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The Definitive Resource for Pro Sound Design and Music Production

Tech Specs (Catalina Supported)

  • Software Type:Instrument and Effects library
  • Platform:Mac
  • Upgrade/Full:Full
  • Download/Boxed:Instant Download
  • Bit Depth:64-bit
  • Format:Standalone, VST, AU
  • Hardware Requirements – Mac:Intel Core i5 or higher, 6GB RAM or more recommended, 490GB drive space (if installing all content)
  • OS Requirements – Mac:MacOS 10.12 or later 
  • Manufacturer Part Number:25726


Packed with Native Instruments’ latest effects, instruments, and features, Komplete 12 Ultimate offers endless potential for in-the-box sound design and music production. Inside you’ll find over 100 products spanning an impressive 45,000 preset sounds and more than 600GB of content. New features include the award-winning Kontakt 6 sampling engine, with a sleeker interface and three new forward-looking instrument libraries; the new Massive X synth*, successor to the genre-defining Massive and bursting with sonic possibility; and Session Guitarist, which creates folksy acoustic and driving electric tracks as easily as comping chords. These and other favorites, including Reaktor 6, Battery 4, and Guitar Rig 5 Pro, come pre-loaded onto one handy installation drive for instant access.


What’s New and Cool

Kontakt 6 + three new libraries

Native Instruments’ award-winning sampling engine is even better in version 6. Fully featured and even easier to navigate, Kontakt 6 unlocks the full potential of your NI and third-party NKS libraries. Onboard scripting and audio routing make Kontakt 6 a true production and performance powerhouse. Komplete 12 Ultimate includes three new Kontakt instruments:

  • Analog Dreams: with its mood-matching Miami Vice color scheme and treasure trove of ’80s heirloom synths, Analog Dreams is the perfect companion for today’s synthwave creator and nostalgia peddler.
  • Hybrid Keys*: these hypersampled and pre-processed pianos and keys are based on techniques used by today’s chartbusters. If you’re looking for a ready-made Drake or Lorde sound, you’ll find it here in Hybrid Keys.
  • Ethereal Earth*: organic textures meet daring wavetables in the Ethereal Earth library. From Mid-Eastern melodics to devastating drones, this library is perfect for soundscaping.

*Hybrid Keys and Ethereal Earth will be made available as free downloads upon their release.

Session Guitarist

There’s just no replacement for a strummed acoustic or driving electric guitar in a modern production. Session Guitarist includes the latest versions of two exclusive NI libraries — Electric Sunburst and Strummed Acoustic 2 — for lifelike, organic guitar textures on demand. From delicate arpeggios to convincing palm mutes, Session Guitarist is like feeding your ideas through the mind of a competent session guitar player, with accurate strumming, chording, and leading. More than 100 presets are included to get you started.

Massive X

NI’s flagship wavetable synth heads in a radical new direction with Massive X, with more sounds and more delicious presets to stoke your analog and digital appetites. Massive X looks to be not just one of the best virtual synths on the market, but one of the best synths, hardware or software, of its time.

Session Strings Pro 2

Komplete’s ubersampled 22-piece string ensemble can add new dimensions of realism to your cinematic works and pop productions. Smart Play creates sophisticated diatonic harmonies based off single-note inputs. Rhythm Animator creates impressive patterns with step sequencer-like ease. And assignable articulations (slides, staccatos) give players touch control without advanced menu diving.

More instruments, effects, and sounds than ever before

You’ll find over 100 instruments/processors and more than 45,000 preset sounds within Native Instruments’ Komplete 12 Ultimate. From the endless creative potential of Reaktor 6 to the authentic world-music textures of the Discover Series to the convincing amp sims of Guitar Rig Pro 5, Ultimate has you covered for virtually any production obstacle you might encounter. You also get excellent mix tools from the Solid Mix Series, including studio-style EQ, Dynamics, and Bus Compression processors, while innovative titles such as the unique sample-and-synthesis-driven Form and the multi-mode Replika XT delay make the latest Komplete more flexible than ever.

Hands-on hardware control

If you’re rocking a Kontrol S- or A-series keyboard controller or Maschine creation tool, then you’ll be blown away by the way Komplete 12 Ultimate fits into your workflow. Not only can you browse your Komplete 12 library for instruments and effects directly from your hardware, but you can also call up individual presets via the tag/category-based browser and tweak them to perfection without touching a mouse. It’s the perfect combination of software flexibility with the hands-on control you’d expect from a traditional hardware keyboard or groove machine.

Inspiring tools for post-production, sound design, and mastering

Because Komplete 12 Ultimate is such a powerful tool for songwriting, it’s easy to forget that it’s perfect for post-production, too. If you produce audio for video on a regular basis, you know that you can never have too much content to pull from. And Komplete 12 really covers all angles — whether you need pulsing tribal drums for an ad, a solemn acoustic piano for a short film, or powerful sound design capabilities to create sound effects, Komplete 12 Ultimate has the tools you need. Best of all, the individual products are all very easy to browse through, making your entire creative process, from writing to mastering, totally streamlined. Equip yourself for all your sound design needs, with Native Instruments Komplete 12 Ultimate from Sweetwater.

Included Products:


  • Kontakt 6 Industry-standard software sampler
  • Reaktor 6 Modular DSP laboratory


  • Absynth 5 Powerful semi-modular hybrid synthesizer
  • FM8 Advanced FM synthesizer
  • Form Transformative sample-tracking synthesizer
  • Kontour Expressive phase modulation performance synthesizer
  • Massive Powerhouse virtual analog synthesizer
  • Massive X Genre-defining synth
  • Monark Iconic monosynth
  • Razor Additive synthesis powerhouse
  • Reaktor Prism Vibrant modal synth and effects
  • Reaktor Spark Dynamic subtractive synthesizer
  • Retro Machines mk2 Collection of 16 vintage synths and keyboards
  • Rounds Advanced sequence synthesizer
  • Skanner XT Wave scanning synthesizer
  • Trk-01 Fast, powerful kick and bass sound design

Creative Samplers

  • Battery 4 Cutting-edge drum sampler
  • Flesh Augmented performance synthesizer
  • Polyplex 8-part randomizing drum designer

Drums and Percussion

  • Abbey Road Vintage Drummer 2 ultra-rare pre-1950s jazz/big band kits recorded at Abbey Road
  • Abbey Road 50s Drummer 2 vintage ’50s kits recorded at Abbey Road
  • Abbey Road 60s Drummer 2 vintage ’60s kits recorded at Abbey Road
  • Abbey Road 70s Drummer 2 vintage ’70s kits recorded at Abbey Road
  • Abbey Road 80s Drummer 2 ’80s drum kits recorded at Abbey Road
  • Abbey Road Modern Drummer 2 premium rock/pop drum kits recorded at Abbey Road
  • Drumlab Advanced drum design laboratory
  • Maschine Drum Selection 20 Maschine drum kits with integrated drum computer
  • Studio Drummer 3 premium drum kits with over 3,300 groove patterns

World Instruments

  • Balinese Gamelan Perfectly sampled Balinese gamelan instrument
  • Cuba Authentic Afro-Cuban rhythms and harmonies
  • India Indian instruments with traditional rhythms and scales
  • Middle East Extensive instrument and pattern library drawn from Arabic, Turkish, and Persian music
  • West Africa Playable polyrhythmic percussion and melodic instruments

Acoustic Pianos

  • Alicia’s Keys Alicia Keys’ own studio piano sampled from her playing
  • The Gentleman Vintage upright piano
  • The Giant World’s largest upright piano
  • The Grandeur Concert grand piano
  • The Maverick Vintage grand piano
  • Una Corda One-of-a-kind handcrafted upright piano

Electric Pianos and Organs

  • George Duke Soul Treasures 500 sliced keyboard phrases played by George Duke
  • Scarbee A-200 Classic electric piano sampled to perfection
  • Scarbee Clavinet/Pianet 2 legendary keyboards expertly sampled
  • Scarbee Mark I Classic electric piano beautifully sampled
  • Vintage Organs 5 classic organs

Acoustic and Electric Guitars

  • Scarbee Funk Guitarist Authentic funk rhythm guitar instrument
  • Session Guitarist — Electric Sunburst A perfectly captured, playable electric guitar with realistic picking, riff, and strumming
  • Session Guitarist — Strummed Acoustic 2 Authentic 6- and 12-string acoustic guitars with over 160 patterns performed by skilled musicians

Electric Bass

  • Scarbee Jay-bass Fender Jazz Bass instrument
  • Scarbee MM-bass Classic ’70s electric bass
  • Scarbee MM-bass Amped Classic ’70s electric bass sampled through 4 amps
  • Scarbee Pre-bass Sampled Fender Precision Bass instrument
  • Scarbee Pre-bass Amped Amped Fender Precision Bass sampled through 4 amps
  • Scarbee Rickenbacker Bass Rickenbacker 4003 bass guitar

Classical Instruments

  • Session Horns Pro Contemporary 6-piece horn section
  • Session Strings Pro 2 Contemporary sound of a 22-piece ensemble
  • Symphony Essentials — Brass Ensemble Orchestral brass ensemble
  • Symphony Essentials — Brass Solo Solo orchestral brass
  • Symphony Essentials — Percussion An exhaustive set of 55 orchestral percussion instruments, recorded at Studio 22, Budapest.
  • Symphony Essentials — String Ensemble 60-piece string ensemble
  • Symphony Essentials — Woodwind Ensemble 36-piece woodwind orchestra
  • Symphony Essentials — Woodwind Solo 6 professional woodwind soloists


  • Action Strikes Huge cinematic percussion
  • Action Strings Epic, orchestral, blockbuster strings
  • Damage Epic cinematic percussion with big drums and edgy electronics
  • Emotive Strings Soaring legato string lines and arpeggios
  • Evolve Premier resource for cinematic FX, sounds, and rhythms
  • Evolve Mutations 2GB of rhythm and tonality instruments for the modern composer
  • Evolve Mutations 2 2GB of percussive kits, rhythms, stings, transitions, and FX
  • Kinetic Metal Highly-playable metallic instrument
  • Kinetic Toys Vintage sonic toy box with 35 themed sound sets and 600+ snapshots
  • Rise & Hit Spine-chilling cinematic build-ups
  • Thrill Real-time cinematic tension instrument

Studio Effects

  • Enhanced EQ Easy-to-use EQ that enhances low end and clarifies midrange
  • Passive EQ High-end tube-powered 2-channel 4-band parametric EQ
  • Solid Bus Comp Bus compressor and more
  • Solid Dynamics Stereo compressor with gate and expander
  • Solid EQ Versatile 6-band equalizer
  • Supercharger GT Modern tube compression
  • Transient Master Essential dynamics effect for enhancing and fixing recordings
  • Vari Comp All-purpose 2-channel compressor
  • VC 160 Classic compressor
  • VC 2A Vintage electro-optical compressor
  • VC 76 Vintage FET compressor

Creative Effects

  • Driver Versatile creative distortion and filter
  • Guitar Rig 5 Pro All-in-one guitar and bass solution with 17 amps and 54 effects
  • Mod Pack — Phasis Draws inspiration from classic phasers but adds powerful new features
  • Mod Pack — Choral 4-mode chorus, each with a distinct character
  • Mod Pack — Flair Vintage-style or futuristic harmonically tuned flanging
  • Mod Pack — Dirt Distortion stompbox that combines analog modeling with refined controls and flexible routing
  • Mod Pack — Bite An elegant and broad spectrum of distortion
  • Mod Pack — Freak Three sound-bending modulation types with sidechain capability
  • Molekular Modular effects system for Reaktor
  • Rammfire Rammstein-based groundbreaking amp emulation
  • RC 48 Royal studio hall classic algorithmic reverb emulation
  • RC 24 Character studio hall classic algorithmic reverb emulation
  • Reflektor Creative convolution reverb
  • Replika XT Creative multi-mode delay
  • The Finger Playable multi-effects unit
  • The Mouth Unique synthesizer that generates melodies and harmonies
  • Traktor’s 12 12 unique, studio-ready effects from Traktor

20 Kontakt Expansions, Including:

  • Analog Dreams ’80s synthwave pads and bass
  • Hybrid Keys Processed modern pianos and keys
  • Ethereal Earth Organic instruments mixed with wavetables
  • True School Fuses traditions of old- and new-school beatmaking
  • Velvet Lounge A bridge between classic soul music and 21st-century production techniques
  • Deep Matter Captures the authentic vibes of Berlin’s underground sound
  • Halcyon Sky The reverb-drenched sound of contemporary ambient electronica
  • Lucid Mission The hyper-real sound of trance-infused EDM
  • Neon Drive The sounds of synths throughout the age
  • Queensbridge Story Created by Mobb Deep’s Havoc, one of hip hop’s living legends
  • Molten Veil Dynamic, dark, dancefloor-ready sounds
  • Elastic Thump A brightly colored fusion of funk, R&B, and house music
  • London Grit Raw beats and heavy sub-bass with icy distortion, atmosphere, and color

Native Instruments Komplete 12 Ultimate Features:

  • Definitive collection of industry-standard and forward-looking virtual instruments and effects
  • 600+GB of content — includes 100+ products and 45,000 sounds — all loaded onto a convenient installation drive
  • New and notable features include Kontakt 6 with three new libraries, the Massive X synth*, Session Guitarist with Electric Sunburst and Strummed Acoustic 2 guitar libraries, and Session Strings Pro 2
  • Hard-hitting samplers, powerful synthesizers, and other virtual instruments provide tons of songwriting and soundscaping power
  • Solid Mix Series processors bring you the sound of studio-favorite EQ, Dynamics, and Bus Compression
  • Integration with Maschine hybrid workstations and Komplete Kontrol S-series and A-series keyboard controllers
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