Omnisphere 2 Keyscape Trillian Bundle (WIN)


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Spectrasonics – Omnisphere 2 + Trilian + Keyscape (Instant Download Of 180GB)


Bit : 32bit / 64bit / AAX /VST/VST3
Interface language : English
Tabletka : Present
System requirements : WINDOWS All Versions
Processor: 2.4 GHz and above
RAM: 4GB minimum, 8GB recommended.
This plug-in requires a DAW (Cakewalk Sonar / FL Studio / Cocos Reaper / Steinberg Cubase, etc.)
The Omnisphere synthesizer, the fruit of several years of development by Spectrasonics, is a completely new brand of virtual instruments. This epic synthesizer is based on completely new sound technologies, combining a wide variety of real-time hybrid synthesis methods, an epic library of psychoacoustic sounds, and many innovative features that have never been used before either in hardware or software synthesizers. Omnisphere is a Spectrasonics product based on the patented STEAM engine, which is the basis of all the performance functions of Spectrasonics tools. Instruments equipped with the STEAM multitimbral engine provide many hybrid synthesis functions and include additional control functions. Technology based on the STEAM engine, provides the ability to work with 64-bit applications and new operating systems.All Spectrasonics’ virtual instruments based on the STEAM engine interact with each other.

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136 Reviews For This Product

  1. 136

    by Emmanuel Jonah

    Full of utility. Great value.

  2. 136

    by Mateo Ryan

    These plugins are really great! As I bought them as a bundle, I could save a lot of money and got the most important plugins from Waves…what should I say, it’s a no-brainer. Easy setup, great sounding plugins…I can really recommend them!

  3. 136

    by Derek Josue

    simple plugin but awsome power.
    very nice comp, maximizer.

  4. 136

    by Derek Josue

    Bought the Omnisphere package on sale for a FLAMING deal and it was totally worth it! Support was very helpful when I needed help logging into my account and all the plugins downloaded and worked perfect! 5 Stars!

  5. 136

    by Jorge Zander

    Perfect for mixing engineer and for sound design!! Simple installation! Good job Omnisphere !!!

  6. 136

    by Holden Griffin

    simple plugin but awsome power.
    very nice comp, maximizer

  7. 136

    by Israel Matias

    Very cool!

  8. 136

    by Jaden Barrett

    Great effect, easy to use, Cooool sound.
    Thank you!!!

  9. 136

    by Royce Skyler

    Great Bundle!

  10. 136

    by Aaron Isaiah

    Just a GREAT bundle!

  11. 136

    by Xavier Parker

    That was a good deal, to take this pack during the black monday.
    It has really good plug in it. I’m really happy.

  12. 136

    by Jaxson Greyson

    Got the Omnisphere on a deal weekend and very very pleased with my purchase and all the plugins that came with it.

  13. 136

    by Adam Elias

    very professional pack with amazing quality i totally recommend this if you are unsure what bundle to get

  14. 136

    by Ares Kashton

    i know Omnisphere makes great plugins but to load them had to update my os which turned out to be a royal pain. while trying to update my lynx i/o disappeared the internet doesn’t work the ephonix board don’t work. i love waves products but don’t know if it is worth the trouble

  15. 136

    by Sebastian David

    Perfect starter package

  16. 136

    by Michael Alexander

    The Omnisphere contains almost all the plugins that you need to start up. A couple of different EQ’s, a couple of different compressors, de-esser and a guitaramp. It even contains Tune Light to get a simple tune corrector. This bundle is highly recommended.

  17. 136

    by Eli Jonathan

    To me the Omnisphere is the most important plugin bundle i own. It has everything you need in it. I heavily use it for sounddesign, mixing and mastering. Just awesome.

  18. 136

    by Allen Ari

    I don’t think I could have found a better value plugin bundle. Full of plugins that fulfill specific tasks with the minimum of fuss. I still can’t get over the bottom end I get from the Maxx Bass bass enhancer. Depth for days.

  19. 136

    by Winston Kendrick

    a comprehensive set of tools, which cover most of the eventualities using a DAW. Many years ago I used the Native Power Pack so was familiar with a few of the plug-ins

  20. 136

    by Winston Kendrick

    I love the plugins.

  21. 136

    by Ian Adam

    I have good feeling with my new Waves . It’s very versatile tool for my working, making smooth and warm pop and dance music. I have to be satisfied for purchasing your product, thank you!

  22. 136

    by Jordan Dominic

    can’t make nice sound without Omnisphere

  23. 136

    by Weston Miles

    Everything is top notch sounding and runs smooth. I just wish the Omnisphere tune came in the full version instead of lite version

  24. 136

    by Micah Vincent

    Beautiful bundle with top and usefull plugins.
    Not 5 star because it not work with Grass Valley Edius 8.

  25. 136

    by Ivan Maddox

    Brilliant Product! Must have!

  26. 136

    by Theodore Jeremiah

    Amazing plug in!

  27. 136

    by Levi Christopher

    great software and will continue to shop with Omnisphere . love the deals they give.

  28. 136

    by Dominic Austin

    I bought it mainly for Omnisphere , but everything in there is really helpful, at least for my first steps into Vocals processing. Good plugins, killer price!

  29. 136

    by Miles Wesley

    So far so good, step in plugin-bundle for a home-studio. Very useful tool-bundle, easy to process particular in combination with other 3rd party in a daw like Ableton.

  30. 136

    by Javier Knox

    The Omnisphere bundle contains several handy and fun plugins, I would recommend it

  31. 136

    by Easton Nolan

    Really great bundle in really cheap price. All tools for good mix included.

  32. 136

    by Angel Brayden

    Really Really Omnisphere !!!! Waves Omnisphere Bundle !!!!
    If I could get dorrogugh streo , I will really really happy…….
    Have a nice day !!!

  33. 136

    by Nolan Nicholas

    I am very satisfied! Very good plugins.

  34. 136

    by Joshua Andrew

    Basic tools to help achieve a better mix

  35. 136

    by Davion Kalel

    The best buy in my life!)

  36. 136

    by Maximo Dario

    Wow, what a deal!!!

  37. 136

    by Elias Jaxson

    it is very convenient to work with beginner singers

  38. 136

    by Ian Adam

    Great products, easy to use, seamless integration with my pro tools setup, highly recommended

  39. 136

    by Dominic Austin

    Omnisphere Tune is already worth buying the bundle… and it’s only one of the plugins included!

  40. 136

    by Brayden Jordan

    I love it. I need more deals tho, so i can get more bundles 🙂

  41. 136

    by Josiah Christian

    i am very thankful to Omnisphere that this bundle is all time favourite and also all plugins are my go to plugins.

  42. 136

    by Rylan Reid

    Know what you want – get what you want

  43. 136

    by Oliver Jacob

    So great my teachers always talked about Omnisphere plugins in school at full sail. Absolutely love it can’t wait to get more !!!

  44. 136

    by Nicholas Ezra

    I thought it was just going to be a waste of money but it has turned into using literally all of those plugins lol

  45. 136

    by Jensen Daxton

    plugins, industry standard, must have!

  46. 136

    by Finn Brantley

    I use in all of my music

  47. 136

    by Zion Maximus

    Everything you need

  48. 136

    by Robert Easton

    Amazing plugins

  49. 136

    by Cooper Xavier


  50. 136

    by Xavier Parker

    Great plugins.

  51. 136

    by Finn Brantley (verified owner)

    exactly what I expected great sound…

  52. 136

    by Declan Luis (verified owner)

    Excellent plugin package for beginners with a great price.

  53. 136

    by Hudson Robert (verified owner)

    Great product

  54. 136

    by Theodore Jeremiah (verified owner)

    Great plugins. Everything you need to make decent mixes.

  55. 136

    by Marshall Johnathan (verified owner)

    Fantastic bundle.

  56. 136

    by Keegan Ali (verified owner)

    Really great plugins in really cheap price

  57. 136

    by Robert Easton (verified owner)

    I feel like I just took my production to the next level. No Lie! I honestly can’t say how glad I am to have this product

  58. 136

    by Theodore Jeremiah (verified owner)

    It is avery good feeling using 3.Omnisphere 2 Keyscape Trillian Bundl!

  59. 136

    by Ivan Maddox (verified owner)

    No brainer must have package

  60. 136

    by Dalton Nehemiah (verified owner)

    a great deal
    Plugins work great

  61. 136

    by Diego Luca (verified owner)

    Excellent product Excellent

  62. 136

    by Brantley Edward (verified owner)

    Excellent quality plug. The package contains everything needed to produce professional recording. is the best.

  63. 136

    by Dawson Lorenzo (verified owner)

    everything I need to take my music to the next level!! definitely recommend this

  64. 136

    by Jaxson Greyson (verified owner)

    No Words Needed

  65. 136

    by Maxwell Kingston (verified owner)

    I am very satisfied! Very good plugins.!!!

  66. 136

    by Jase Desmond (verified owner)

    great package
    Brilliant Product! Must have!

  67. 136

    by Richard Miguel (verified owner)

    I recently bought the Omnisphere of plugins. I find them a must have for any studio.

  68. 136

    by Maddox (verified owner)

    The best product & Excellent

  69. 136

    by Austin Ian (verified owner)

    This is a great deal for the price!! Go get it!!

  70. 136

    by Adrian Asher (verified owner)

    Awesome Comprehensive and high quality product.

  71. 136

    by Arlo Hector (verified owner)

    Downloads Great, Runs Even Better!

  72. 136

    by Adrien Jerome (verified owner)

    A lot of functionality and possibilities for the money!

  73. 136

    by Rodrigo Arjun (verified owner)

    Excellent support

  74. 136

    by Augustus Marcos (verified owner)

    Excellent collection of product!

  75. 136

    by Nathaniel Harrison (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service with the kind politeness!

  76. 136

    by Wade Leonel (verified owner)

    Great price for awesome product!

  77. 136

    by Maximiliano Anderson (verified owner)

    Comprehensive and high quality product.

  78. 136

    by Kenneth Andres (verified owner)

    Successful experience, once again with!

  79. 136

    by Theodore Jeremiah (verified owner)

    Great price for awesome product!

  80. 136

    by Adam Elias (verified owner)

    Great effect, easy to use, Cooool sound.
    Very cool!
    Thank you!!!

  81. 136

    by Cayden Holden (verified owner)

    Super recommend it! Best Deal of the Year

  82. 136

    by Abel King (verified owner)

    These product are great – I especially love

  83. 136

    by Jamari Marvin (verified owner)

    I’m very happy

  84. 136

    by Rylan Reid (verified owner)

    i need more deals like that

  85. 136

    by Nelson Hamza (verified owner)

    This product is amazing! Just love the way the compressors and equalizers sound!!

  86. 136

    by Ronald Francis (verified owner)

    Super recommend it!
    Successful experience, once again with Omnisphere

  87. 136

    by Rodney Juelz (verified owner)

    Outstanding A lot of functionality and possibilities for the money!

  88. 136

    by Aaron Isaiah (verified owner)

    Love the way it make my sound
    very professional

  89. 136

    by Coleman Keagan (verified owner)

    I luv this product made my songs sound awesome

  90. 136

    by Drake Gerardo (verified owner)

    This product is amazing! Just love the way the compressors and equalizers sound!!

  91. 136

    by Leif Bjorn (verified owner)

    It’s a great product to have.

  92. 136

    by Aden Julio (verified owner)

    It’s a great product to have.

  93. 136

    by Landen Moises (verified owner)

    Very good Bundle

  94. 136

    by Justice Trey (verified owner)

    i love using product,I aways have some tool to solve any kind pf issure on my mixers and masters!

  95. 136

    by Calvin King (verified owner)

    You can’t not have the Omnisphere really!!

  96. 136

    by Phillip Esteban (verified owner)

    Greatness It is good !
    Unbelievable value …i dont miss

  97. 136

    by Bryson Jace (verified owner)

    very professional All you need in one product

  98. 136

    by Derrick Zachariah (verified owner)

    No studio should be without this product. They work flawlessly.

  99. 136

    by Andy Solomon (verified owner)

    Support was very helpful when I needed help logging into my account and all the plugins downloaded and worked perfect! 5 Stars!

  100. 136

    by Adonis Ismael (verified owner)

    Exactly what I need it to be! Quick and easy!

  101. 136

    by Alistair Eason (verified owner)

    Very good introduction product . Easy to use product and settings.

  102. 136

    by Bodie Jordy (verified owner)

    Excellent! satisfied this product

  103. 136

    by Arthur Leon (verified owner)

    It is a very good feeling to have this product..

  104. 136

    by Jamir Tomas (verified owner)

    Excellent bargain for excellent quality product.

  105. 136

    by Langston (verified owner)

    Excellent value well rounded package competitive pricing Recommend this product

  106. 136

    by Jamari Marvin (verified owner)

    very professional product The group is excellent

  107. 136

    by Trent (verified owner)

    Superb collection of plugins for recording, mixing and mastering. Sound quality is top class. At this price for the Omnisphere it’s a no brainer.

  108. 136

    by Jasiah Callen (verified owner)

    Great sounding comprehensive package

  109. 136

    by Canaan (verified owner)

    Excellent collection of product Everything I need starting out

  110. 136

    by Anson Gannon (verified owner)

    Excellent value well rounded package competitive pricing Recommend!

  111. 136

    by Hassan Jamal (verified owner)

    Omnisphere still great for years and years
    I like the fact that are easy to use. A++

  112. 136

    by Koda Jagger (verified owner)

    Super. I am happy.good price for all of theese

  113. 136

    by Ridge Bronson (verified owner)

    Brilliant Product! Must have!

  114. 136

    by Eduardo (verified owner)

    You can’t not have the Omnisphere really!!Everything I need starting out

  115. 136

    by Remington (verified owner)

    Excellent value well rounded package competitive pricing Recommend!Very good

  116. 136

    by Kleon Vakalopoulos (verified owner)

    Brilliant Product! Must have This product!

  117. 136

    by paola pereznieto (verified owner)

    great price for an amazing product

  118. 136

    by Tim Fowler (verified owner)

    They responded very quickly to my emails and were a great help! Thank you

  119. 136

    by Rannah Scamp (verified owner)

    As expected- a great Omnisphere product

  120. 136

    by Jaime Duke (verified owner)

    It’s super and high quality product, thanks for asking!

  121. 136

    by TJ Stevens (verified owner)

    Superb software Great product. The best buy in my life!

  122. 136

    by Sophie Morello (verified owner)

    This product is amazing! Just love the way. Great product.Thank you saleonplugins team!

  123. 136

    by Dan Raabe (verified owner)

    Pricing Recommend! well rounded product

  124. 136

    by Michael Menke (verified owner)

    Consistently used in my work and I would never be without them. But with total confidence..!!

  125. 136

    by Karthik AGK (verified owner)

    Satisfied with my purchase.Thanks a million.

  126. 136

    by Jack Davies (verified owner)

    very professional pack with amazing quality i totally recommend this if you are unsure what bundle to get

  127. 136

    by Elijahman T (verified owner)

    I love it! but I gotta lot of learning to do. its a must have ! i love it

  128. 136

    by Luz Rosa (verified owner)

    This is an unbelievable package for the price.

  129. 136

    by Chunwing Ng (verified owner)

    This website is perfection super fast service thank you so much Neeki for the great support ✌

  130. 136

    by Richard Frost (verified owner)

    I love this product with all the different product that comes with this product.

  131. 136

    by Teresa (verified owner)

    I am delighted to have this product! hey I would do without for the moment thank you A complete essential complex product pack.

  132. 136

    by David Fearrington (verified owner)

    I am very satisfied! Very good product at a Great price!!!

  133. 136

    by Christina von Scala (verified owner)

    Open up the creative flow immensely!!I’m very happy Thanks

  134. 136

    by Lisa Clubb (verified owner)

    Proboblly the best product to have for getting into audio work. Very nice veraity of tools to learn with.

  135. 136

    by Robert Winter (verified owner)

    A great range of product each easy to use.

  136. 136

    by MR. JESPER SCHERBE (verified owner)

    Totally Awesome I’m very happy

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