About Jivochat


JivoChat is a live chat application which is designed for the purpose of chatting with visitors on your websites or social media pages such as Facebook, Viber and or Telegram among others, this helps to boost your sales online and JivoChat is 100% FREE!

Using JivoChat for e-commerce

Of all the communication applications found online, Jivo is the most important as it is more than just a live chat. Some of those things that make Jivo unique are due to its beautiful, ease of use and in addition to this; it is a powerful live chat app. JivoChat is highly responsive; this makes it suitable for desktop, tablets, and smartphones. Use JivoChat and all opportunities will be at your doorstep resulting in an end to losing website traffic, and your website visitors will become paying clients.
There are over 180,000 sites all over the globe which provide services to their customers with JivoChat. Users are taking as a top priority and customer support is available 24/7 support on JivoChat.com.


All you need to do is to install the JivoChat app and start using it in a minute. JivoChat is easy to use and efficient – just a single click, install, talk and sell more!
With JivoChat, you double your site’s sales by communicating with your visitors in real time, anytime, anywhere through apps for Android, iOS, Mac, or Windows.
Everyone who visits your site becomes visible to you, get the detailed information about your visitors, and proactively get in touch with them with Jivo live chat app.
You can connect your social media page such as Facebook, Viber and Telegram accounts among others and receives all incoming messages from these channels into your Jivo application.
Make calls to your customers, by making use of the Jivo callback feature, your users can get in touch with you directly via the live chat widget on your website.


You can keep track of your visitors in real time and proactively launch a discussion with them under the terms you set up.
You, visitors, can initiate instant calls from you through the app widget and you can communicate with them within 27 seconds!
It enables connection of social media page Facebook pages, Viber and Telegram accounts, this provides full-time support to your customers.
Not minding the language you speak, Jivo has an automatic translator which facilitates easy communication between you and your visitors.
Jivo create pre-written messages and help send them by making use of hotkeys, in addition to this, you also get suggestions for messages you’ve previously sent
Jivo points to specific items on your site for your visitors
It permits you to see the messages being composed by your visitors before they hit enter.
To build amazing support, Jivo enables easy connection of tools such as CRM integration, APIs, web pages, and mobile SDKs
Jivo does not impede your website load time
JivoChat is the best mobile application to support users on the App Store. Jivo being a professional all-in-one messenger shows its value by keeping its high rating of 4.6 out of the 1.5k + reviews.

Give your team tools to respond lightning fast 

Agents receive all chats, emails, and calls in one Jivo app, so no more time-consuming fumbling between different windows. The result? Efficient client/agent communication, less distraction, and all the necessary tools to provide exceptional customer support.

We are using jivochat personally on our website saleonplugins.com and it help us to increase sales up to 20 times more the chat is very smooth and the dashboard is very friendly  you will also get phone apps so you will never miss your customer no mater your outside.