recommend the use of a SSD to prevent dropouts.
Plugin Formats VST, AU 2, 
AU 2 version only compatible with Logic Pro X and newer.


Full Bundle: The Collector’s Edition

ujam creates a bunch of incredible sounding yet easy to use virtual instruments and effects, designed to enhance the creative process and to make music creation faster, better and easier than ever. This bundle offers all of them at a fraction of their collective value and gives you the most versatile virtual band, ready-made for genres like pop, rock, hip-hop, funk and anything you can create with it.

UJAM.Beatmaker.DOPE.2.1.2.M428. (BM-DOPE) .Proper
UJAM.Beatmaker.EDEN.2.1.2.M393. (BM-EDEN) .Proper
UJAM.Beatmaker.HUSTLE.2.1.2.M311. (BM-HUSTLE) .Proper
UJAM.Beatmaker.HYPE.2.1.2.M187. (BM-HYPE) .Proper
UJAM.Beatmaker.KANDY.2.1.3 M144. (BM-KANDY) .Proper
UJAM.Beatmaker.NEMESIS. 2.1.2.M82. (BM-NEMESIS) .Proper
UJAM.Beatmaker.VICE.2.1.2.M293. (BM-VICE) .Proper
UJAM.Beatmaker.VOID.2.1.2.M205. (BM-VOID). Proper
UJAM.Finisher.FLUXX.1.0.0.M136. (FIN-FLUXX)
UJAM.Finisher.NEO.1.0.1.M235. (FIN-NEO) .Proper
UJAM.Finisher.RETRO.1.0.0.M150. ( FIN-RETRO)
UJAM.Finisher.VOODOO.1.0.0.M206. (FIN-VOOD)
UJAM.Symphonic.Elements.STRIIIINGS.1.0.0.M466. (SE-STRIIIINGS) .Proper
UJAM.Virtual.Bassist.DANDY.2.1.1.M182. (VB-DANDY) .Proper
UJAM.Virtual.Bassist.MELLOW.2.1.1.M395. (VB-MELLOW) .Proper.FIXED
UJAM.Virtual.Bassist. ROWDY.2.1.1.M359. (VB-ROWDY) .Proper
UJAM.Virtual.Bassist.ROYAL.2.1.1.M352. (VB-ROYAL)
UJAM.Virtual.Drummer.DEEP.2.1.1.M131. (VD -DEEP)
UJAM.Virtual.Drummer.HEAVY.2.1.0.M313. (VD-HEAVY)
UJAM.Virtual.Drummer.PHAT.2.1.0.M315. (VD-PHAT)
UJAM.Virtual.Drummer.SOLID.2.1 .1.M2567. (VD-SOLID)
UJAM.Virtual.Guitarist.CARBON.1.0.1.M497. (VG-CARBON) .Proper

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18 Reviews For This Product

  1. 18

    by Mark Sebald

    Perfect It’s totally worth the money (y)!! Simple installation! Good job saleonplugins!!!

  2. 18

    by James Shaw

    I’m pleased with the package, great deal.. #Teamsaleonplugins

  3. 18

    by Kucing Senja

    A set of useful software. I am still discovering their possibilities, but as usual from product, they are intuitive and sound just great.

  4. 18

    by Stuart Duncan

    Superb software.. I’m looking forwRd to buying more as time goes by…

  5. 18

    by Madison Carlisle DeSantis

    A great deal for those just starting out. There’s a little bit of everything for everyone Totally Awesome

  6. 18

    by Jean Meyers

    Fantastic product- most everything a home enthusiast will need and super quality.

  7. 18

    by Amy Ryce

    This is a great package with handy features. It’s easy to install and works like a charm.

  8. 18

    by Paul Wright

    Installation done very quickly without problem! Excellent and professional product

  9. 18


    This product is amazing! Just love the way the equalizers sound!!

  10. 18


    Best collection of product for the Money Great quality A great deal for those

  11. 18

    by Jordan Maxwell

    Amazing product. & Lots of them, all for a very fair price.

  12. 18

    by Jorgen Hoglund


  13. 18

    by Amir Howell

    AMAZING!!! Top of the line products

  14. 18

    by Chase Vang

    Thanks for the fast support, all worked im really happy with it!

  15. 18

    by Robert Filbig

    Amazing product I’ve never been more excited to see this product for sale on black Friday

  16. 18

    by Dorothy Gitman

    Loving it..The product are AMAZING!!! Top of the line products

  17. 18

    by Njeri Onyango

    Excellent product, I have to experiment more with it They work great!

  18. 18

    by Buj Bonnardinis

    I Love all the saleonplugins products Good quality, easy to use and just does what it need te do.

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UJAM - Full Bundle The Collector's Edition 2021 (MAC)


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