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Year / Release Date: 01/16/2020
Version: 01.16.2020
Developer: Waves
Developer’s site: Waves
Bit: 64bit

System Requirements: Windows 10 x64
Intel Core i3 / i5 / i7 / Xeon / AMD Quad-Core
Microsoft Visual C ++ 2005-2008-2010-2012-2013-2015-2017
Minimum: 1024×768
Internet connection
Description: A completely finished fleet of virtual effects and instruments from A to Z of the highest quality and with support for 64-bit systems! With faster scanning, loading, and processing, Waves V10 opens up new dimensions of the power of high-performance plug-ins. Perhaps the most famous name in the world among manufacturers of professional audio processing effects. Mastering, mixing music, post-production, restoration of audio recordings, dynamic processing, equalization, noise reduction, emulation of classic analog devices – all this is available with the Waves Complete Collection. Waves is the choice of most recording studios. Plugins are rightfully considered to be one of the best and they will instantly connect to your working project and will be immediately ready for work. Update your Waves right now.



January 16th, 2020
New release – OVox Vocal ReSynthesis, now available as a single plugin as well as in the Inspire Virtual Instruments Collection. New release – SuperRack v11.0.53.36; SuperRack SoundGrid v11.0.53.36: Various bug fixes; SoundGrid Driver updates: SoundGrid ASIO / Core Audio Driver v11.0.53.35: Various bug fixesImproved: All Waves instruments are now supported in Pro Tools 2019 under macOS Catalina 10.15.Improved: Gain reduction report to host in MV2, MV360, Renaissance Channel, and Renaissance DeEsser.Fixed: TRACT capture not being saved with the session after loading Full Reset preset.Fixed: Waves Tune maqam scales with quarter-notes not always corrected to the expected pitch.Fixed: Q10 text corruption.Fixed: Inability to edit IR1 gain envelop.Fixed: Inability to edit Graphic SoundShifter time and pitch graphs.Fixed:Wrong latency reports in Infected Mushroom Pusher and Sibilance.Fixed: eMotion LV1 crashing when changing presets in the Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain inserted into CLA MixHub.Fixed: Inability to access the built-in mic in the GTR3, GTR Solo and PRS Supermodels standalone applications running in macOS 10.14 and 10.15. Fixed: Control value in Renaissance Channel not being updated when switching between the all-bands view and selected band view.
December 26th, 2019
eMotion LV1 Update: Mon 9-16 loading incorrect default parameters – FixedMon 9-16 not saving parameters in session – FixedMon 9-16 not saving pasted plugins in session – FixedMatrix 1-8 not saving parameters in session under – FixedCrash when using Tab on name field – FixedMyMon V11.1891 Update: New Lock options in the MyMon Control panel: Mix Lock – secures an assigned device to a designated mix. EQ Lock – prevents stage musicians from adjusting the mix master EQ. MyMon application is now always active (no sleep) when in focus.

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140 Reviews For This Product

  1. 139

    by Lorenzo Messiah

    I was considering my options with other products. When I looked at what Waves has to offer in the Gold bundle there was no other option but to purchase! Plus there are many tutorials to help my workflow.

  2. 139

    by Cooper Xavier

    Probably the most underrated of all plugins, the VU meter deserves a little love. It’s essential for the “Low End Mix Trick” and monitoring levels throughout the track creation process.

  3. 139

    by Declan Luis

    I knew the bundle already and i worked with it at a friends studio. The amount of high quality plugins is just amazing. Here you get some serious stuff for your buck. I use only some of the plugins but the ones i use, i use a lot. I love the love CPU usage of the plugins which gives me some room to try out things i wouldn’t do if the CPUs would be near it’s limits

  4. 139

    by Alonzo Casey

    The Waves has everything you need if you are beginning to mix and has some classic tools like the renaissance compressor and eq. The spatial plugins have saved me a few times when mixing very dense material. The Hybrid plugins are also a great added feature. I highly recommend the Waves bundle.

  5. 139

    by Kian Drew

    Hello im happy to have gold bundle that i can use perfectly for sound desygn my production from the start to end of the musical industry reference. Great work from your team. thanks

  6. 139

    by Arlo Hector

    I was considering my options with other products. When I looked at what Waves has to offer in the Gold bundle there was no other option but to purchase! Plus there are many tutorials to help my workflow.!

  7. 139

    by Angelo Orion

    The Waves bundle is quite a bit to take in at once and something i’m sure I will be figuring it as I go out for some unforeseeable time to come. However, the quality of the sound and functionality of the plugins is undeniable. Truly a great purchase.

  8. 139

    by Devin Edwin

    Really Really GOOD~~~~~!!!!!
    Really Really Good!!!! Waves Gold Bundle !!!!
    If I could get dorrogugh streo , I will really really happy…….
    Have a nice day !!!

  9. 139

    by Cesar Ellis

    Essentially what I needed! All in one, or almost, I have some other additional plug-ins from saleonplugins too, because I find them really competent. I really love what they bring to my work in progress! And I will continue this work, I will learn about the next plug-ins from Waves.com but for now with Waves , I can really do a great job! I am absolutely satisfied. Instead of having too many tools, I prefer the right tools.

  10. 139

    by Samuel Sebastian

    Essentially what I needed! All in one, or almost, I have some other additional plug-ins from saleonplugins.com too, because I find them really competent. I really love what they bring to my work in progress! And I will continue this work, I will learn about the next plug-ins from saleonplugins.com but for now with Waves , I can really do a great job! I am absolutely satisfied. Instead of having too many tools, I prefer the right tools.

  11. 139

    by Cayden Holden

    Don’t know why I waited so long to buy this. This suite is a major upgrade from my Logic plugins. Thank you Waves for offering this bundle at such a great price. You guys rock!

  12. 139

    by Israel Matias

    All the things needed for quality mixing and mastering

  13. 139

    by Braylon Benson

    Proboblly the best bundke to have for getting into audio work. Very nice veraity of tools to learn with!

  14. 139

    by Jayson Sage

    I’ve had no problems with my Waves products, and this one is no exception – Waves downloaded in what seemed to be record time, and the install was about as quick. I haven’t used all of the plugins yet, but that’s just a matter of time. Great job, Waves!

  15. 139

    by Landon Adrian

    Hello!!! I am very satisfied with the pack. Now I study with the tutorials of the web to get the best performance to the plugins. Thanks Wave !!!

  16. 139

    by Sawyer Gavin

    Awesome deal

  17. 139

    by Santiago Chase

    I have had expereince using Waves plugins working on friends computers and have loved every one. I am looking forward to see how they will change my songs and help take them to the next level.

  18. 139

    by Santiago Chase

    Great tools! I use them mainly in live sound with Multirack, worths every single peny! Forget outboard, those days are gone… This is all youll need

  19. 139

    by Cairo Nathanael

    It’s crazy how simple things like a quality compressor and/or an EQ can really make a mix shine. I used Logic Pro’s stock plugins for years and my mixes were fine, but when I bought the Waves package my mixes instantly became noticeably cleaner and with more punch.

  20. 139

    by Isaac Grayson

    I never thought I’d be able to afford Waves plugins but thanks to their recent sales (which come every weekend) I am now the proud owner of Gold. Every time I put a Waves plugin on a track I am reminded why Waves have such a stellar reputation.

  21. 139

    by Theodore Jeremiah

    I looked around very hard to find a powerful and versatile package with audio plugins for mastering and at the same time for the production and effects-section as well. With Waves I found exactly the bundle that fulfills my needs. Great selection of handy and easy to use plugins with an amazing output quality absolutely comparable with mixing hardware

  22. 139

    by Nasir Kade

    After buying the package my workflow and results has taken a turn for the better. The mixes are sounding more tight and clear. I have every tool I need in the box and will invest in more packages for the other studios i my facilities. Would recommend this to everyone i meet in the industry.

  23. 139

    by Khalil Zaiden

    Plenty of good Plugins! I’m missing the masarati…

  24. 139

    by Ruben Hugo

    Most of the plugins in his bundle are decent, though if I’m being honest I expected a little more. My biggest issue, and the main reason I only give it 5 stars, is how outdated the plugins look. Waves definitely needs to give the majority of them a facelift

  25. 139

    by Xavier Parker

    Its a great bundle. Pretty much everything you could need. One thing though is some of the AU’s seem to use a lot of cpu and slow things down quite a bit. Besides that, theres lots you can do with this bundle

  26. 139

    by Xavier Parker

    Very good software

  27. 139

    by Wesley Nathaniel

    I’ve always been a fan of waves plug-ins seeing as they are my favorite I figured what better time to buy than black friday hmm $200 for $800 worth of plug-ins Don’t mind if I do..

  28. 139

    by Eric Jesus


  29. 139

    by Nicholas Ezra

    Its awesome for real time pitch correction, really do his job, it´s like a another throat but virtual xd

  30. 139

    by Neil Titan

    Waves may be my favorite in the pack, but this is a must have for any one processing Waves tracks. Less automation work, simple interfaces, and easy to use plugins to polish all of your vocal takes

  31. 139

    by Xavier Parker

    Very useful and easy to use!

  32. 139

    by Damian Silas

    Know what you want – get what you want

  33. 139

    by Zander Derek

    I’m still learning how to use but I’m very happy until now.

  34. 139

    by Dominic Austin

    It’s just OK it’s not great my DAW pretty much does everything that’s comparable with the exception of Waves Double and Debreather

  35. 139

    by Elias Jaxson

    Great tools for a professional workflow

  36. 139

    by Isaiah Thomas

    I love this gold bundle with all the different plug-in that comes with this product.

  37. 139

    by Darrell Keanu

    so it’s mostly just audio adjustement stuff, not a lot of options to create sounds with. It’s really great for adjusting voice and helping to get rid of some vocal input issues. I’ve enjoyed it and Waves support is awesome.

  38. 139

    by Aaden Brixton

    Was lucky enough to catch it while on discount. Used it in Cubase 9.5xx Pro. Warm Compressors, super neutral Limiter and MaxxBass (careful use here); loud without feeling loud. I completed my Mastersection with the Aural Exciter. I’m happy.

  39. 139

    by Juan Ashton

    I love it. I need more deals tho, so i can get more bundles 🙂

  40. 139

    by Ivan Maddox

    Great bundle, whith all the things you need to treat Waves tracks.. highly recomendable..

  41. 139

    by Cameron Leo

    Is a very good software, it helps me to achieve great sound quality

  42. 139

    by Eduardo Spencer

    Really great bundle in really cheap price. All tools for good mix included.

  43. 139

    by Henry Joseph

    It’s great. I should have bought gold instead for the few extras. I will buy a few more anyway. Mixing is way better with it.

  44. 139

    by Dominic Austin

    Love these plugins

  45. 139

    by Karter Hayden

    Really helped me with Waves mixing and production. As a total newb this was weary to use and understand.

  46. 139

    by Everett Axel

    awesome and great want more

  47. 139

    by Sullivan Raiden

    I love this Waves bundle with all the different plug-in that comes with this product.!!

  48. 139

    by Kyrie Thiago

    Very Good

  49. 139

    by Ezra Colton

    Amazing value

  50. 139

    by Sawyer Gavin

    Really Really GOOD~~~~~!!!!!

  51. 139

    by Santiago Chase

    Love these plugins

  52. 139

    by Kingston Ivan

    pretty cool

  53. 139

    by Patrick Grant

    I love all waves plug-ins I swear

  54. 139

    by Tristan Ryder

    your project is NOT finished until you use these plugins

  55. 139

    by Aiden Henry

    Really helped me

  56. 139

    by Ezra Colton

    A real good choice

  57. 139

    by Leonel Trevor

    A Superb all-in-one collection for all your Waves needs.

  58. 139

    by Jayceon Walker

    Very good sounding Plugins. Like the Original Hardware.

  59. 139

    by Angel Brayden

    Very user friendly. Waves Includes all plug-ins required for mixing and mastering.

  60. 139

    by Nicholas Ezra

    i love using waves,I aways have some tool to solve any kind pf issure on my mixers and masters!

  61. 139

    by Kaiden Giovanni

    Always wanted this bundle finally got it time to produce some fire

  62. by mama bear t shirt

    awesome plugins

  63. 139

    by Clark Reed

    you gave me best product i love it

  64. 139

    by Ivan Maddox

    The Waves bundle is the way to go so convenient and so powerful

  65. 139

    by Hayden Richard (verified owner)

    Absolutely wonderful.

  66. 139

    by Mark Brooks (verified owner)

    Everything I bought in my studio helped me to get faster and better results. Waves is simply one of the best tools in the audio world to get where you want to go. Especially Waves C4.

  67. 139

    by Maverick Bryson (verified owner)

    Are used to use the stock plug-ins from logic, after I got put onto this it’s been a game changer

  68. 139

    by Ivan Maddox (verified owner)

    I’ll compare my old sessions with the same proyects with the Waves plugins.. no words, is another level!!!!!!!

  69. 139

    by Atlas Major (verified owner)

    Love it great for vocal mastering and production. Works great with both pro tools and fl stuido the 2 DAWs i use in my everyday work flow.

  70. 139

    by Avery Steven (verified owner)

    Best Bundle of Plugins for the money anywhere!! Just the PAZ equalizer alone was worth it !!

  71. 139

    by Calvin Abel (verified owner)

    Lots of fantastic tools for All Music Production needs.

  72. 139

    by Hudson Robert (verified owner)

    Great plugins! Great deal!

  73. 139

    by Tyson Jase (verified owner)

    Love the great bundle to buy when starting your wave collection of

  74. 139

    by Duncan Junior (verified owner)

    Would give more stars if I could. Great deal for an even greater product

  75. 139

    by Casey Dillon (verified owner)

    Complete and incredible package! Plugins you should have for your production, mix and master!

  76. 139

    by Kamden Lawson (verified owner)

    Every product you need to get a highly professional sounding mix.

  77. 139

    by Braxton Damian (verified owner)

    When I tell you this golds bundle has EVERYTHING U NEED TO MAKE A GREAT SONG!! I’m very satisfied with this purchase thanks waves

  78. 139

    by Jaxton Dalton (verified owner)

    Great product. Definitely a necessity for anyone.

  79. 139

    by Ronan Lane (verified owner)

    Great price for awesome bundle!

  80. 139

    by Brady Colin (verified owner)

    Awesome bundle, price is fantastic.

  81. 139

    by Ezra Colton (verified owner)

    Great Bundle ! Great deal!

  82. 139

    by Maverick Bryson (verified owner)

    Love the Wave . I was looking to add to the collection for mastering. Happy Happy

  83. 139

    by Remington Jake (verified owner)

    I haven’t been mixing for very long, but waves Bundle are VERY intuitive and easy to use. I bought the gold and the renaissance bundles and I am VERY happy with my purchase. The Bundle took my music to the next level being that they sound very professional!

  84. 139

    by Blake Alex (verified owner)

    I’ll compare my old sessions with the same proyects with the gold plugins.. no words, is another level

  85. 139

    by Arturo Callen (verified owner)

    Great product. Definitely a necessity for anyone.

  86. 139

    by Lane Cristian (verified owner)

    I like the Waves Bundle they work’s very well

  87. 139

    by Cairo Nathanael (verified owner)

    Perfect for those who are starting out and don’t know what plugins to buy (that includes myself) and for those who have already started for some time but needs a little bit more in their audio mixing, recording, mastering.

  88. 139

    by Drake Gerardo (verified owner)

    Best product I’ve ever used. Very affordable too

  89. 139

    by Augustine Cory (verified owner)

    Yea I was fortunate to get the Bundle at that price, n I like everything about it.

  90. 139

    by Caleb Josiah (verified owner)

    very good stuff in one bundle!!!!!! good price for all of theese

  91. 139

    by Briar Jairo (verified owner)

    wide range of quality tools!

  92. 139

    by Benson Moses (verified owner)

    It’s a great Bundle to have.

  93. 139

    by Chad Gatlin (verified owner)

    Is a very good software, it helps me to achieve great sound quality

  94. 139

    by Taylor Alec (verified owner)

    The product is excellent and almost everything I need is in the Waves

  95. 139

    by Khalil Zaiden (verified owner)

    Loving it..

  96. 139

    by Callen Rayan (verified owner)

    You can’t not have the bundle really!!
    Excellent collection!

  97. 139

    by Jude Xander (verified owner)

    Amazing The group is excellent and almost everything I need is in the product!😉😁👍🏻

  98. 139

    by Kamden Jamison (verified owner)

    That bundle have the plugins u cant live with out!!!!
    Loving it..

  99. 139

    by Roman Jason (verified owner)

    Exactly what I need it to be! Quick and easy!
    Excellent, Delighted

  100. 139

    by Trenton Kian (verified owner)

    No Words Needed
    Worth each Euro you spend for it.

  101. 139

    by Augustus Marcos (verified owner)

    A great deal for those
    A great deal for those just starting out. There’s a little bit of everything for everyone

  102. 139

    by Princeton (verified owner)

    Very good introduction bundle for Waves. Easy to use plugins and settings.

  103. 139

    by Dwayne Jabari (verified owner)


  104. 139

    by Musa Vincenzo (verified owner)

    A great set of product for a nice price .There’s some product I don’t really see myself using rn, maybe in the future

  105. 139

    by Gunner Simon (verified owner)

    Excellent collection of Bundle!Best Bundle ever!

  106. 139

    by Jaziel Magnus (verified owner)

    I love this package
    Excellent price for all product plugins! They work great!

  107. 139

    by Kareem (verified owner)

    Amazing plugin-bundle, like the Swiss Army knife of recoding. The compressors, limiters and expanders, are worth it alone, yet when you start using the verbs and H delay plugins it adds so much life to my tracks. Also really easy on my processor, which is so cool!
    Would totally recommend this bundle to anyone looking for a comprehensive pluginRead more about review stating Amazing plugin-bundle, like the Swiss bundle for recording.

  108. 139

    by Chris Forrest (verified owner)

    Recent upgrade of my daw saw me not have waves plug in. I tried 3do my job without them.. But had to get them again. They definitely fill a gap in my plugins arsenal. 😉😁👍🏻

  109. 139

    by Coen Rodney (verified owner)

    I’ve worked with these plugins for many years and when I was putting up a private studio in my garage it was a no brainer to buy them for the studio computer. The Renaissance Compressor just makes everyting sweeter!

  110. 139

    by Braden Johan (verified owner)

    The Waves package great . I use almost everything in it on a regular basis. Phat sounds. Good stuff. Yeehaw

  111. 139

    by Saint Xzavier (verified owner)

    The group is excellent and almost everything I need is in the product

  112. 139

    by Turner Chad (verified owner)

    Everything I need Waves still great for years and years
    Very good.

  113. 139

    by Flynn (verified owner)

    Super fire. Best vsts on the market.

  114. 139

    by Clyde Eddie (verified owner)

    Incredible value
    I am delighted to have this bundle I would do without for the moment thank you

  115. 139

    by Jamie Yosef (verified owner)

    This bundle is amazing! Just love the way the compressors and equalizers sound!!

  116. 139

    by Kayson (verified owner)

    A must
    You can’t not have the Waves bundle really!!

  117. 139

    by Walter Arlo (verified owner)

    Excellent price for all these product! They work great!

  118. 139

    by Timon Van der Straeten (verified owner)

    Complete and incredible package! product you should have for your production, mix and master!

  119. 139

    by Christopher Galindo (verified owner)

    Perfect. It has everything you need, although you will mostly be using the V EQs and the H plugins. Everything in this bundle is usable, and when you think you need something it doesn’t have you’ll find out it does have it.

  120. 139

    by Filip Ahlström (verified owner)

    Awesome Love it

  121. 139

    by Elite Brands (verified owner)

    exactly what i hoped for

  122. 139

    by Moises (verified owner)

    professional for an affordable price, works perfect, best quality.

  123. 139

    by Melvin Coleman (verified owner)

    Incredible value Can’t go wrong
    It’s a good product I love it so far. I recommend it

  124. 139

    by Stewart (verified owner)

    I love it and won’t be the last pack I buy!Incredible value Can’t go wrong

  125. 139

    by Marco Ricco (verified owner)

    Very Good Mix for all DAW User
    You get all Tools for Profesional Mixing

  126. 139

    by Dennis Mendoza (verified owner)

    It’s brilliant product Excellent value well rounded product competitive pricing Recommend!

  127. 139

    by PHoTRoN (verified owner)

    The Waves is the way to go so convenient and so powerful

  128. 139

    by Keith Ewen (verified owner)

    It is avery good feeling using Waves Very good selection of top quality plugins to meet all your mastering needs

  129. 139

    by Tore Hansen (verified owner)

    I’m glad that I caught this product when I did. Who knows when it would ever be this price again.

  130. 139

    by David Russell (verified owner)

    Very useful plugins for production and mixing. Recommended!

  131. 139

    by Joyce (verified owner)

    The only thing I wish is that it had more saturation plugins.

  132. 139

    by Aidan Hanigan (verified owner)

    I’m satisfied with the product The only thing I wish is that it had more saturation plugins.

  133. 139

    by Leonora Bulychova (verified owner)

    Must have!! Incredible Product!Thanks to all those product I can do everything!

  134. 139

    by Jules Marckus (verified owner)

    I thought it was just going to be a waste of money but it has turned into using literally Totally Awesome

  135. 139

    by Garrian Adams (verified owner)

    Great price for awesome product!The only thing I wish is that it had more saturation product.

  136. 139

    by Eloy Rodriguez (verified owner)

    Very useful Waves .Excellent customer service with the kind politeness! I’m happy to have it

  137. 139

    by Alfred Hilbich (verified owner)

    the ultimate choice of product for every day

  138. 139

    by Lynne Morgan (verified owner)

    Wow, all I need to improve my mix! Thank you product for your sales!

  139. 139

    by Nill Anblomi (verified owner)

    Great tools, another good job as usual

  140. 139

    by Joe Sandifur (verified owner)

    Fantastic Worth the buy

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