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77 Reviews For This Product

  1. 77

    by Grant Karter

    I feel like I just took my production to the next level. No Lie! I honestly can’t say how glad I am to have this bundle!

  2. 77

    by Hezekiah Finnley

    Proboblly the best bundke to have for getting into audio work. Very nice veraity of tools to learn with!!

  3. 77

    by Bryson Jace

    simple plugin but awsome power.
    very nice comp, maximizer.

  4. 77

    by Julio Darius

    Cost effective and user friendly, except waves tune Lt….challengeING to figure out

  5. 77

    by Cyrus Esteban

    Native contains an excellent array of plugins and is one of the least expensive and well built bundles in Waves Audio, and their new move to the cloud instead of continuing with ilok is a dream come true.

  6. 77

    by Reid Theo

    I luv this plugins made my songs sound awesome)

  7. 77

    by Rafael Nash

    Best Deal of the Year

  8. 77

    by Iker Martin

    Very useful plugins for production and mixing. Recommended!

  9. 77

    by Harvey Zayne

    All the plug-ins work fine and are a great addition to my collection. Professional sound high quality plug-ins.

  10. 77

    by William James

    waiting for the perfect sale. wanted the Native for years and got it for $316!!!

  11. 77

    by Joseph Jackson

    I feel like I just took my production to the next level. No Lie! I honestly can’t say how glad I am to have this bundle!

  12. 77

    by Daniel Matthew

    Love it great for vocal mastering and production. Works great with both pro tools and fl stuido the 2 DAWs i use in my everyday work flow.

  13. 77

    by Tony Uriah

    Great plugin pack…

  14. 77

    by Micah Vincent Weston

    Love the plug-ins! I need more though lol

  15. 77

    by Reid Theo

    it is a great bundle to have and for the price its a no brainer ill be replacing my melodyne with this!!!!

  16. 77

    by Adrian Asher

    Outstanding quality and range!

  17. 77

    by Angel Brayden

    Sweet freaking deal is what it is!

  18. 77

    by Erik Odin

    They work flawlessly.

  19. 77

    by Charles Caleb

    Very useful and easy to use!

  20. 77

    by Easton Nolan

    This plugin is worth every penny many times over. Instant results!

  21. 77

    by Kieran Luciano

    No Words Needed

  22. 77

    by Ayden Jameson

    Great bundle.

  23. 77

    by Silas Tristan

    Great effect, easy to use, Cooool sound.

  24. 77

    by Desmond Caiden

    Perfect for production and mixing. Love this plugins 🙂

  25. 77

    by Bryson Jace

    I product this bundle because it made perfect

  26. 77

    by Alan Elliott

    The Best of Both Worlds

  27. 77

    by Roman Jason

    love it!!

  28. 77

    by Nash Beckham

    A must own for any one interested in music. Love It!

  29. 77

    by Ivan Maddox

    I recently purchased this product and am enjoying using them in my productions!

  30. 77

    by Santiago Chase

    A great range of product each easy to use.

  31. 77

    by Luis Braxton

    trust me this is a Fantastic

  32. 77

    by Kayden Ayden

    Amazing usability!

  33. 77

    by Jeffrey Tyson

    the best there is!

  34. 77

    by Vincent Weston

    Great product some really good software and at a fantastic price.
    Love a deal.

  35. 77

    by Harrison Brandon

    Excellent customer service with the kind politeness!

  36. 77

    by Brantley Edward


  37. 77

    by Cole Declan

    I’ve worked with these product for many years & Useful product

  38. 77

    by Christian Hunter

    Complete and incredible package

  39. 77

    by Jaxson Greyson

    Perfect Like a dreams 🙂

  40. 77

    by Axel Tyler

    You can’t mix without Native Instruments!

  41. 77

    by Joaquin Wade

    I heard about it I saw it work in professionnals studios now I got it it was what I just missed….

  42. 77

    by Tobias Manuel

    Awesome deal
    Very useful product. I’m happy to have it

  43. 77

    by Adan Khalil

    Thanks to all those Synthesizers I can do everything!

  44. 77

    by Terrence Brysen

    Best collection of product for the Money

  45. 77

    by August Oscar

    very professional
    i love it!

  46. 77

    by Yosef Rayden

    Gives me all i need for my productions with an amzing quality

  47. 77

    by Uriah Dennis

    A set of useful software. I am still discovering their possibilities awesome

  48. 77

    by Ariel Enrique

    I especially love the Native

  49. 77

    by Casey Dillon

    Great product with a variety of useful product.

  50. 77

    by Gustavo Jamari

    I like the product they work’s very well

  51. 77

    by Brady Colin

    It sucks that there are so many negative feelings in here, as I honestly have had very few challenges in comparison to any other products from major makers. I own the Maschine Studio, Jam and S61 and they work seamlessly together. I really enjoy the Maschine IOS app. I love their stock sounds and enjoy the workflow. Keep getting updates that improve the current rig. Overall I am a very satisfied NI Customer.

  52. 77

    by Alfredo Cassius

    It is avery good feeling using this product!

  53. 77

    by Jaxton Dalton

    I am very satisfied! Very good product.

  54. 77

    by Jamison Sterling

    Great product. Worth each Euro you spend for it.awesome

  55. 77

    by Omar Javier

    Amazing instruments, Komplete is essential to my productions.

  56. 77

    by Lawson

    I must admit their customer service is greatest compared to amazon lol but their products really help musicians and that’s what matters most. Hopefully in the future their hardware line will be more high quality Of build.

  57. 77

    by Yahir Brodie

    Very good all round. help from support when needed. Very happy with my recent purchases

  58. 77

    by Kason Porter

    Great products love your product!
    It’s a great product package!!!

  59. 77

    by Felix Bryan

    Loving the product so far, really enhanced my production to a precessional level. I feel I love this package

  60. 77

    by Hamza Alfredo

    Awesome Love it Plugins are a great addon to what I have already

  61. 77

    by Kash Hendrix


  62. 77

    by Denver

    Perfect. It has everything you need you think you need something it doesn’t have you’ll find out it does have it.

  63. 77

    by Nickolas Toby

    Hello!!! I am very satisfied with the pack. Now I study with the tutorials of the web to get the best performance to the product. Thanks saleonplugins!!!

  64. 77

    by Riley Cayden

    Amazing!! Great investment.

  65. 77

    by Charlie Ace

    Awesome products always from saleonplugins

  66. 77

    by Gattyán Gábor

    Super Quality!
    You won’t be disappointed!

  67. 77

    by Betsy

    Fantastic Native Instruments super quality.I’m really enjoying the product

  68. 77

    by Ryland Lawrence

    Great service and taking care of customer well! well done guys.

  69. 77

    by Ruben

    I feel like I just took my production to the next level.I honestly can’t say how glad I am to have this product!

  70. 77

    by Adam

    Excellent, Delighted
    Quick and easy!

  71. 77

    by Prayas Adhikari

    Definitely worth the purchase… It’s everything you need to get you going.

  72. 77

    by Harold Quek

    I am very satisfied! Very good product.
    Also excellent technical support team Have a nice day !!!

  73. 77

    by Robert Davies

    I am very satisfied! Very good product.They work flawlessly.Highly recommend.

  74. 77

    by Peter Kavanagh

    Excellent value well rounded package competitive pricing Recommend!

  75. 77

    by Joe Vaughn

    I’m happy owner of Native Instruments!No studio should be without this product. They work flawlessly.

  76. 77

    by The Hopper

    I like how simple it look and how easy it is to use without sacrificing feature and quality

  77. 77

    by Reclamador anonimo

    Fantastic product most everything a home enthusiast will need and super quality.

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