Live Chat service is fast becoming a requirement for online retail, with more users turning to Live Operators for quick and reliable human contact while shopping online. According to CrazyEgg, 38 per cent of website page visitors are more likely to purchase from a company if they offer live chat support. Besides, LiveChat availability on your website is a great idea of bringing visitors back to your website, as discovered by Emarketer that 63% of customers are more likely to check back on websites with LiveChat option.

The initial idea that in the ‘self-help’ world of e-commerce, customers will not need to contact retailers for support has proved itself wrong. The demand for online customer support is increasing by the day, evident from the expensive–to-maintain 800 numbers that appear on almost all retail web sites – which tend to increase the overall cost of ownership of your online business.

Business by nature itself is competitive and the battle to offer better customer service never ends. Companies strive to separate themselves from their counterparts in many ways, like offering a discount, better quality or better service. And the best thing is to focus on a client service option that is financially sound and sensible.

Reasons to make online Livechat available on your website

Online Businesses have had several advantages with selling on the Web; however one disadvantage that constrained online business is the inability to meet customers as they’re shopping and pitch them on the spot. With Live Chat solutions, that scenario has changed considerably as they provide chat functions; they also include new surveillance capabilities that permit retailers to follow-up (in real-time) what pages a customer is visiting and what links they’re clicking on. 

It is an undeniable fact that any business organization that wants to run their business effortlessly must embrace the use of an online live chat help and support software in the process of saving customers time. If your business must thrive, consider taking every necessary step to thriving ahead of competitors. By having your customers’ interest at the center of your thoughts, you’re creating an environment that fosters a long time success in your business.

Installing live chat software can be the best option to gain competitive benefits. The primary function of live chat system is usually to help retain customers and improve sales; both are beneficial to the company.

Why wait to implement a solution that is both time saving for consumers and cost-effective for you? Live Chat with trained Customer Service Representatives on your website will reduce your expenditure on the otherwise expensive Customer Support Solutions, ultimately reducing your T.C.O (Total Cost of Ownership). Kindly contact Jivo Live chat Operators for further details. 

Jivo Live Chat service provider seamlessly integrates into your existing website a custom designed, non-branded Live Chat button. Live Chat windows through which your website visitors can enjoy consultative interactions with your online support team while we also help them in saving their hard earned money from being spent on long phone calls while trying to lodge their agonizing complaints about your service delivery.

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