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Lunaris is a sample based pad instrument, containing pads only from classic analog pads to lush ambient pads, cinematic pads and any pads in between including 30 original Luftrum pads from the Prophet-6. Lunaris also contains sequenced pads from underscoring elements to more contemporary rhythmic patterns plus a selection of dark, avantgarde and obscure pads. Lunaris is 4.5GB and ships with 400 presets created by world-class sound designers as Arksun, Bigtone, Himalaya, Luftrum, Martin Walker, Adam Pietruszko, Twolegs Toneworks and Brandon Clark.
At the heart of Lunaris are 2700 meticulously hand trimmed samples, collected in over 200 sound sources of multisampled pads, field recordings, synth transients and soundscapes available to mix, sculpt and shape into the perfect pad structure.
Not only is Lunaris a dream pad machine, it is also a full bodied creative tool that can excel at anything from soundscapes to synth leads, as well as drones and organic textures, complementing both the producer, composer and the sound designer.
Lunaris is licensed to and made for the free Kontakt Player so the full version of Kontakt is not required. It will run without limits in the free Kontakt Player or the full version of Kontakt v5.6.8 or later, and can be loaded directly in your DAW as any other plugin, no other software is needed to run Lunaris. It will also load in Propellerhead Reason 9.5 and later, which adds VST to Reason. Lunaris is NKS ready and designed for use with Komplete Kontrol and Machine.


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40 Reviews For This Product

  1. 39

    by Edgar Sergio

    Excellent and caught it on a great deal

  2. 39

    by Edgar Sergio

    Is a very good software, it helps me to achieve great sound quality

  3. 39

    by Jeffrey Tyson

    Excellent and caught it on a great deal

  4. 39

    by Kyler Garrett

    Is a very good software, it helps me to achieve great sound quality

  5. 39

    by Lincoln Mateo

    Thanks to all those plugins I can do everything!

  6. 39

    by Damien Chance

    Its working good

  7. 39

    by Gunner Simon

    It’s got the tools I need. Works perfectly

  8. 39

    by Porter Sullivan

    Very intuitiveeasy to work with, and gives me the sound mixing capabilities that are unmatched.

  9. 39

    by Oliver Jacob

    A great starting point

  10. 39

    by Henry Joseph

    Exellent quality of the different PlugIns. Of course with bundles you allways by a few things you probably never use…

  11. 39

    by Hayes Finnegan

    the ultimate choice of plugIns for every day

  12. 39

    by Dylan Luke

    his bundle is amazing! Just love the way the compressors and equalizers sound!!

  13. 39

    by Quinton Cannon

    Luftrum répond à tous les besoins d’un ingénieur du son pour améliorer une voix qu’elle soit parlée ou chantée. C’est un ensemble de plugins très utile et complémentaire à un équipement de mastering hard 19’´. Super !

  14. 39

    by Declan Luis

    Nice selection, very useable.

  15. 39

    by Easton Nolan

    Thanks for the this product

  16. 39

    by Andrew Lincoln

    Great and very usefull product

  17. 39

    by Aaden Brixton

    this product Good

  18. 39

    by Clayton Sean


  19. 39

    by Clark Reed

    Good product

  20. 39

    by Nikolas Brennan

    Great way to get the fundamentals in place

  21. 39

    by Israel Matias

    what I needed

  22. 39

    by Gabriel Anthony

    Love these plugins

  23. 39

    by aCasey Dillonmin

    great vst’s. very professional in every way. love using them in my mixes.

  24. 39

    by Weston Miles

    I like the plugins

  25. 39

    by Nathan Aaron

    This is an unbelievable package for the price.

  26. 39

    by Brian Kenneth

    This is good stuff. Very usable.

  27. 39

    by Brandon Cole

    The plugins are amazing.

  28. 39

    by Vincent Weston

    Everything sounds better the moment I put the first plugin on!

  29. 39

    by Angel Austin

    these are some very useful tools not quite all of the Luftrum – Lunaris Pads (KONTAKT)
    I’d like but gotta begin somewhere

  30. 39

    by Ethan Daniel

    Exellent quality of the different PlugIns. Of course with product you allways by a few things you probably never use…

  31. 39

    by Bryson Jace

    Finally I got my Luftrum product

  32. 39

    by Alejandro Marcus

    love it i have a much better sound now

  33. 39

    by Zayne Jay

    Installation done very quickly without problem! Excellent and professional product

  34. 39

    by Jonathan Connor

    Great price, awesome product.

  35. 39

    by Bryson Parker

    I have bought the Luftrum and I am so happy 🙂

  36. 39

    by Logan Benjamin

    Best collection of product for the Money

  37. 39

    by Logan Benjamin

    One of the best buys i have ever made.

  38. 39

    by Leo Theodore

    Powerful product , unbeatable price

  39. by Yesbet88 Casino

    Love this Group of product.

  40. 39

    by Zachariah Cade

    I love it but I gotta lot of learning to do. There is so many product!!

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Luftrum - Lunaris Pads (KONTAKT)