Cymatics – Boombox Drums For Trap (Sample Packs)


Product Description

Trap is a genre near and dear to many of us.

As one of the most relevant genres of dance music today, it comes as no surprise when huge trap bangers get millions and millions of plays on Soundcloud and Spotify. However, the one thing all of the biggest trap songs have in common may surprise you…

It isn’t their sound design, low end, or even the phenomenal melodies present in some of these huge songs. It’s the drums.

After noticing this, our production team spent weeks creating some of the biggest drums in dance music right now – all from scratch! As a bonus to the phenomenal dance music community, instead of just having drums in the pack, we’ve added HUGE brass sounds, melodic synths, lush vocals and more!

If you’re a bass music producer, don’t miss your chance to get some of the best trap loops and samples we’ve ever made – download Savage Drums for Trap Gold Edition now!

Savage Drums for Trap – Gold Edition specs: 552 Drum one Shots, 100 808s, 110 Drum Fills, 125 Drum Loops, 100 Brass Loops & One Shots, 326 Synth Loops & One Shots, 3.4 GB total size, .WAW (works in any music software), 100% royalty free


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