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Trilian® is the total solution for Bass from Spectrasonics

With its comprehensive design, Trilian brings many different types of Bass together into one extraordinary-sounding virtual instrument.

Trilian is designed from the ground up to be the most versatile bass virtual instrument available today with a new level of expressive, real-time performance for acoustic and electric basses – plus cutting-edge synth bass tones with powerful editing and extraordinary sound quality. Trilian is the successor to Spectrasonics’ award-winning Trilogy bass instrument, offering deeper control of musical expression and much greater flexibility of sound shaping. Trilian’s 34GB library is 10-times the size of Trilogy and features all new acoustic, electric and synth basses.

Powered by next generation STEAM Engine technology, Trilian is the first instrument to feature core library integration with Spectrasonics flagship Omnisphere® synth – allowing Trilian’s sounds to be used within the Omnisphere environment for further sound design and keyboard/bass splits.


At Spectrasonics, we’ve always loved Bass sounds.” notes Eric Persing, Founder and Creative Director. “When we started 15 years ago, our very first product was the best-selling Bass Legends sample library. Then in 2002, we introduced Trilogy – the world’s first Bass Virtual Instrument. Now we are very pleased to release Trilian, which represents a whole new generation of our Bass development. Trilian is built on the STEAM Engine that powers Omnisphere, which has allowed us to create the most expressive and flexible Bass module we’ve ever made.”

The acoustic and electric basses in Trilian are sampled at an extremely high level of detail. The combination of the software’s intuitive, automatic selection of legato and release articulations as the user plays – and the extensive ‘Round-Robin’ variations introduced for natural sounding bass lines with repeated notes – create a more dynamic and subtle playing experience. Newly developed multisampled dynamic slides let notes realistically slide from one to another. Each of the basses feature multi-channel mixing between phase-locked microphone/amplifier and direct outputs of each bass.

Over sixty different 4, 5, 6 and 8 string Electric basses are presented in fingered, picked, fretless, slapped, tapped, and muted technique variations – providing a huge variety of sounds for any musical genre. Highlights of the Electric Basses include a Music Man™ 5-string Studio Bass, Chapman Stick®, Lakland™ Rock P-Bass, Clean Fender® Jazz Bass, a Hardcore Rock Bass, a Retro 1960’s Epiphone® Viola Bass and much more.

Trilian’s stunning Acoustic Bass is the most detailed instrument Spectrasonics has ever released, with 4 audio channels and over 21,000 samples to create this single instrument! All this combined with Trilian’s high-resolution streaming of the sounds puts a depth of realism into performances that is truly inspiring.

For Synth sounds, Trilian features newly-developed 4-Pole “Juicy” and “Power” Filter algorithms with oscillating resonance that are ideal for electronic bass. Hundreds of synth soundsources were created using over 30 of the most exotic and coveted hardware synthesizers – from the original Moog® Taurus Pedals to the latest boutique analog modular synthesizers. A multitude of extremely powerful editing controls are available for sound design – including the “FlexMod” modulation system, Dual Filters with more than 19 filter types, 6 multistage looping envelopes, 6 full-featured LFOs, dual morphing modulation, modulatable FX racks and much more.

Trilian’s FX racks include all of the renowned FX processors from Omnisphere and Stylus RMX – including a wide variety of amp and speaker models, distortions, dynamics processors, equalizers, chorus, phasers, flangers, delays, reverbs, unique specialty FX and more.

As Spectrasonics’ next-generation bass instrument, Trilian includes enhanced, remastered versions of Trilogy’s core library – taking it to a new level of sound and expression. As a special bonus, Spectrasonics’ original “Bass Legends” multisamples have also been remastered and included in the Trilian library, featuring Abraham LaborielJohn Patitucci & Marcus Miller (bass sounds which some hardware synth users may remember from popular Roland Xpansion boards and the classic MBD-1 rack bass module).

Trilian is the first virtual instrument to feature core library integration with Spectrasonics award-winning, flagship Omnisphere synthesizer. Trilian’s complete sound library can be opened within Omnisphere for further synthesis and expanded performance possibilities.

Trilian’s Arpeggiator features the “Groove Lock” technology Spectrasonics pioneered in Omnisphere and Stylus RMX’s Time Designer – which means that with a simple drag and drop action, the feel of bass patterns created with Trilian’s Arpeggiator can be perfectly synchronized between all three of Spectrasonics instruments.

The new Custom Controls interface on the Main page of each patch brings out the most useful and interesting sound modification controls for that specific patch, and a single control can even modify numerous parameters to create unique FX. The Custom Controls are all MIDI Learnable, Automatable and users can create their own configurations of Custom Controls.


  • 2.0 GHz or higher processor
  • 4GB RAM minimum, 8GB or more recommended
  • USB2 Port, Broadband internet connection or Dual Layer compatible DVD-ROM drive
  • 40GB of free hard drive space

Mac Users:

  • OS X 10.10 Yosemite or higher
  • Intel dual core processor or higher
  • AU, VST 2.4 or higher, RTAS or AAX capable host software
  • Audio Unit plugin requires host with support for “Cocoa” based plugins
  • Native 64-bit and 32-bit on OSX
  • 6GB of RAM or more if using the Sample File Server

Windows Users:

  • Microsoft Windows 7 or higher
  • VST 2.4 or higher, RTAS or AAX capable host software
  • Native 64-bit and 32-bit on Windows

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase Trilian?
Download sales and Upgrades are now available for purchase in our Webstore/Techshop. Physical sales (boxed with USB drive) are handled exclusively through our Authorized Resellers.

Is there an upgrade for Trilogy users?
Yes! If you already are an Trilogy customer, you are eligible for the Trilian Upgrade – available now in the Webstore/Techshop.

Is there a DEMO version of Trilian I can try?
Because of the size of our instruments, we don’t offer Demo versions. However, you can contact one of our local dealers in your area in order to arrange a live demo of Trilian. To find a local dealer in your area, please contact your local Authorized Reseller.

How are Spectrasonics Instruments delivered to new users?
All Spectrasonics instruments are available in two different editions: Boxed and Download. The physical boxed editions now contain high quality USB drives and are sold exclusively to new customers through our Authorized Resellers. The download editions are now available and sold exclusively through our Webstore/Techshop.

Aren’t Spectrasonics Instruments delivered on DVD-ROMS?
They used to be, but this is no longer the case. All our physical boxed versions have now been revised with high-quality USB drives. For convenience, we now also offer download sales of new Spectrasonics Instruments direct to customers from our Webstore/Techshop. Both of these new delivery platforms offer much faster and more reliable installations than DVD discs.

If I buy the Boxed version, will I also be able to get a download in the future? If I buy the Download Edition, will I also be able to get a drive? If I have the DVD-ROM edition, will I be able to get the drive or future downloads if I need them?
Yes to all of the above! We are happy to announce that there are now alternative forms of installation available optionally to registered users – no matter which edition you have originally purchased.

Spectrasonics is keenly aware that many users no longer have computers with optical drives and there are numerous scenarios when the convenience of downloading or the speed of a USB drive would be a preferred form of installation for different types of users. To address all the various user needs and scenarios, Spectrasonics has a new Support Services area that offers Alternative Installation USB Drives and Additional Download Installations for optional purchase. These services are available for purchase directly in our Webstore/Techshop for registered users.

How is the Upgrade delivered? Is it downloadable? How big?
The Trilian Upgrade package is a 34GB download which you can order through our Webstore/Techshop.

Is the Trilian Upgrade available as a physical product?
Not at this time. Our download service is highly reliable though… even with slower connections.

Where do I order the upgrade from? Can I get the upgrade through my local dealer?
Upgrades are available exclusively through the Spectrasonics Webstore/Techshop.

Can I download the upgrade?
Yes. The upgrade is now exclusively available as a download in our Webstore/Techshop.

Do I need to have Trilogy installed before purchasing the upgrade to Trilian?
No, but you will need to have authorized and registered Trilogy.

Is there a student discount price for Trilian?
Spectrasonics doesn’t offer student discounts, however qualifying schools and institutions can participate in our EDU program.

Does Spectrasonics allow for used sales/license transfers of Trilian?
Please see the License Transfer FAQs area of the Knowledgebase for more info on our License Transfer Policy.

Can I upgrade if I bought a used copy of Trilogy?
Yes, but only if that copy of Trilogy has been properly license transferred through Spectrasonics.

If I upgrade my Trilogy to Trilian can I later resell and transfer the license of either instrument used to someone else?
No. Customers who participate in a special “legacy” upgrade program for any Spectrasonics virtual instruments are not eligible for license transfers either for the original instrument or its subsequent upgrade. For example, if an original owner of Trilogy takes advantage of our special upgrade program to Trilian, the owner is not permitted to resell either instrument and no license transfer will be granted.


How large is the core library?
The Trilian core library is ten times the size of Trilogy – over 34 Gigabytes! There are many hundreds of different Soundsources and Patches, some containing many thousands of samples each, and with more new patches and sounds being added over time.

Is everything from Trilogy included in Trilian?
Yes, of course!

What’s the total number of sounds in Trilian now?
2,823 and growing!

Does it contain all the samples from the original Trilogy?
Yes! All the original core library samples and enhanced versions of all the classic Trilogy sounds are included.

Does Trilian include “classic samples” from libraries such as Bass Legends?
Yes! Bass Legends was Spectrasonics’ very first product, and was released in 1994. It features Abraham Laboriel, Marcus Miller and John Patittucci. The Bass Legends sounds have also been remastered, enhanced and added to Trilian as a special bonus.

There are a wide variety of basses included, and because they are smaller files, they will load quickly. If you are composing and need a quick bass sound, these provide a great starting point.

All the Bass Legends sounds have been enhanced using the STEAM engine FX, and we even added release noises and other improvements, so they sound even better than ever!

How much of the Core Library is from the original sample libraries?
A very small percentage. The vast majority of the 34 Gigabytes is brand new. And of course, all the new Patches have never been presented before.


What is Trilian?
Trilian is an amazingly versatile and award-winning software instrument plug-in designed for world-class Acoustic, Electric and Synth Basses. Trilian is based on the same in-house “STEAM engine” technology that Spectrasonics uses for the flagship Omnisphere synthesizer. Trilian features a massive 34 GB core library (ten times the size of Trilogy!), extensive sound creation and performance capabilities, a fully featured arpeggiator with a unique Groove-Lock system for syncing with Stylus RMX grooves, over thirty built-in effects and much, much more!

Is Trilian a Stand-alone app or a Plugin?
It’s a plug-in that works in all the major DAWs and Plug-in hosts that support VST/AU/AAX/RTAS platforms.

What is the STEAM engine?
STEAM™ is our in-house core technology that is the foundation of Trilian, Omnisphere and a whole new generation of Spectrasonics instruments.

What’s the difference between Trilogy and Trilian?
Virtually everything!
Trilian is a completely new bass instrument. It’s the second instrument to use our state-of-the-art STEAM Engine, with a completely different interface and many new and innovative features for Bass. In addition to the sample-based sounds found in Trilogy, and a greatly expanded selection of new basses, many additional sampling techniques have been added, such as Round Robin, Dynamic Legato, Release noises, Multichannel Soundsources and a whole range of new articulations like multisampled slides. The core library in Trilian is over 34Gb in size – 10 times the size of Trilogy!

So does Trilian replace Trilogy?
Yes, Trilian is Trilogy’s successor.


What are the minimum system requirements for Trilian?
You can view them HERE.

Is it compatible with xxx?
Check our Compatibility FAQs in the Knowledgebase which we keep up to date with the latest info.

Will Trilian replace my Trilogy plug-in?
No. Trilian is a brand new plug-in.

Does Trilian use Copy Protection?
Yes, please see the Copy Protection FAQs area of the Knowledgebase for more information on our system.

Does Trilian include a manual?
All our instruments include a comprehensive online Reference Guide, which is accessible directly through the plug-in. The integrated Reference Guide is searchable and we can keep it up to date with the software releases. You can check out the Reference Guide HERE.

How fast of a computer will I need to run Trilian?
As with all virtual instruments – the faster the better. Trilian is designed to run optimally on modern computers. See the System Requirements for more information.

Does Trilian need as much CPU power as Omnisphere?
No. Bass sounds require far less polyphony than most of the sounds in Omnisphere, and as a result typically require significantly less CPU power to run. However, Trilian’s largest sounds contain upwards of 10,000+ samples, so it can take much more memory resources and we recommend having a 4gb system.

Is Trilian 64 bit?
Yes! All our instruments are 64-bit native on both Mac and Windows. They are fully-operational in 32 bit hosts as well.

Does Trilian use streaming?
Yes! Trilian streams from the drive for quick loading of the sounds. Drive streaming is also configurable.

Can I selectively install parts of the Trilian library since it is so large?
Because of patch compatibility, Trilian must always be installed with the complete library. However, you can install the 35 Gigabyte library to a secondary or external drive if you wish.

Will Trilian’s streaming benefit from a faster hard drive?
Fast drives are a smart way to go of course. There’s a chapter in the Reference Guide devoted to optimizing Performance with Trilian.

Can I install Trilian on a different drive?
Yes, you can definitely install the library to a secondary or external drive.

Does Trilian have the same FX as Omnisphere?
Trilian contains all the same Effects as Omnisphere v1, but not the new FX added in Omnisphere 2.

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