FabFilter Timeless 3 Delay Plug-in (MAC)

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Tech Specs (M1/M2 Supported via Rosetta)

  • Software Type:Delay
  • Platform:Mac, 
  • Upgrade/Full:Full
  • Download/Boxed:Download
  • Bit Depth:32-bit, 64-bit
  • Format:AAX Native, VST, VST3, AU, AudioSuite
  • Hardware Requirements – Mac:Intel Core 2 Duo or higher, 4GB RAM minimum
  • OS Requirements – Mac:OS X 10.10 or later
  • Manufacturer Part Number:11-31579

A Serious Delay Plug-in

From organic, vintage-style tape slap to heavily modulated echo pandemonium, Sweetwater engineers take their delays quite seriously. Fortunately, there’s a serious plug-in to fuel our delayed flights of fancy. FabFilter Timeless 3 isn’t just a meticulously modeled classic tape delay; it’s a heavyweight sound-mangling champ with insanely cool hi-fi filters and copious creative options that allow you to create jaw-dropping echo, chorus, flanger, phaser, scratch effects, and much more. Your delay signal is normalled to six high-quality multimode filters, then routed back to the delays with adjustable feedback and cross-feedback knobs. You also get per-channel phase inversion for stunning flanger and phasing effects.

Modulation routings couldn’t be easier

In Timeless 3, patching up new modulation routings couldn’t be easier — simply drag and drop! Endowed with all the XLFOs, EGs, XY controllers, envelope followers and MIDI sources you could hope for, Timeless 3 offers virtually unlimited modulation possibilities. Lastly, all the usual FabFilter goodies are included: precision-tuned controls, MIDI Learn, Smart Parameter Interpolation for smooth parameter transitions, extensive help with interactive help hints, AltiVec and SSE optimization, and more.

The most powerful Timeless yet!

A modern plug-in classic, FabFilter Timeless is a go-to plug-in for professional mix engineers and delay-obsessed amateurs, and Timeless 3 packs in even more echoic power! A selection of new sound manglers, including drive, lo-fi, dynamics and pitch effects, give you a wealth of options for creatively treating the feedback delay sound. Wacky rhythmic delays are no problem with Timeless 3’s 16 independently tweakable delay taps and ping-pong modes. Plus, you now have six filters on deck, curve control on the envelope generators, transient detection for envelope following, and a live modulation visualizer that provides an at-a-glance look at modulation sources and destinations. And if you enjoy twisting knobs and pulling faders, Timeless 3 now supports most common Pro Tools hardware control surfaces!

FabFilter Timeless 3 Tape Delay Plug-in Features:

  • 16 delay lines (5ms to 5 sec) with host tempo sync and panning
  • Feedback, cross-feedback, and phase inversion
  • Tape delay or time-stretching behavior when changing the delay time
  • Mid/side processing
  • Freeze buffer option
  • Over 300 presets
  • Tap feature
  • 6 state-of-the-art multimode filters with filter panning and 11 characteristics
  • Color delay tails with drive, lo-fi, dynamics and pitch effects
  • Multi-tap rhythmic delay and ping-pong modes
  • Interactive filter display
  • Revolutionary interface with FabFilter’s innovative “what you use is what you see” concept
  • GPU-powered graphics acceleration
  • Normal and wide interface layouts, with an option to show or hide the modulation section at the bottom
  • Exhaustive 16-step modulation options: XLFOs, XY controllers, envelope generators, envelope followers, and MIDI sources
  • Easy drag-and-drop modulation with modulation visualizer
  • Modulation source signal visualization
  • Interactive MIDI Learn
  • Unique per-component presets
  • Smart Parameter Interpolation
  • Extensive help file with interactive help hints
  • Undo, redo and A/B switch features
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FabFilter Timeless 3 Delay Plug-in (MAC)

£0.00£129.00 (-100%)

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